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Hi, my name is Hector Inga, owner of Lane
Four Swim Shop. I want to tell you a little bit about Aqua Sphere goggles. Aqua Sphere
goggles are a goggle, are a it’s a brand that is made in Italy. It all began with diving
and snorkeling, and then they moved into the swimming arena. They made a big push into
the triathlon area. And these bigger goggles, the seal mask are a very popular goggle with
the triathletes. And they also came along with a more traditional size goggles for swimmers,
and then also a high breed, that is as, it’s in between the regular goggle and the mask.
This is called the vista, also by Aqua Sphere. They come in different lenses, different color
lenses. They all anti-fog, they’re very, they seal like incredible. You just put em’ against
your face and they’ll stay on even without the straps. They are durable; of course, you
have to take care of it. Make sure that you rinse em’ and clean em’ so they can last you
for a very long time. Once again, they are anti-fog, UV protected, and they are a very
popular goggle, especially in the open water events.

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  • I have these goggles. Very comfortable, but forget the anti-fogging, it doesn't work…you will need anti-fogging spray. you have to be careful adjusting them, as they do have a habit of letting in water

  • light and they just don't leak. Don't have to pull them so tight they are uncomfortable. You set them "normally" tight, then there's an adjustment with one touch on either side that settles them in and relaxes the fit just a bit. You almost forget they're on. Awesome.

    here is the link to it in case anyone is interested: amzn.to15173Oq

  • Absolutely 100% worth>>nub.best/t1dn These are super easy to put on and take off and to use! They work very well under water and last the entire time you're swimming. No problems whatsoever no leakage and no fogging!

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