Swimming Goggles & Accessories : About Competition Swim Goggles

Hi, my name is Hector Inga, owner of Lane
Four Swim Shop. I want to tell you a little bit about competition goggles. In the swimming
arena there is several styles of goggles. The smaller goggles that fit you closer to
your eyes, are more of a competition or racing goggles. In addition to those there is you
know – there’s recreational goggles and some for training and – however the competition
goggles like I said – they are very close to the eye – for instance, what I have here
is one that is preferred by Michael Phelps. This is a speed socket, he wore this at the
Olympics and one of the benefits of this model of goggles is that there is less drag as you’re
racing. And that is – in swimming that is a key – the less drag, the shorter the time
that you take between the walls and possibly win.

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