Swimming Goggles & Accessories : About Speedo Swim Goggles

Hi, my name is Hector Inga owner of Lane Four
Swim Shop. And I want to show you some Speedo swim goggles. They’re the biggest name in
the swim business. They make the most variety of goggles. They make them for children, for
women, for men, for racing, for recreational. It is by far the most sold goggle in the United
States. In our store it’s what we sell the most of, is Speedo swim goggles. The name
just says it all, they’ve been around for a long time. Most of the competitive swimmers,
the Olympian swimmers, most of those swimmers wear Speedo swim goggles, also as well as
the beginners. For instance, the Hydrospex also the junior Hydrospex goggle is a very
favorite goggle of the summer swimmers. Also we have women Vanquishers. This is a preferred
goggle for women, so for girls, teenage kids. We also have the Vanquisher in a regular lengths,
which it is you know, worn by men or women, also the Speed Socket, a goggle that was worn
by Michael Phelps at the Olympics as well as some of the other swimmers. Once again,
Speedo just makes the most goggles, makes probably the better goggles. They’re the most
sold by us and by many of the other retailers.

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  • i just got a speedo hydrospeX2

  • Do you have a source that can provide 100 straps for speedo goggles. I have a lot that have been returned and need a great price. thanks

  • can you buy them in walmart, big 5 too?

  • These goggles are perfect for my 7-year-old's swimming lessons.>>>nub.best/xfyw They fit her head just right. The clear plastic does not get steamy under water, and it has not discolored or cracked or anything as the summer has progressed. She's been using them for a couple of months now.

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