Swimming Goggles & Accessories : About Swim Caps

Hello, my name is Hector Inga, owner of Lane
Four Swim Shop, and I wanted to talk to you about swimming caps. Swimming caps come in
a variety of materials to be used as different purposes. One material that is used is rubber,
and this one is kind of like an old school cap, it’s called a bubble cap, it comes with
a chin strap, and you see a lot of older ladies wearing this style cap. However the most used
nowadays are the either silicone cap, which is something like this, it has man made material,
very soft, it’s a silicone rubber. Also we have a latex cap that it is also derived from
rubber, very light and probably a preferred cap for higher competitive swimmers. This
cap tends to grab onto the hair a little bit, silicone cap tends to be a little bit softer.
And also we have caps made out of Lycra, which is the same materials as the swimsuits. Within
these caps, these two caps, mainly the silicone and the latex, they also can be customized,
a lot of the teams put their team logos on the caps, that is something very exclusively
made, not very many printers will be able to do this, there’s only a couple, or three
printers in the United States that do this process. This is a sample of a silicone cap
printed, this is a sample of a latex cap printed. And we normally we do not customize the Lycra
caps. High schools teams, national teams, they all use either latex or silicone, and
they put their names, they put the event, they put their team logos or their country
logos as well.

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