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Hello, my name is Hector Inga, owner of Lane
Four Swim Shop, and I wanted to mention something about goggles for bigger noses or bigger faces.
Some of the goggles nowadays come with a fixed nose piece, and sometimes these may not be
convenient for some people with larger faces or larger noses, or larger nose bridge. That’s
how…that’s why we have some adjustable goggles. For instance, these Speedo Vanquishers have
a interchangeable nose piece. It comes with about four nose pieces, that way you can adjust
it to the size of your face or your nose. Also, we sell the….the Swedish goggle. It’s
a goggle that comes unassembled. You put it together, so you can adjust the nose bridge
as narrow or as wide as you want. All of these goggles come in, also, anti-fog. They’re UV
protected. Most of the goggles nowadays have those features. They’re very long lasting.
And that we have goggles that can fit anyone. We just have to adjust ’em. And if you come
here to the shop we fit you with…for your goggles, to make sure that you have a…a
good swim. No leakage. And, you know, you have a good time while you’re swimming.

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  • Hey Hector. Do you have a few recommendations for large nose bridge. I am in Canada and its impossible to find something decent. The Vanquisher came with extra few but the largest was still a bit small and hurt

  • I’m looking for a tube of sealer that comes in a tube that you put around the goggle and it helps your googles seal. My last tube was from speedo and was made by M-tek sport inc. Do you carry anything similar? Thanks.

  • You guys are closed!! Where do I go now?

  • These are a great pair of goggles>>> nub.best/rvu9 I have a big head so they're a bit tighter than I'd like but once in the water you completely forgot about it. I'm having a blast so far.

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