Swimming Goggles & Accessories : About Swim Goggles for Small Eyes

Hello, my name is Hector Inga, owner of Lane
Four Swim Shop here in Austin Texas. I wanted to tell you about goggles for small eyes,
are also most likely small faces. Goggles come in several different shapes and sizes
and some of these goggles are specifically made for the smaller faces, the smaller eyes,
they have small eye cups. Also you can also wear children goggles, which this is a colorful
one, but however they do come in different colors, a little more serious if you’re an
adult with smaller features. This is also a Speedo Jr. Vanguisher, Jr. meaning smaller
goggle than their regular Vanguisher goggle. All these smaller goggles or junior goggles
have the same feature as their counterparts the adult goggles, they all have also anti-fog,
UV protection, some of them with silicone gaskets, silicone straps, high quality on
these goggles. And some not too expensive, you have them from the 7 dollar range up to
about the 15 dollar range if you get a junior goggle with a metallic lens. Once again, very
durable. And if you have a small face, or you have children with smaller features, smaller
eyes, you can come by us to see us and we can fit you for something that will fit your

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