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Hello my name is Hector Inga of Lane Four
Swim Shop and I have been asked talk about swim goggle ratings. As far as I know there
is not like a number rating for goggles however, some goggles are better for indoors and some
goggles are better for outdoors so we may give maybe an outdoor rating or an indoor
rating. For instance for an outdoor rating this would probably be a little higher rated
than the clear goggles this would be a dark goggle in addition to that it is also metallic
and this will reflect the sun and it will give you a little more protection. Also these
would rate a little higher than say for instance a Speedo Spring because this is an anti fog
goggle. The Spring is a real basic goggle, it comes with no anti fog. It does have UV
protection, a single strap where most of the better goggles come with a double strap. The
gasket is also a foam gasket, not used by very many goggles any more so if we were going
to rate some goggles I would rate them as indoor and outdoor and the silicone gasket
better over a foam gasket. Once again as far as I know in the industry there is not a number
rating for goggles but like I said I would rate them as indoor and outdoor and a little
bit higher quality than the others.

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