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Hello, my name is Hector Inga, owner of Lane
Four Swim shop, and I want to talk to you about Tusa swim goggles. Tusa is the main
name of this company, it comes from background of diving and snorkeling, and they also make
swim goggles. The brand of swim goggle is called the View, made by the Tusa company.
They have from competitive goggles to also recreational goggles, from adult to children,
from woman goggles to mens goggles. They have a nice variety of goggles, very high quality,
very nicely polished lenses, not the best well known brand, however in my opinion it’s
probably one of the better goggles out there. They’re anti-fog, UV protected, silicon gaskets,
very durable. In the women’s goggles that they have the Selene is really a preferred
goggle by a lot of the woman that do triathlons.

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  • Love these goggles.>>> nub.best/rvu9 You have to lick them before putting them on to activate the defogger. They have great suction, and do not allow any water to come it…. ever…. love them.

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