Swimming Goggles & Accessories : How to Clean Swim Goggles

Hi, my name is Hector Inga, owner of Lane
Four Swim Shop in Austin Texas, I’ve been asked to talk to you about cleaning, or how
to clean your swimming goggles. Really the care of the swimming goggles are quite simple.
Our main concern is to get the chlorine or some of the chemicals from the pool and other
types of water that you get into, to just to rinse them, rinse as much of the chemicals
of the goggles as possible. There’s no need to use soap and water, what we do is just
basically dip them in water or rinse them with some tap cold water, clear water. There
is not really a cleaner for your lenses, there is an anti-fog spray but that doesn’t clean
them. The rest of the goggles, like lets say the straps, if they get a little grungy you
can use a little soapy water, but do not get that on the lenses. In other words, what we
want is just to have the inside of the lenses at least just rinsed but not touched.

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