Swimming Goggles & Accessories : What Material Are Swimming Goggles Made Of?

Hello, my name is Hector Inga, owner of Lane
Four Swim Shop, and I’ve been asked to talk to you about what goggles are made of. Goggles
are pretty much the same construction, and I’m referring to the material. They have hard
plastic around the lenses. The lenses are made of polycarbonate. The gaskets, most of
them are made of silicone; some of the goggles come in a neoprene seal. Also, the goggle
straps are also made out of silicone, some are made out of rubber and even some of the
repair parts, you can use even a bungee cord to exchange the regular strap for a bungee
strap. Once again, they come with anti-fog in the lenses, most of them, and they’re very
durable. They are all man made material. Most of the goggles are made outside of the United
States. As far as I know, there’s not a single company that makes goggles here in the U.S.

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  • how do i change the nose part? the one that came with the googles won't come out.

  • i just want some fucking goggles with lights on em does anybody know where i could get em?

  • 1:01 Nice to know they are "man made materials". I would not buy any goggles made by aliens..

  • does the silicone in the goggles contain plastic? pls pls help

  • Swim laps in our community 25 meter pool a few times each week.>>>nub.best/rvu9 Have only worn these goggles twice but so far i absolutely love them. I have the mirrored lenses and they are crystal clear both in (under) and out of the water. Also the quick snap makes it very easy for putting them on/off. Couldn't be happier at the moment. Trusting they will last for many trips to the pool!

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