Swimming Goggles & Accessories : Who Invented Swimming Goggles?

Hello, my name is Hector Inga, owner of Lane
Four swim shop. I’ve been asked to talk to you about who invented swimming goggles. Well,
swimming goggles were invented back in the nineteen-thirties by a gentleman by the name
of Guy Gilpatrick, a gentleman from France who was also a diver. The diving goggle that
he was using were derived from swimming goggles and he was the inventor, and mainly meant
to keep the salt water out of their eyes while they were doing their dives. Also back in
the thirteen hundreds, some Persian golfers invented some goggles made out of the outer
shell of tortoises, and that was a beginning, however, the guy that perfected them, Guy
Gilpatrick, in nineteen thirty, and of course, from there, they were a just…the, it just
changed swimming because you were able to keep water in your eyes. You were able to
see where you were going, to see the beauty of the fish, the beauty of the ocean, and
he would be proud of what his invention has created because there are just some real high
technical goggles now a days. Technical goggles, they’re recreational goggles for beginners
and for advanced swimmers.

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