Swimming Goggles & Accessories : Why Do Swim Goggles Leak?

Hello, my name is Hector Inga, owner of Lane
Four Swim Shop. I’ve been asked to talk to you about why do some swim goggles leak? As
a rule, once you have your goggles fit, and they have a nice seal, they won’t leak. However,
with time, or over time, if you leave your goggles on the side of the pool, the gaskets
will start wearing out a little bit and thus changing the shape a little bit. So they won’t
fit your face as they did originally. To prevent goggles from leaking or changing the form
of their gasket is to keep ’em…in a…keep ’em dry, keep ’em, you know, out of the sun
and stuff like that. However, the leaking or no leaking subject is, first of all, you
need to come and try ’em on, make sure that when you put your goggles on, you put ’em
on without the strap. Take the…press first, as this one, would stay on real well on the
right hand side, however the left hand side did not create that seal that I was desiring.
So, probably one of the…one of the lenses will….will leak on one of the sides. So
we want to make sure that you’re…you’re having a nice seal on both sides. That way
you will be….make sure that you’re goggles will not leak.

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  • How can you stop them from leaking when they start?. I seem to get good suction and the leak is small but I cannot tolerate chlorine in my eyes.

    Are they garbage when they start leaking?

  • My problem is I use contact lenses and my goggles always leak on the right. Even when I buy new goggles it always leaks!

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