Swimming in Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre and Bondi Beach

What’s up. Welcome to Sydney. Let’s go to
the beach. So this is pretty cool. A saltwater pool
right on the edge of the ocean. I don’t think it’s worth $8 though, but what
I do think is worth $8 is what we’re gonna do later and that is go to the
Sydney Olympic Park, specifically the Aquatic Center and go swimming in there. Bondi Beach. I say Bond-E. The local say Bondi. I should
probably say Bondi too. Not only is this Sydney’s most popular beach, it’s probably
one of Australia’s most famous beaches And I know it doesn’t seem like that
today because there’s really not a lot of people around thanks to the overcast
skies that we got but just trust me if it wasn’t today, this beach would be
crowded shoulder to shoulder with people. Well I think we’ve determined that today
is definitely not a beach day so I think it’s a good time to head on over to the
Olympic Park and swim inside. And this right here was the venue for
the 2000 Sydney Olympics So we got the long course swimming
competition pool back here behind me, 50 meters long, and over here where I
assume the warm down pool was before is now a waterpark which seems like it’s
doing very very well. Alright time for me to go for a swim. Well that did not last too long for two
reasons. The first is I was just exhausted after like 15 or 20 minutes of
swimming. I’m definitely not in the shape that I used to be. The second is I got
told that I couldn’t film in there. Apparently you need a permit to record
in any venue across all of Australia so they said I couldn’t film. I
was luckily allowed to keep the footage and that’s what you guys just saw. Anyway
this is where the 2000 Sydney Olympics was held right here in this pool behind
me and people like Ian Thorpe from Australia is a big name Dara Torres
from the United States swam here, got medals, broke records, and actually
Michael Phelps, this was his first Olympics right here. He did not get a
medal. I think he got like fifth place in the, probably, butterfly I’m assuming.
But anyway was really cool to be able to swim in there and it’s honestly one of
the largest venues that I’ve ever seen when it comes to swimming. So much
stadium seating and lots of pools like Yeaaaaaah. Yeah it was just really cool to be
there and swim in that pool and it was good experience.

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