(yelps and screaming) (splashing and cheering) (fun music) – [Carl] Oh snap! It’s gonna be an epic day at the pool. We’re gonna do something
crazy, we’ve got crazy plans. You’ve got a mouthful of food. (laughs) We got two of these giant bubble balls, you’re not supposed to take
them swimming in the pool, but that’s like exactly
what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna have an awesome
trick and flip contest into the water with
the giant bubble balls. You ready? – [Children] Yeah! – [Carl] Look how big that is! That is so huge, I don’t know
if it’s gonna fit through the door.
– Look at this. Look at this compared to his. – [Carl] That one got
started a little bit earlier than that one, so I think
we’d better take ’em down to the pool so we can
fit them out of the door. We’re actually staying a couple
of nights at a condo here in St. George, Utah, and it’s really nice and they have a huge pool and a hot tub, and it’s a little bit cold
outside, but we don’t care. Is that even gonna fit
through the door, Luke? Can you make it? – [Child] Push! – [Carl] (laughing) We got it! Yes, epic pool party, here we come! Alright, let’s see how long
it take to fill this thing up. (upbeat music) (Carl howling) Are you ready to go?
– Yeah, let’s do it! Whoa! (Carl laughing) – [Carl] What’re you laughing about? – [Child] I want to do it! – [Carl] (laughing) Is it working? It’s working! (laughing) Are you ready for a blast off? – [Child] Yeah! (both laughing) – [Carl] Yeah! Are you alive in there? – I’m alive! (both laughing) – [Carl] Trick contest! (splashing) (splashing) (laughing) (splashing and laughing) Yeah! That was awesome! Are you alive down there? – Yeah. (laughing) – [Carl] Oh, I got an idea. We should jump off the side
and try to jump into it, from the side.
– Yes! Ready? – [Carl] Yep. (splashing) You made it! No way! You totally made it! (laughing) That scared me really bad. – Did it?
– Yes. (splashing) (laughing) – [Child] Can I get in?
– You did it! (splashing) (laughing) You did it.
– Woo. – [Carl] Are you diving onto your shark? – [Child] Yeah! (splashing) – You did it!
Yeah! That was awesome! (splashing) – Still not as cool as I imagined. Da-nuh, da-nuh-nuh, oh boy. Go dad, go! Woo! (laughing) That was funny. – [Child] Go, go! (farting and laughing) – [Carl] You did it. Not quite. (laughing) Your try. (laughing and screaming) Are you alive?
– Yeah. – [Carl] Yeah? I can’t even see you. – Hi.
– There you are. – Whoa. (screaming) – [Carl] He’s going sailing! Kick, kick, kick. Kick, kick, kick. (splashing) (laughing) (humming) – Barrel roll! (laughing) – [Carl] Did you make it? He made it into the blue one. Let’s give him a spin. (laughing) Climb up in there. Climb up in there. – Hi. – [Carl] In the car wash,
do-do-doot-doot-do-do. In the car wash, oh, no, no through. (laughing) (splashing) (splashing) (laughing) Missed! – [Child] Here I go! – [Carl] Woo! (splashing) (laughing) – [Child] Oh no! I almost made it. (splashing) (laughing) – [Carl] Woo! (laughing) (yelping) – [Child] Whoa, whoa! Woo! – [Carl] Woo! (laughing) He got it! Woo! (yelping and splashing) (laughing) You made it, yeah! – [Child] That was awesome! – [Carl] The struggle is real. – [Child] Go! (laughing) – [Carl] I have an idea. – Yeah. (laughing) – [Child] Woo! – [Carl] It’s a race! Who can make it? Who can make it to the other side? It’s a race! (laughing) Oh no! He fell out! – [Child] He fell out. – [Carl] Oh, cage won! (muffled splashing) Woo! Oh no, I’ll save you! – [Child] Here I come! – [Carl] There you go. (laughing) You should’ve put your goggles on. – I know. – [Carl] Give me your hand. We can do it together. (grunting) (laughing) – Come on, Carl! (Carl straining) (farting) (grumbling) – Just keep in mind, if
you’re watching this at home, do not try this at home. There are clear warning
labels on the things, saying not to take them around the pool. And we’re breaking the
rules, so don’t do that. That’s so funny. It’s a boy! (laughing) – [Jinger] Weird joke. – [Carl] Oh, are you just
relaxing in the hot tub? – I thought you were going slap my belly. – [Carl] You thought I
was gonna slap your belly? Ah, nothing like a
relaxing day in the spa. Was that a nice day? – Oh, that’s it for him. – Full cannonball, boys. Ready? Cannonball! (splashes) Oh man, it’s starting to rain out here. It’s like drizzling rain, huh? It’s getting really cold,
I think it’s time to go in. Guess what? Mom got corn-on-the-cob,
so we’re gonna try and make that Mexican
corn-on-the-cob like Nacho Libre. – Yay!
– The problem is that, we have all these inflatable toys now, and I don’t know where
to put them in the condo. – It’s a puzzle. – [Carl] Mexican streaked corn-on-the-cob. – We’re attempting.
– Get that corn outta my face. – [Carl] Get that corn outta my face. – So, we have two ways that
we’re trying it tonight. So this is like, the
Mexican streaked corn recipe that I got off of Pinterest, and the other way is the way
we think the restaurant did it. – [Carl] How did this
turn into a cooking show all of a sudden? – Well, never know what’s
gonna happen over here. – [Carl] (laughing) I don’t know. – You do butter, Parmesan,
and taco seasoning, and the other way is mayo,
sour cream, Parmesan, and chili pepper. – [Carl] Of course, you cook
the corn and you grill it out on the barbecue grill. – Right, so you just actually
just throw it on the barbecue. It said online.
– Oh, okay. Which kind did you have, the butter? – The butter kind, yes.
– Do you like it? It’s pretty delicious, huh? Well guys, we had such a fun day today. Remember to hit the subscribe
button if you haven’t already. And then click any of the
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