SwImming skills. 6 Hacks for a long successful swim career. How to swim faster.

Over 20 years of experience in the swimming
world has taught me that there are 6 main skills for a long successful swimming career. 1- Adaptability 
Water is not the natural habitat for humans, so for swimmers, the more time you spend in
the water, the better you will feel in it. – In the water, everything is in constant
change. There are waves, the temperature changes, sometimes there are few people in the pool,
sometimes there are plenty. Your body also changes over the years, even over months,
some days you will feel great and the next one you will feel terrible. The better you
adapt to those changes the better you will be able to swim. 2- technique
kinesthetic intelligence, mobility and breathe control are the most important factors for
a good swimming technique. – kinesthetic intelligence is the ability
to solve problems using ones body. To have kinesthetic intelligence in the water means
being aware of how your body interacts, moves and reacts to the water. It is important to
use your senses to improve your technique. mobility is the range of motion of your joints.
This includes flexibility, strength, muscle balance and other factors that come together
to allow you to move the body to its full range of motion.
breathe control is very important. Although taking it to the human limits can be dangerous,
having mental control over the urge to breathe and knowing when not to breathe is an essential
part of being a good swimmer. 3- Endurance
or simply put, how long you can swim fast without stopping or slowing down is obviously
important. Some of that is affected by genetics. However, this is what we mostly try to improve
in our training. through intervals, rests, all-out swims, paces etc.
‘ 4- Mental balance There are two components of a healthy successful
mindset- Mental toughness and the ability to enjoy oneself.
Mental toughness it’s easy to swim on the good days, but what
really makes you better is how well you swim on the off days. There is a dark side, however,
of being so mentally tough and only a few are willing to accept it. Swimming is a mental game. And my journey
has been full of obstacles. my expectations for myself were very high. I wasn’t happy.
I wasn’t having fun. I found a more playful path. I realized it’s just swimming. i took
a step back and found balance. And that has made all the difference. I knew the outcome obviously. But I was watching
the race and I was like well, If I hit the turn I win the race. And that was something
that stuck with me for a long time. For me I had struggles outside of the pool,
I have been in the public eye in not the best way and it’s not fun. It led me to the darkest
place I have ever been in my life, not wanting to be alive anymore. For me I am so thankful
to be able to go through the work that i have gone throuhg over the last two years. To become
the person who I am today. After some of the struggles. And not many people have seen the
true me. What you are seeing today is the true me. I’m living the dream. I am in the
best place I can possibly be right now. And I just love life. We know of phelps and sjostrom because they
are the rare few that got to be olympic athletes before they were burned out and because they
came back with a better mindset. but the vast majority of swimmers quit swimming because
they don’t enjoy it anymore. They don’t enjoy the process, and aren’t willing to
make sacrifices to keep going. They say pain is temporary and pride is forever, but actually
winning takes just one moment as well. Your body cannot keep a high level of excitement
for many days, so what happens after everything settles? Pain is more constant. You will experience
much more pain than you will experience pride. So, you might as well learn how to enjoy every
practice, every meal and every well deserved nap. Taking time off depends on the mental
state of each swimmer, sometimes you need only one day off and sometimes more. 5- Social skills 
sure you can swim by yourself, you might have good training sessions. You might swim by
yourself for a couple of years and improve! But if you want a healthy long lasting swimming
career you need to build up strong friendships with other swimmers. the quality relationships
you have with Your fellow swimmers, competitors and coach will be one of the main reasons
why you will continue to improve. 6- Skill transfer
not everything you need to learn about swimming is in the pool. Some skills you will pick
up running, or at the gym. Some times you will learn something in physics class that
will help you swim better. I don’t know, maybe you will learn something new by watching
a skills n talents’ video on youtube. The ability to transfer what you learn outside
the pool and bring it in creative ways to improve your swimming will most likely be
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