Swimming tip. How to win a race and swim faster. Positive self-talk

We talk to ourselves all the time. “this is too hard, you can’t do this,
, you will do this! this is easy! Lightweight baby!” Most of the time we don’t even realize it
but we are constantly talking to ourselves. But the way we talk affects the way we swim,
even if you are just learning how to swim. imagine what it would’ve done to Michael
Phelps if he was thinking “oh these guys are probably faster than me, I don’t think
I can beat them”… I think he would’ve probably lost all of
his races if he thought like that. positive self-talk is easy when things are
going well, but it is most important when you have doubts, when things go wrong or when
you have fears. In all of these cases talking negatively will
only make things worse which in turn will bring more negative self-talk. to master the art of positive self-talk try
this: first, be aware of your thoughts, identify
when and why the negative thoughts come and let them go and change them for things like “I can do this, I will swim the fastest,”
“Common body, you can handle more pain than this!” repetition also helps. “I’m a good swimmer, I’m a good swimmer,
I’m a good swimmer, I’m a good swimmer” Recall your greatest performances from the
past, it doesn’t matter if they are swimming related or not. You are just bringing back positive feelings. Like the time you felt extremely accomplished
by winning an award. If you are dealing with uncontrollable nerves,
accept them and welcome them. Then calm yourself with thoughts like “you’ve
got this, this is easy, you can do this” while you also breathe deeply and slowly each
time. Remember that you swim with your body but
also with your mind. so don’t forget to Train your mind. If you liked this video click here to watch
another one like this or click here to visit our swimming webpage!

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  • Love your videos they really helpful and not a single video failed to motivate me every video makes me want to go to the pool and do your tips I just want to say THANK YOU
    Edit: sorry for my bad grammar that is because I am Egyptian

  • Hey bro, this was great!
    Can you do a video on how to gain resistance for swimming the 200 butterfly?, like specific workouts or something? Because I start well the first 100 but I dont have the resistance and speed to do well on the last 50.
    I would love to improve since its one of my favourite events.
    Thank you

  • This will definately help me to swim fast , thanks

  • Yeah a new video !!! 😻😻 I knew our mind/thought affect our swimming ! That's how I beat my record if 50m freestyle 😛 Good job and continue to make video like this ! 🤩🤩

  • Yes ,this thots also told in hindu region ,

  • my mom say when you talk you can do this it realy work for me and when i say negative talk im the slowest

  • gracias por tus buenos videos me pongo la gorra azteca que me vendiste y que me la han chuleado mucho y me transformo del viejito con diabetes y un infarto a un buen nadador despues de seguir tus ejercicios y rutinas y tus consejos gracias y compren las gorras son maravillosas

  • I just realized y'all upload every Friday and that works out so well for me since I've always had my swim meets on Saturdays so I can get a new video right before the big meet and I have a meet tomorrow and this video is a good one to watch before a meet I am going to pull it up for my friends at the meet after warmups if I have the time

  • i am sup in this channel but i don't know how to swim i never saw sea or Swimming pool in my life cuz i live in middle of the desert of Africa but when watch people swim i get the feel

    and it feel good

  • You changed the thumbnail from superman to aquaman 😀

  • Thank you guys. Swim fast

  • Absolutely true! I use this approach for swimming and now on a unicycle. Oddly though I realize my hips are a bit stronger now and swimming is a bit faster:)
    Great combination.

  • Very good)))

  • Lovely, I swim with my mind and body…lovely tip.

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