Swimming Tips for Parents: Why & when your child needs swimming goggles? What are the good buys?

Hi everybody on this Saturday evening.
I’m sure I’ve had so many things to do this Saturday but once I was on the pool
today the subject of goggles came up with a couple of parents and I
thought that maybe I should share some ideas about the goggles while you should
wear them first thing first and I don’t recommend goggles for the
the early stage of learning to swim programmes because children they need to learn how
to get you saw how to swim without having any covers over the heart so they can get used to the idea of having water into their eyes. secondly about
goggles there are so many of them available in the market but one thing
you have to be mindful of is that a pair of goggles that you bought for your
children their sizes so they can wear them and be comfortable
I really recommend these Zoggs one, the high-end ones. My own daughter
has been wearing these goggles for a very long time and they are a very good
fit they don’t leak and one of the problems we have with goggles that they
do leak is that children spend quite a lot of time playing with the goggles are
trying to fix them so is always a good idea to invest into getting a nice pair
of goggles and then not only the last a very long time but also they save quite
a lot of time both will you your children and swim instructors if they stay nice and fit and don’t let water to get into the eyes. Normally goggles are needed and you should look into buying goggles when your child is comfortable to put the face in the water and children, start having
swimming lessons with ‘face in’ and they need to know where they are
going that’s the point that goggles are definitely definitely definitely
recommended. Hope you will find this video useful and until next time goodbye!

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  • Swim laps in our community 25 meter pool a few times each week.>>>nub.best/ccso Have only worn these goggles twice but so far i absolutely love them. I have the mirrored lenses and they are crystal clear both in (under) and out of the water. Also the quick snap makes it very easy for putting them on/off. Couldn't be happier at the moment. Trusting they will last for many trips to the pool!

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