Swimming Two-Beat Kick vs Flutter Kick

– Should you be doing a two-beat kick? (funky music) That might have come out wrong. – Are you listening? (funky music) – Morning, Trainiacs. Welcome to another taper on workout bay. Just 1100 glorious meters this morning. I tell ya, between a taper and just giving myself a full body shave, I am smooth and flying in the pool. In that order? That might have come out wrong. I’m gonna run with it. Let’s have a little chat about the kick. Specifically, should you
be doing a two beat kick, a four beat kick, a six beat kick, or dragging along the
bottom side of the pool? Alright, so there’s a
lot of what I would call swimming propaganda out there in the world about how a two beat kick is the answer to all of your swimming prayers. That ain’t the case. Fact of the matter is,
for the vast majority of us triathletes out
there who don’t come from a swimming background, we
don’t have a very strong kick. And having just one kick per leg throughout the course of an
entire swim stroke cycle, that’s not enough kick propulsion, thrust, balance, buoyancy, rotation, whatever you want to call it, to be able to get our body into a
good enough position. No, no, no, before you jump all over me and you say Taren, I’ve
tried a two beat kick, it’s the best thing
ever, I was there myself. I drank that Kool-Aid myself. Yeah, yeah, I did. Years ago. I was like two beat
kickin’ right over there. But what I found is that because I needed such a strong kick to be
able to get enough propulsion because I didn’t have a very strong kick, it was actually doing me damage because I was snapping
my legs really hard. The exact opposite thing that
you want to do with a kick. Let me finish stretching here and we’ll go into the office and I’ll draw this out or something. (funky music) (creaks) Made it. So many fun things in
the office, Trainiacs. Number one, little bobblehead Taren here is gonna help us learn how to swim. Indistinguishable. And number two, look what Mel got. Little poop emoji ball. They know me so well. – My mom’s your biggest fan. – Oh, it was your mom. Mel’s mom got me this. She’s a Trainiac. Hi Mel’s mom. So the purpose of your kick in
swimming is to do two things. As I always mention, it’s to get you horizontal in the water with your feet up close to the surface of the water and not like this,
dragging and causing drag because it’s gotta push
its way through the water. So you want your feet
up close to the water and how you do that is
by activating your core and kicking enough that your feet float up close to the water and your heels just make their way out of
the surface of the water. Second, the kick is to help
turn your body side to side. Now, where the two beat kick falls apart and it did this for me because
I’m like most triathletes, I didn’t come from a swimming background, I don’t have a really strong kick. Triathletes also run so that
causes ankle inflexibility so our kick just by nature
isn’t going to be very strong. With that two beat kick,
for me to get my feet up close to the water and to get my body turning side to side, I had to give my leg, each time I did the two beat
kick it was like a (grunts). It had to be really strong. So what ended up happening is because I was tensing up and I
was focusing really hard on a hard kick, I wasn’t actually able to focus on a proper body
roll with the rest of my body because all the energy was
going into that kick down here. Kinda defeats the purpose
of having a two beat kick which in theory is supposed
to make swimming easier. And if what you’re doing
is every time you do a kick because you’re not doing that many kicks it has to be really
strong, really forceful, really flip you around,
what’s gonna happen is you’re actually gonna tire
yourself out a little bit and the second thing that
I found more important is because I was basically pausing and waiting for that
two beat kick to happen, my entire upper body
was basically pausing, so I’d be like (grunts) with one kick, pause, pause, pause,
(grunts) with another kick, pause, pause, pause, (grunts) and that pause is basically
pushing me forward and then I’m decelerating. Pushing me forward and
then I’m decelerating. And all of that energy of the push forward is just basically
getting you started again as opposed to keeping you going and having your momentum do
a lot of the work for you. So what I ended up finding
worked out a lot better is a light six beat kick. So instead of having to get
each one of those two kicks do all the work that
the kick is going to do, I now have a six beat kick where I’m just keeping a light flutter and it’s enough to turn my body and keep my feet up close to the surface of the water. I’m actually, even
though I’m kicking more, I’m putting less work into kicking. And this is why you’ll hear
me say things in the vlog where I’m like, you know what? Don’t focus on making
your kick that much better because its not gonna
make you that much faster, but we still go and do
a bunch of kick sets in all of our swim sets. It’s because your kick
needs to be strong enough to build the foundation
of your swim stroke, getting up close to the
surface of the water and rotating your body, but in my opinion it doesn’t need to be any stronger. So it needs to be strong enough, not so super strong. Because odds are, as most tri-athletes, we’re not gonna get it
to the point of being so super strong if we didn’t come from a swimming background. There you go. Bobblehead Taren and I
have to go and present well out of town, so I got to motor. (funky music) So we are heading into
this random air field way out of town in
Winnipeg to do a speech to about 12 business owners. This is not necessarily
triathlon Taren focus. What I do is I talk about triathlon Taren and how social media allows you to connect with people all over the world, build authentic relationships
and it doesn’t have to be about buy my stuff, buy
my stuff, buy my stuff. So triathalon Taren is the
backdrop that allows me to do it but chatting about
social media in general. It’s fun. Certified cameraman here? – Okay, yes. (chatter) – So Taren, welcome, and over to you. – Thank you. Thanks for having me. (funky music) Woo doggy. Done. That was I think a two hour presentation. At the end they said, do you have any parting words about social
media and I said yes. The best thing about
social media advertising is that when you do a wealth,
it’s not advertising at all. It’s creating actual
one on one connections, friendships, people that you chat with, you help out. Like I’ve said about the Trainiacs. Many times before, the
best part about doing this is that I feel like I’ve got
friends all around the world. And if you approach your
social media tactics as a business from the standpoint of how do I help the most people and how do I connect with the most people, then it doesn’t feel like advertising and coaxing people into
doing business with you. You’re kind of just going
through life together with your followers, and that’s
how I feel about you guys. And gals. And kids. And dogs, we love dogs. And goats. Alright, I gotta get to
another meeting in a city about more social advertising, so alright. I’ll see you all later, Trainiacs. Have a good one.

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