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Today, I am going to show you part 3 of how you
can swim. Many people come into the showroom and ask can I swim in Aquatic III. So I am
going to show you how swimming looks like in Aquatic III. Our Aquatic III has a dual temperature being divided. So that it is here 37 degrees and that side may be 32 degrees, depends on
your desires. The spa part, the hotter part.. we have two lounges. So if I sit in nicely
my body is under water. By the way, I am 1.83 metres so I am quite long and my legs goes all the way
to the other side of the jacuzzi. You could see the spa part has two pumps with strong
massage in here.This is a lounge here and on this side I can lounge as well. And then on that
side I have two seats. So, let’s say if there are four persons, you can sit in here perfectly
in nicely warm water. And at that end, you could swim and you can get two massage spots
over there. Now I like to show you how we can swim in the Aquatic III spa. So over here it’s a
little bit colder. So I’m gonna exercise to get myself a little bit warmer. There are
four pumps on that side to swim in. So, this swimspa – I say this swim spa- got four pumps
Very big difference because this swim spa, you could swim in very nicely. Because of
the four pumps ofcourse. Two pumps are holding your body in line. Two other pumps
are giving them power. So two pumps each body can lie in the swimspa and two pumps give you
either the maximum power for a swimsporter or you can adjust it to swim slowly, and you can swim
slowly to train your muscles or whatever. If you swim slowly is possible to revalidate or you
want to be the swimming champion of Europe. Just here to easy touch. Let me put the power on.
I just did it very quickly, very powerful. Now I like to show you how you can swim in
nicely and quitly for – you know -to have a muscle-make or something, or you want to do
it slowly. So either way, you wanna do a nice slowly exercise or a very powerful sporting exercise.
It’s all possible without more experience with swimming. I think it is about 15 years
that Fonteyn has experience with swimspas. Many different ways to give you the best swim action that
is available right now in the market. At Passion Spa, we have four options. So we have a small
one, we have a wider one of 4 metres, 6 metres, and we have the dual swim- and spa in one. So this one, the dual
temperature is 47 degrees and that one is 30 degrees. And there’s a turbine. So the
turbine, you can see on the other side that is the real sporty one for frontcrawling
or that kind of stuff. This one, you can do both the relaxing and the sporty one. We have
two other ones: the Aquatic I and the Aquatic II which are very reasonably priced, while still providing a very good swim action. So, for everybody we have
something available that fits your needs. Here we have the largest swimspa distribution
in Europe. We have many swimspas on stock, and I think right now there are 60 swimspas. And thousand of normal swimspas are all stocked.

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