Swimspa Aquatic IV – Swim Experience Turbine – Passion Spas

Here at the company of Passion Spas we are working right now on the newest technology of swim spas. I gonna test it right now and show you the power it has, its unbelievable power its a really nice smooth water stream, its very strong, And the other advantage of our propeller system is, its a dual propeller system, that really can asure a lot of power with. It works on batteries that means that the
whole system can work on 20 amps of electric supply. Another advantage of this swimspa is, that the water is completely clear because system. So that means transparent water. The advantage of it is, with breast crawling I can perfectly orientate my self in the water, so I see what I am doing. So the great advantage is, breast crawling is really easy because I can see where I’m going. Look at that perfect stream and that sparkling water… transparent and clean.

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