Symphonie Fantastique: Inside Basil Twist’s psychedelic underwater puppet show

It’s like, fireworks underwater with
fabric and glitter. I’m Basil Twist and I’m the Creator
and Director of this show. And my name is Kate Brehm,
and I’m a puppeteer, and I’m performing
in the show. Symphonie Fantastique is an
abstract, under water, puppet show, set to a romantic symphony
played on the piano. I made this show twenty years ago.
and um, and it’s thrilling to do it again in this, this is the same theater where
we did it twenty years ago
after it’s toured around the world. There’s five hidden puppeteers who animate all kinds of unusual fabrics
and materials in the water, to create some sort of hypnotic
Other-worldly magical experience. I think it’s awesome that people
have such a powerful reaction
to a really simple thing. Like a piece of cloth, or a flashlight
or something so elemental. I think there’s something really, I hope,
really pure about it, that lets people escape. To step away from their computer screens, to step away from the news to step away from some like heavy thing,
and to just sort of like, immerse themselves in something enchanting.

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