Taipei Taiwan Travel Guide 2019 [Things to do and Cost!]

What’s up Creatiifs? Welcome to the
Tiffy show. Today I’m giving you the Taipei Taiwan Travel Guide and I am so
excited. So let’s get to it. If you haven’t, make sure that you turn on
notifications so that you know when I post a video. Because I hope to be doing a lot
more travel guides for you in the future. Make sure you stay till the end of the
video where I’ll break down the full cost of my accommodations and flight to
Taiwan. So you kind of know what you’re getting yourself into and how much I
saved. So why did I pick Taipei Taiwan? Well the main goal of our trip was to
actually go to Bali Indonesia. Yes Bali. You’ve all seen it on Instagram
and it is super expensive to go from LAX to Bali. So we decided to kind of make it
more affordable for us. We were gonna find a place that would be cheaper to
fly to Bali from and that’s where we came to Taipei. Taiwan is an island
located in East Asia with Taipei being the capital. So that’s the main city. Now
being an island it is surrounded by water but then also it’s super green and
it has a nature feel but on top of that it has a city. Which gives it that modern
balance so you can visit a lot of cool excursions and adventures while also
having that city life with restaurants and street markets and things like that.
So those were what drew us to visiting Taipei and we also like the fact that
there’s not a lot of tourists. I was lucky enough to be with friends that
spoke the local language but if you’re not you’re going to encounter a lot of
situations where people don’t speak English. So make sure that you download
Google Translate ahead of time the simplified Chinese on there and have it
offline so that you can talk to people you can read signs it’s very very
helpful. How to get from the airport to your hotel. When we landed we had
actually hired a driver ahead of time. Which you can do and it was $30 to drive
us from the airport to the city, Taipei City. The drive was about an hour and a half
to get there. It was worth it but now that I know Taipei does have Uber so
you can just get an Uber from the airport or to the airport which is fine.
You can also use Taipei Metro to get from the airport to your hotel we didn’t
use it because I just gotten off a 14-hour plane and I did not feel like
figuring out the metro for the first time with my luggage and all my stuff with me. But you can use that as an option and it will
save you a ton of money so if you’re really good at learning that kind of
stuff or figuring it out fast definitely do that. But you can use Uber or you can
get a private driver. Where to stay in Taipei? We chose the Chaiin hotel. I’m
sorry if I’m butchering the names I might do that this whole video but I
will put the names down below. This is a small boutique style hotel but
we’ve really enjoyed it because it was right next to Metro so it was like every
day was just so easy to get to our excursions. This hotel also offered
complimentary breakfast and when I travel internationally there’s nothing I
love more than their free breakfast because they go all out. In my experience
in Asia they’ve been doing me good with the complimentary breakfast. Another
thing I do want to mention about the Chaiin hotel, the rooms are super
modern and clean but they’re tiny. This is best for two people we did do
three people but it’s best for traveling for two not three or four I can’t even
imagine. Someone’s gonna be sleeping in a shower. When you do book with them make
sure that you ask for the highest floor and a view. You’re gonna be so happy
because that view makes up for any coziness in the room. Getting around. First things first when you get there make sure that you grab an Easy Card
from one of the 7-11s or at the Taipei Metro because you’re
going to use this the entire trip. We’re going to the night market we’re going on
the MRT right now. And yeah I have my little card which I’m really excited
about. We’re doing this and I’m super jet lagged. But we’re going to do it. Now I saw a lot
of other videos on Taipei and a lot of them were teaching you how to calculate
how much your ticket was gonna be and honestly speaking I didn’t see anyone
using tickets when I was there. I saw everyone using the Easy Card. Now you can
get it at a 7-11. I’ve got mine ASAP as soon as I got there and loaded
it with $10 USD. If you’re intimidated by the Taipei Metro don’t be. I promise you,
I’m directionally challenged so listen to me. It is not as intimidating as it
looks or it sounds. Download Google maps offline. Whenever you get Wi-Fi if you
don’t have a SIM card download the map of Taiwan onto your phone through Google
Maps. This allows you to access the map whether or not you have data or your
phone’s working you’ll be able to download this map and look at it. Another way that
you can get around in Taipei is through Uber. They have Uber and we actually used
it one night. We went out we had a good time and because the Metro I believe
closes at 12:00 a.m. we had to get home so we used Uber.
It was quick and fast and it was affordable. I think to get home it might
have been like $12 bucks and great to know that you can get back to where you
need to be. Also there’s taxis. Roahe Street Market. This is a night market
it’s really famous in Taipei. The reason that we chose to go to it is it has the
most food. This one is very food oriented. So if you really want to try some
delicious street food this is the one to go to. It’s poppin’ so be prepared there
are a lot of people there. They have carnival games. You’ll see kids that are
fishing for turtles and live animals and you’re gonna be like whoa poor turtle
live animal but you know what this is their life. And you just wave to the
turtle and you keep moving. I tried the stinky tofu here and that is a
signature dish here. If you come here you are going to smell it so you might as
well, you know, try it. I got it fried everything fried just tastes a little
bit better. So that’s a great little tip for you. Try it fried. But while I was
there I also have a squid like a fried squid cheese on a stick
food that was really delicious. It was really good actually I had one of those
spiral potatoes. I will say the spiral potato is more like what you see it
looks really cool but it is just a potato on a stick. Then I tried this
crepe that was crispy and it had custard and banana and chocolate and it made my
life. It was so delicious. I shared it but you don’t have to but it is huge. We also
got Taiwan beer and that just enhanced the experience of eating and drinking at
the street market. This is definitely a must see and if you’re an adventurous
eater definitely go to it. Definitely, definitely, definitely, definitely.
Everything in the street market costs a few dollars you’ll be fine. You don’t
even have to take a lot of money but you definitely need cash. They don’t take
credit card there but nothing there was expensive. Nothing broke the bank and you
could eat to your heart’s desire. Rainbow Bridge. Walking distance from the Roahe
Street night market is Rainbow Bridge. So if you visit one visit the other and
just get them both done. It’s 167 feet long and it crosses the Kaling River and
it lights up at night. You can only access it by foot or bicycle. It’s
really really cool it’s like a little footpath and it gives you a great view.
It’s cool to visit it. It’s a bridge it’s cool to see at night and you can
see all the lights and the view and then also I guess the part that’s the rainbow
part. Which is like some lights on the side there. You know I didn’t research
this one as much. But I did visit it so Rainbow Bridge y’all. One of the things I
would suggest is a day trip to Jiufen. Now you’re going to want to start early
because this is a bit of a trek. I believe we took two trains and a bus so
you’re gonna have to you know map out your situation but if you get there
early you’ll have a great day. It’s an old mining town. In Jiufen you’re gonna find a street
market so you can shop you can get food. And you’re gonna find tea houses. Now
it’s really popular in Jiufen to go to one of these tea houses and we found a
tea house that was awesome. That had beautiful views. The ladies that
worked there were super chill. They allowed us to drink beers there was no
minimum it was just amazing and I will put that information down below or
somewhere around me. So that you can see and recognize the tea house. But you are
going to get magnificent views of Taipei any tea house that you choose and it’s
so relaxing to just have a good time with your friends look out and just be
like whoa I can’t believe where we are. And I think that is why you should
definitely, if you go to Jiufen, find you a tea house that you like and enjoy the
view. Because it’s a really peaceful and nice way to have a good time. I know
you’ve seen it people lighting lanterns and releasing them into the sky. And you’re like
I want that life because that was me a few months ago. This happens in Shifen
which is Pingxi and I will write it down here because I’m messing up the
name. That is where you light the lanterns to like release into the sky
with your wishes. This is a great day trip and we went late and I kind of
recommend that because we didn’t really deal with the crowds or anything. It was
late at night. So we barely made it for lanterns but we’re about to do it. We’re
about to. I kind of fell a sleep on the train but we’re fine. We’re here. Ten minutes. Yes I’m putting wishes on there guys. Money that’s it. It’s basically on train tracks we
actually walked the whole length of the train tracks and went to the last person
that was doing the lanterns on the train tracks and had an amazing experience.
Each Lantern has four colors and each color corresponds with a different wish.
So one might mean family, one might mean health or love. You get to pick
your color combination and then they’ll bring them out. We got two lanterns and
two Polaroids for about $11 USD. Which was worth it in my opinion because
these guys went above and beyond. Just make sure though if you go late like we
did you have to run back do not miss that train back. It’s great because you
avoid the crowds and everything but just make sure you don’t miss that train back
otherwise gonna be sleeping on the floor or you’re gonna have to go to cat
village. Which I did not get to go to I’m really sad about and sleep the kitties.
Maokong Gondolas this was so much fun and so worth it. Again keep those Easy cards
handy cuz you’re going to need them for this trip. You’re going to want to take
the Taipei metro to the Taipei Zoo and from there it’s a quick walk and you’ll
hit the Maokong Gondolas. You actually use your Easy card and the price is about
$1.72 one way so almost like four dollars. I’m not good at math but
like less than five dollars for round trip. Round trip fare on the gondolas. We
went during the week. I want to say that too. There was a little bit of a line
but I don’t know what it looks like on the weekend. And that is for the crystal
cabin. We’re in the gondola we made it all
inside whoo and the ride is about 30 minutes. So it’s not even fast it’s
like a good amount of time in here. It’s quite warm already. No you can’t drink in here. You want the crystal cabin if you go
there which fits five people because it has a clear bottom. You can see
through the bottom when you’re going in this gondola. And what the gondolas gonna
do is it’s going to take you up into the hills to Maokong village and it’s about a
thirty maybe even more ride. It’s at least a 30-minute ride and you’re gonna
get these awesome views in this gondola. For less than five dollars like anywhere
else this would be expensive but here it is reasonable. Once you get to Maokong Village they
have street food and they also have tea houses. This is where we had our
traditional tea ceremony. What you’ll find when you you’re shopping for a tea
house that fits you is that most of them have a minimum. Which isn’t bad at all
like the minimums aren’t bad it’s worth it. They’ll give you a tea ceremony
and teach you how to pour tea traditionally. It was actually really
fun experience than I’m glad we did it. The cost of the tea ceremony at the
tea house that we chose was under $20 I think it was about $15 and that included
tea for everyone. Nightlife so as you can see I’ve been
packing a lot into my five days in Taipei. We didn’t get a chance to
experience the nightlife probably as much as we liked but we did go out guys.
I mean if you haven’t pay attention we did have a good time just drinking and
doing a lot of these activities. We got our pre-game on one night and we
decided to venture into the city and go out. We went to the W Hotel which was
amazing. If you want to see luxury at its finest
if you want to be like what is it like to ball out in Taipei? Go to the W
Hotel. The whole hotel is an Instagram worthy dream. You’re gonna go from room
to room like where can I get another picture? They have a bar
I believe it closes early during the week but you can grab a drink there it’s
got wonderful views. They have a smoke room. I don’t smoke but definitely go
check it out because it’s beautiful. For some reasons is like a beautiful smoke
room at the W Hotel. They were so chill they were so nice. From the W Hotel we walked to Frank
Taipei and this was a very hip bar. It’s a rooftop bar that’s really popular
there and it was so pretty inside they have mixologist kind of style cocktails
and views of the city. It was lounging and it was my type of place. You
know I’m saying? I got a drink in my hand it’s pretty. I can take a picture with it
and drink it and the bartender’s are super sweet.
They were striking up conversations they were telling us about their travels. If you
do go out one of the nights in Taipei. Go to Frank Taipei because you’ll have a
really fun experience there. They actually have other bars nearby to that. But I was
just like tired and probably wasted by then so I didn’t get to visit them.
I just want to point out that I thought it was very interesting. I did
have to show my ID at the bars that I did go to in Taipei. So make sure that
you have your ID with you. I used my driver’s license from California or you
have your passport with you on these nights. Otherwise you I don’t even think
you’ll get in. So you do need ID. Taipei 101 this is one of the biggest
attractions in Taiwan. You’re going to want to visit it. Once you see it once
it’s probably enough. But it’s really cool. It used to be the tallest building
in the world from 2004 to 2010 and it has 101 floors. What you do is you
take the elevator. The elevator takes less than 40 seconds and it shoots you
up to the 89th floor where there’s an observatory. Going to Taipei 101 right
now and we’re in the mall. We’re in the building.
It’s just the mall part. We’re going to the top observatory.
It’s bougie in here. Super boug. You’re going to go through a luxurious mall of
a whole bunch of things that I could not afford but it looked beautiful. You’re going to see a huge line of people and you’re gonna be like I’m not
ready for this. But that line is for citizens of Taiwan. Citizens of Taiwan
have to wait in this humungous line to get up into Taipei 101 for some reason.
You can skip that line and go straight to the ticket desk or to a
kiosk and purchase your tickets. The tickets were about $20 per person. Once
you get a ticket you’re gonna wait 20 to 30 minutes in line and you go right up
to the the 89th floor which is the observatory.
Once there you’ll get 360 degree views of all of Taipei. And it is really
cool it’s beautiful. It’s just a cool experience to be
that high up. From there you can even walk higher up and be like on the deck I
guess but 89th floor is enough. You can also get snacks up there I grab the
beer with ice cream because you can’t combine to my favorite things and me
not get it. So you can get a beer with ice cream you can also get bubble tea up
there. Just enjoy your surroundings enjoy it. Because you did pay $20 to go
up there. I have seen experiences where people go up there and they see nothing
because it’s so foggy and there’s so many clouds like you see no view. Make
sure you don’t waste $20 and that the weather is good on the day that you go
visit Taipei 101. Addiction Aquatic Development now if you’re craving sushi this place is for you. It’s half fresh fish market and half gourmet market. so
it’s like a mixture of whole foods. It is a bit overwhelming because there’s just
a lot thrown at you at once. You walk past like live crabs crawling
out of containers. Then you walk into a gourmet market and then you see sushi
bars and then someone’s telling you there’s a hotpot restaurant somewhere
and you’re just like okay. I don’t know what I’m doing.
but walk around a little bit get your bearings and then figure out what you
want to do. Now they have sushi bars there that are standing only. I will say
after a day of excursions and walking everywhere it might be tough to have
sushi at the bar you’re gonna feel it. But it is an experience and they have
packaged sushi as well. We didn’t come here to have no experience so we got
sushi at the bar. We’re waiting for sushi. We’re excited we’re hoping that it feels us up but if it doesn’t we’re gonna go back there and get a bunch of boxes of sushi.
Right yeah eyes our eyes are still hungry. I’m so hungry right now. this was our most expensive meal. This is comparable to probably sushi in any city. This was expensive sushi. We got a…they have different sets we
got a set to share between two people. We got two sets and four of us shared it
and those sets came to $65 USD each. You can see it’s not like the cheapest
sushi but it is fresh. If you have sushi where you’re from. I’m from Los Angeles
so I have delicious sushi around me you don’t necessarily need to do the standing sushi bar. I found it comparable to sushi that we have here in LA. As you can see I love Taipei Taiwan and I would definitely go back and visit. I feel like
I barely scratched the surface on all the things that I could see in this
wonderful place. I know you’re waiting how much was my trip altogether for my flight and my accommodations? That
came out to $550 USD. That includes my flight and the
hotel I stayed in. I also want to say I combined this trip with my Bali one so
the other half of the cost was Bali. But for this part like just Taiwan $550 USD. As
you know I traveled this whole trip in my carry-on if you want to see
everything that I took make sure that you visit the video down below. Stay
tuned because I will have another video talking about all the delicious food in
more detail that I ate was in Taiwan. Travel Guide blog post will be up at I love y’all thank you so much for watching. I will see you next
time. Make sure that you share, subscribe like. and comment. Comment below. Let me
know any questions you have about Taiwan or if you’ve been I’d love to hear your
stories. I will see you next time. Stay Creatiff.

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