Take a Field Trip to the Animal Hospital | KidVision Pre-K

(acoustic music) – Hi. I’m Miss Penny, and these
are the KidVision kids, and we’re here today to
find out what happens at an animal hospital! I brought my dog, Boss, in for a check up. – Well, welcome to Emerald
Hills Animal Hospital. Would you please fill out this form? – Yes we will. Okay guys.
(kids giggle) Let’s sit down, come on, Boss. First, this says, type of pet. Is he a bird?
– No. – Is he a rabbit?
– No. – [Miss Penny] Is he a cat?
– [Young Girl] No. – Is he a dog?
– Yeah. – Yes, would you please
put an X on the dog? You did a good job, perfect. And what does it say at the top, Michael? – Pet’s name.
– [Miss Penny] Pet’s name. His name is Boss, so could
you please write Boss? – Yep.
(upbeat music) – Perfect! And now, the last
question is, owner’s name, and my name is Miss Penny, so I’m going to put Miss Penny. And that way they know
all of Boss’s information. Great, we filled out all of our forms, so let’s go check him in. – [Michael] Come on, Boss.
– Here we go. Okay, we have all of our forms filled out. – Well, thank you so
much, the veterinarian will be right with you. – Okay, terrific, let’s
have a seat while we wait. (bells chime) – The veterinarian will see you now. – [Miss Penny] Hooray, let’s go. He’s ready. (chuckles) – Hi KidVision Kids, I’m Dr. Tapper. I’m a veterinarian. Thank you for coming to see me today and bringing Miss Penny’s
dog so I can make sure he’s staying healthy!
– This is Boss. He looks like he’s ready for an exam. What do you do for a
regular check-up exam? – Well, we usually start by
having them sit up a little bit. Then we open their mouth
and we check their teeth, make sure they’re clean. Next we look in those eyes, see the nice whites of their eyes. We actually will use our stethoscope, do you know what that’s for? – [Michael] The heartbeat. – [Young Girl] You use it
to check the heartbeat. – To listen to their heart. So, we’re going to listen. Do you want to try to listen? – [Miss Penny] Ah, fun. – Do you want to put that in your ears? (heart beating)
How about now? Do you want to let your sister listen? (heart beating) – [Miss Penny] What does it sound like? – Mmm, thumping.
– [Miss Penny] It’s thumping? – So, another thing we’ll
do is we’ll actually look in their ears with an otoscope. – [Miss Penny] Otoscope. – Nice and clean. The other thing we’ll do is we’ll take an ophthalmoscope and we’ll
actually look in his eyes. Okay, Boss, I know. He’s good and healthy. And then, lastly, we’ll
usually feel their whole body, check to make sure there’s
any lumps or bumps. He’s good. – [Miss Penny] And how about their paws? – And we’ll look at their
paws and their nails. He’s got big feet, doesn’t he?
(kids laugh) Flex their arms a little bit, make sure there are no problems. And Boss is a really healthy boy. – So, an animal hospital
takes care of animals just like a pediatrician would
take care of young children or a regular doctor would
take care of an adult. – Correct.
– Okay, great. And so, when you have
an animal and it needs to have a checkup, where do you bring it? – [Both Kids] To the veterinarian. – And what is Dr. Tapper. – A veterinarian.
– Excellent. Good job, good job, Boss. (bells chime) – So, we’re now in the operating room, and this is where we will
do surgeries on pets. We use a lot of technology to
assist us in our procedures. This is the surgery table, and it actually will go up and down, so to
make it be the right height. See how Boss is going up and down? This is a surgery light
where we can adjust the light so we can actually get a better view of what we’re doing. This is an anesthesia machine over here. That’s where we’ll hook them up and put a tube in their
throat and they’ll breathe gas and they’ll go to sleep. And then, when we’re
doing with the surgery, they’ll wake up and be ready to go home. And, behind us, have you
noticed on the wall over here? These are some x-rays. We use an x-ray machine to take a picture of their bones and this particular dog, we actually have a broken bone. – [Miss Penny] Oh, I see it. – [Dr. Tapper] Do you see the broken bone? – [Miss Penny] Do you see
where the bone is broken? – [Michael] And on the other one. – But then, we actually
were able to put a pin and some wires and put all those bones back together. We’ll show you another picture. Can you tell me what that’s a picture of? – [Miss Penny] What’s that? – A dog! – [Miss Penny] You think
it’s a dog, is it a bunny? – [Both Kids] No.
– [Michael] It’s a dog. – [Miss Penny] You think it’s a dog? – [Michael] It’s not Boss. – And then we’ve got one
more really exciting one. – [Miss Penny] Let’s see what this is. Ohh, look at that, do you see inside? Look at the skeleton. – [Michael] Is it bodies? – [Miss Penny] I think they’re babies. – [Dr. Tapper] Those are babies. – Inside of a mommy, if you take an x-ray, like sometimes your mommy
might get a sonogram so she can see her babies,
that’s using technology to help people. And here, this technology
is helping the doctor see where all the babies are. – How much babies are there? – There was 11 babies in that mommy. – 11 babies! Good thing the doctor
could use this and know. So, technology plays a
big part in a hospital. – It’s a very big part at our hospital. – Terrific.
(bells chime) Okay, now we’re in the
grooming area of the hospital, and here is where they give dogs baths and they cut their nails
and wash and dry them and make them all nice and
clean and pretty and healthy. So, first, before we give
him a bath, we need to learn how to do it correctly so
that we don’t hurt the dog. – So, a part of giving a dog a bath is you want to make sure they’re on a surface that’s really stable and they can’t slip. Then we’re going to take the tub and we’re going to actually
give him some water, we’re going to wet him all down. But, we’re going to be really careful not to get water in his ears,
and we’re going to be careful not to get any soap in his eyes. Okay? So, I’m going to grab some shampoo and we’re going to squirt this. If you guys want to reach up there and kind of start
sudsing him a little bit? Yeah.
– Oh, look at that, Boss (surf music) – [All] Bye! (upbeat music)

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