Take a Field Trip to the Recycling Center | KidVision Pre-K

(upbeat pop music) (slide whistle blows) – [Penny] Does anyone know what that is? They are recyclables. Recyclables are waste
materials from our homes that can be remade into new things. Let’s head in to the recycling center. My friend Jean-Marie will
show us what they do there. – [Children] Yay! – [Penny] Wow, look at
all these recyclables. – [Jean-Marie] That’s right Penny, and the exciting thing is all these old jars,
containers and other materials are going to be made into something new. (bulldozer engine roars) So, once these objects get
processed here at our plant, these piles will be gone, and we’ll have room for
even more recyclables. – [Penny] Wow, that makes me think, what would happen if all
this stuff wasn’t recycled? (slide whistle blows) What would happen if you never picked up the
dirty clothes in your room? – [Child] They’d be everywhere! – [Another Child] I wouldn’t
have anything to wear. – [Penny] That’s right. By helping your mom and
dad pick up your clothes, you are making sure that you have a nice clean
room to sleep and play in. Also, your clothes are
being washed and reused. – [Jean-Marie] And our
planet is the same way. If we keep things tidy and recycle, we will have more space to live. And we can reuse materials instead of letting them
clutter up the planet. So, what is one way to make sure that animals have a place to sleep and clean water to drink? – [Children] Recycle! – [Penny] That’s right! Helping the planet can be so easy. – Sure can. Now, let’s see how we can get these recyclables sorted and sent on their way. – [Penny] Sounds great! – [Jean-Marie] And away it goes! (upbeat pop music) – [Penny] As this trash makes it’s way through the sorting system, it will be divided into
materials that are alike. These materials are all
separated into groups. What is the same about these objects? – [Child] They’re all made of plastic. – [Penny] That’s correct. They’re all made of plastic. Great comparison. – [Jean-Marie] The
recyclable plastic and cans are separated from the trash. – [Penny] How can they think that fast? – [Jean-Marie] We have to be very good at finding things that are alike and grouping them together. For instance, can you tell
which one of these is plastic and which one is aluminum? Which one do you think is plastic? – [Children] That one! – And which one is aluminum? – [Children] That one! – [Penny] We could have this
game working here in no time. – [Jean-Marie] In order to find out how we separate the cans, we have to move a little
bit further down the line. Do you notice anything interesting about how the trash falls into the shoots? – [Child] The cans fall further. – [Penny] Yes, this machine
sorts the cans by itself. And what is the end result of all this sorting and comparison? – [Jean-Marie] Let me show you. – [Penny] Wow, look at that! Do you notice anything about
this bale of materials? – [Child] They’re all made of plastic. – [Penny] And what about this one? – [Another Child] They’re
all made of paper. – [Penny] Very good! This bale of paper, when it’s recycled, is equal to 17 trees. It’s because we know
how to sort and compare, that we can make this happen. Plastic, glass and aluminum
can be recycled indefinitely, you never have to throw them away. – [Jean-Marie] Yes, and
because of recycling, these containers can be
remade into a new useful item. – [Penny] The journey
of recyclable materials is made possible with
modern day technology. What different pieces of equipment helped them along their way today? How did the recyclables
get to the recycling plant? – [Child] A big truck. – [Another Child] It’s a monster truck. – [Penny] Right, a truck
brought the recyclables and then we pushed them
into a pile with what? – [Children] Bulldozer. – [Penny] Yes, just think
about how much more work one person can do with tools like that. – [Jean-Marie] And then the conveyor belts help with the sorting process. – [Penny] What was your
favorite part of the field trip? – [Child] That one that
pushed them all together. – [Penny] Does anybody know how it works? – [Child] It squishes. – [Another Child] It squishes it! – [Penny] Yes, tools like
that make hard jobs easier. (horn honks) – [Jean-Marie] Oh, here comes the truck to take away our sorted recyclables and turn them into something new. (horn honks) – [Penny] That’s it, away she goes! What do you think it will come back as? – [Child] A car. – [Penny] That’s a great answer. Perhaps different parts of the car. It is amazing the things that
we can do with technology. What else might it come back as? (slide whistle blows)
(bell rings) – [Child] Water bottle. – [Another Child] Or container. – [Penny] That’s right. It can come back as anything. And speaking of juice containers, I think we’re ready for a break. Would you children like a snack? – [Child] Yeah! – [Penny] Wow, you children were hungry. Now that we’re finished,
what do you say we clean up? (upbeat pop music) I’m so proud of you. You recycled your plastic bottle. – I have a glass container. – And what can you do with that? – Recycle it. – Yes, great idea! – [Child] I have a glass container, too. – Great, let me see you in action, too. (upbeat pop music) Hurray! I’m so proud of you. You made your own
decisions to recycle today. Great job. And you even knew the right
container to place it in. So, why did you recycle today? – [Child] It keeps the earth clean. – [Another Child] We can reuse
it to make something new. – [Another Child] Help the animals. – And now you all know how easy it is to make a difference
and protect our planet. – [All] Yay! (upbeat pop music) – Hello Jean-Marie! Our kids just cleaned up
and recycled on their own. – That’s great, I’m glad you
had a good time here today. – Thank you Jean-Marie,
we had a great time today touring your center and
learning how to help. – Alright kids, bye! – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – [All] Bye! (upbeat pop music) Recycle! (slide whistle blows) (upbeat pop music)

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