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[MUSIC PLAYING] So you may have seen this
big flashy building on campus and wondered what
kind of amazing things could possibly go
on in such a place. I know I did. Well, when they asked me
to give you all a tour of Purdue’s Córdova. I couldn’t resist. After all, I am the most
experienced and talented option. Before we start the tour, they
wanted me to talk about some of the benefits of the Córdova. See, it’s more than just a gym. It’s a whole wellness center. I mean, students
that come here also tend to do better in school. You just look at this
graph and this graph. This place also
the second largest employer of student employees on
campus with over 800 employees. Now, there’s another
video that goes into more detail about working here. But basically, with
over 50 positions to choose from, from lifeguard,
to fitness consultant, to cooking demonstrator, to
climbing wall supervisor, you can find something
that you like here. Before we even go inside,
these are our fields. These are the
goldfields, home to our outdoor intramural sports. Then, there’s the
Northwest field’s. Home to our outdoor club sports. And then, there’s turf
recreation facility, or the track. It’s big enough to play– Oh, you know what? Let’s go across the street. How’s my hair? Is it good? All right. This is much better. Now, this place is huge. It’s over 400,000
square feet, which means if we’re going
to go and see it all, we’ve got to put a little
bit of a pep in our step. You can see before
we even swiped in, there’s refreshments right here. They sell almost
300 smoothies a day. The most popular of which
is peanut butter brotein. I mean, protein. So grab yourself a smoothie. Take a seat. Watching all the giant
TV screens right there. Make sure you bring your
ID so you can swipe in. Here you go. Thank you. This is Colby Fitness. It’s a sight to see. I know. Cardio and weight equipment
as far as the eye can see. The coolest thing is this
isn’t even all of it. Colby Fitness is one of just
nine fitness neighborhoods that we have here at the Córdova
offering a total of nearly 50,000 square feet
of fitness space. With all this
surrounding you, you’re bound to find something
that suits you. Just starting out? Awesome. You even got fitness consultants
here to help you get started. Uh, sir, I think those might
be a little heavy for you. I know. I know what I was doing. I’m good. Hm, let’s go upstairs. So we’ve got a bunch of
courts and gymnasiums to play just about
any sport you can imagine– basketball,
volleyball, squash, handball, badminton. You name it. Aye, yo, throw me the ball. It’s an off day. And I just did arms
and the dog barking, and the sun was in my eyes. Weight training not your thing? Group X. Group X is a
group of fitness classes that we offer for all different
skill levels and interests. Anything from yoga to
Tai Chi to cycling. There’s over 70 of them. I don’t have time
to list them all. But you’re guaranteed to
find something you like. Check this out. Come on. This is the Boilermaker Room. This is one of just
six meeting spaces that we have available for any
student, club, or organization that really needs it. If we look over here,
you can even see out. You get a view out over– [INAUDIBLE] I
think is this road. Hey, man, you got
to get out of here. We have a meeting
in five minutes. We got to go. Go. Come one. We’re not supposed
to be in here. A few people know this about
me, but I’m actually a climber. See, all the other
stuff was just a fluke because now
is my time to shine. This is our 55 foot tall
climbing wall as opposed to our 12 foot high
bouldering wall. If you really want to
get some adrenaline, all you really got to do is just
take a little trip over to– to– OK– Help! Help! Someone call the
fire department. Hey, hey, hey, everything’s OK. You can let go of the wall. [INAUDIBLE] got you. Just let go. Just let– yep. Just let go. See, you’re totally fine. Totally fine. You’re good, right? You’re not even off the ground. So that’s enough
adrenaline for today. This is just one of the two
pools that we have here. Open year round, too. A great place to go. This isn’t even the
coolest pool either. It’s got another one upstairs. This, this is the
aquatic center. Home to Purdue swimming
and diving varsity teams. Open for lap swimming and one
meter diving for the public. You can swim in the same
pools that Purdue swimming and diving team swim
all of their meets in and dive where
Olympians [INAUDIBLE] Steele Johnson
train and compete. [WHISTLE BLOWING] You’re all right. First time off the board. Let’s go back over
to the other side. All this talk about exercise
is really making me hungry. So I figured I would bring
you guys to the demo kitchen. Now, the demo kitchen is great. And it’s my favorite
for three reasons. One, it involves food. Good food. Two, they teach you
how to make said food. And three, there’s
no possible way I can embarrass myself in here. The demo kitchen is just one
part of the whole Wellness Suite that we have here. You can also meet with
a registered dietitian. You can recharge in
a light therapy room. Maybe even just have
a wellness workshop to keep your mental
health in check. But my personal favorite
in the Wellness Suite aside from the demo
kitchen are the massages. Sounds pretty good. Let’s go get one. This is more like it. You know, when the day
isn’t going your way, this is the perfect
way to end it. I guess in short, the Córdova
is just so much more than a job. It’s a whole wellness deal. These were just the
highlights, too. There are even more
secrets for you to discover yourself
that we don’t even have time to delve into. But for now, leave me alone. I have a massage to get. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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