Tank Updates, New Aquatic Plants, And Albino Bristlenose Pleco!

hey y’all Mandy from my hectic life pets
where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today I wanted to give
you an update on how my 20 gallon aquarium is coming along now I’m really
excited about this aquarium because I’ve got two very special fish that should be
on their way hopefully arriving next week if all goes
well so I wanted to show you all how I escaped on my tank for my new fish that
are on their way so in this tank I did get a new pleco and I went ahead and
added a couple of pieces of driftwood which I did soak but I guess not long
enough this one in the back keeps trying to float so I put a rock on it
I got a few river rocks I have my Argentine swords in the back and then I
added some anacarus my Java ferns seem to be doing pretty well it looks like
they’re starting to show some signs of propagation and I have my water lettuce
so just a word of caution I got one little water lettuce plant for this tank
and it’s already pretty much taken over this tank I’ve had the water lettuce for
me me a month and a half now and I had enough that I grabbed a couple of little
plants out of here which I added those plants to this tank and they were teeny
tiny and they’re already starting to spread out I’m thinking by the time my
new fish do arrive it’ll probably have taken over a little whole top of the
tank so I think that my fish are gonna be really happy in here once they come
in they’re gonna have a lot of plants lots of hiding places and that water
lettuce should take care of my whole brightness in the tank issue so I’m
really excited I feel like the tank has turned out really well
I’m so excited for these new fish to come in I cannot wait to show you all my
new fish so that’s all for today’s video if you liked it please give it a thumbs
up and subscribe to my channel where I post new videos every week thanks for
watching guys bye

Comments 6

  • Looks badass!

  • Awesome! Hope the fish arrive on time 🙂

  • Tank is looking great! I love water lettuce, glad to see it multiplying! I want to replace ally duckweed with another floater plant like water lettuce haha. Less hassle.
    Can't wait to find out what your new fish are!

  • Full view and like #7 from me. It looks like you have quite an aquatic habitat going on there, Mandy(sp?)! I'd never heard of the Argentine Sword fish before, so I did a little research…. turns out, and as you know, it's actually a plant!
    You certainly seem very exciting up your upcoming arrivals; I hope they're everything you expect!
    You (and all your critters) have a great weekend!

  • very nice looking tank! love the set up… water lettuce is doing awesome, mine have a runners too 🙂 looking forward to the fish

  • Nice looking tank. How do you like the bristlenose pleco? I have pondered those.

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