Taper Time from 2019 Phillips 66 Nationals Day 2

I’m Dean Farris, and
it’s time for “Taper Time.” KAITLIN SANDENO:
Thank you, Dean. We’re coming to you from about
an hour south of San Francisco, from the beautiful campus
of Stanford University. And guess what time it is? It’s “Taper Time.” Hey there, I’m Kaitlin Sandeno,
along with Jason Lezak. And we thank you for joining
us for day two of “Taper Time,” live from the Phillips 66
National Championships. Yesterday we had a lot of fun. Yeah. Brought back a lot of
memories from last year, I had three of my own kids
come on this show yesterday. They threw some avocados. We’re just going to
leave it at that. The best part is
that Jason’s like, hey, I practiced with
them, and I thought I would see better
results out there. What a competitive
father you are. That’s true. So we actually went
home afterwards. And we talked about it. We said, how do we
get better next time? You know? The true competitor. How can you improve your
avocado cornhole skills? That’s exactly right, mhm. Amazing. Well, today is
going to be National Respect Your Parents Day. And our game will have our
respect-your-parents theme. Jason, you’re a parent. Are you looking
forward to this one? Yeah. Maybe we should have saved those
three kids to be in this show. But I think– Oh yeah, your kids
should’ve been in that one. I mean, it’s going to be fun. I’m looking forward
to this game as well. Yeah. And on top of that, we
have so much more planned. We have our game,
Clean Up Your Mess. And any parents out there,
you’re going to love this. We’ll have not one, not two,
but three wonderful guests stop by with Ally McHugh, Ashley
Twichell, and Haley Anderson. And we’ll also take a look
to tonight’s final action. All right, let’s waste no time. Let’s get to it. Let’s head down so
our other members of the webcast team, Cullen
Jones, and Elizabeth Beisel. CULLEN JONES: And I’m
with the beautiful, the talented Elizabeth Beisel. Stop that, Cullen. Now, OK, enough. Now that we got those
niceties out of the way, I’m a little upset. Because yesterday at the avocado
toss, Elizabeth’s team won. And I was upset all night. But you know, you know what? Today is about redemption. And since it is Respect
Your Parents Day, the game today is called
Clean Up Your Mess. And we have four
contestants here. Each of these young folks will
be listening to their parents. They’ll have three minutes
to be walking over here, pick up everything
that they need, and bring it right
back to the basket. But there’s a twist to it. All of these goggles that
they have are blindfolded. So you guys put those on. Put those goggles on. And the only way
they’re going to know to get to the side
to pick up the items is by their parents’ direction. You got to listen to
your parents kids. Are you guys ready? I think we need to meet
our contestants first. On my squad, the Jones
squad, what is your name? Allison. Allison. And? Esme. Esme. Are you guys ready
to beat the boys? Oh yeah. Yeah, that’s right. Elizabeth, who do
you have over there? Beat the boys, I
don’t know about that. I did my homework,
and I have scouted the crowd for the
best child-parent duo that I could find. CULLEN JONES: Some
seasoned recruiting. What can I say? I did my homework yesterday. I did it again today. I’m going to come
out with the win. So what’s your name, buddy? Diego. Diego. And we have? Malachi. Malachi. Diego and Malachi, are you
guys ready to be team Jones? Yeah. Yeah. CULLEN JONES: Hey,
easy, easy, easy. As I said, they will have three
minutes to pick up everything. Parents, make sure you know
what you’re going to tell. Kids, you better listen. I’m going to yell
out the first thing. Are you guys ready? You are going for fins. Turn around, Go. [PARENTS CALLING DIRECTIONS] Other side. Other side. Yeah, there you go. There you go. Left, left, left, left. There you go. Fins. This is going pretty well. Oh my goodness,
Elizabeth’s squad is already up on the lead. ELIZABETH BEISEL: I told you
I did my homework, didn’t I? CULLEN JONES: Oh my
goodness, you did. ELIZABETH BEISEL:
You snooze, you lose. CULLEN JONES: I
thought, you know, I had the girl power
was it yesterday. What is going on? The next one is– snorkel. ELIZABETH BEISEL: You
read my mind there. I was going to choose
snorkel as well. CULLEN JONES: Yeah, you
were thinking snorkel? Snorkel? Oh. [PARENTS CALLING DIRECTIONS] ELIZABETH BEISEL:
Oh, Team Jones. CULLEN JONES: Oh, oh,
Jones, there we go. ELIZABETH BEISEL: All right. All right, all right. Oh, we’ve got a
fin on Team Beisel. CULLEN JONES: OK, here we go. [PARENTS CALLING DIRECTIONS] [LAUGHTER] He’s like, “this one?” ELIZABETH BEISEL: “Can I help?” Yes, I think we can help. It’s like, “yes.” CULLEN JONES: Oh, oh, uh-oh. ELIZABETH BEISEL: No. Put it back down. CULLEN JONES: Hey,
hey, no cheating. ELIZABETH BEISEL: There you go. CULLEN JONES: See? Look at Elizabeth. Cheating over here. ELIZABETH BEISEL: It’s not
cheating, it’s helping. CULLEN JONES: Oh, helping. Helping, helping. [LAUGHTER] ELIZABETH BEISEL: What have
we got on the score right now, Cullen? CULLEN JONES: All right,
all right, all right. And on the last
thing we are going to do, the “Taper Time” towel. [PARENTS CALLING DIRECTIONS] ELIZABETH BEISEL:
I love this game, because it’s forcing the
kids to actually listen to their parents. CULLEN JONES: Oh baby! Oh baby! Drop it! Drop it! To the right. You got it. [LAUGHTER] CULLEN JONES: Oh I
don’t know, Elizabeth. That was a little close. ELIZABETH BEISEL: Oh,
that looks good to me. CULLEN JONES: That
was a little close. That was a little close. ELIZABETH BEISEL: That
looked good to me. CULLEN JONES: Well,
you know what? We’re going to have more. We’re going to come back
in the next segment. And we’re going to see
who wins this next one. Back to you, Kaitlin. KAITLIN SANDENO:
Clean Up Your Mess. Jason, what type
of kid were you? I was a pretty neat kid. Yeah? You didn’t have a messy room? No. But my three kids might
be a little different. I don’t know where
they got it from. But– Danielle? I don’t think it was from me. [LAUGHS] Shout out to all you awesome
swim parents out there. We know all the
effort and the time and the commitment that goes
into raising us swimmers and getting us to
morning workout. Shout out to my mom and dad. And I know your parents, Jason. They’re awesome parents as well. But coming up on
“Taper Time,” we’ll be joined by today’s
first guest, Ally McHugh. But first, we recently
caught up with Ally for a little round
of speed questions. Let’s find out a little
bit more about her. If I could be a
guest on any TV show I’d probably go on “The
Ellen DeGeneres Show.” I didn’t really have a nickname. I didn’t really get a
nickname until college. And in college I was
called the Honey Badger. So that was my
nickname in college. Top bucket list item? Just to travel the world. I would love to go
to Europe, and just to go on this extended trip
whenever swimming’s over. My favorite pizza topping
is probably extra cheese. If I could have any animal
as a pet, definitely a dog. Favorite city I’ve competed
in would probably be Irvine. If I could be in
any band, I guess would be the Jonas
Brothers if they’d have me. I could eat pizza
for a week straight. If I had a touchdown dance,
it would probably be, I guess, the Wobble. If I was stuck in an
elevator for 12 hours, I would probably be
stuck with someone in my family, probably my mom. JASON LEZAK: All right,
Ally, thank you so much. That was great. First of all, who doesn’t like
extra cheese on their pizza? And the other thing,
you love Irvine. Which is my hometown. I love to swim there as well. [LAUGHTER] KAITLIN SANDENO: You guys
already have a lot in common. Yes. KAITLIN SANDENO: But as
“Taper Time” continues, we’re thrilled to be
joined by you, Ally. Who took home the
gold last night in the Women’s 800 Freestyle? Let’s take a look
at this awesome race that you had last night. So you’re wearing a new
cap these days huh, Ally? ALLY MCHUGH: Yes,
rocking some new colors. KAITLIN SANDENO: Yeah? ALLY MCHUGH: Yeah. KAITLIN SANDENO:
How did that feel, to put on that Wisconsin cap? ALLY MCHUGH: It
feels pretty good. It’s really nice to be
in Madison, Wisconsin, and just be training with
a great group of kids and awesome coaching staff. And I’m just really
excited for this next year, to train with them. So it’ll be fun. KAITLIN SANDENO: Well, you
saw this really impressive back half that you had. That last 100, what
was your split? That was fast. ALLY MCHUGH: I think
it was like, 101 maybe? KAITLIN SANDENO: Solid. ALLY MCHUGH: So yeah. KAITLIN SANDENO: A negative
split 800, correct? ALLY MCHUGH: Yeah. That’s how I usually do it. So I was really happy I
could get back to that. And yeah, I’m really
happy with how it went. KAITLIN SANDENO: Jason,
have you ever done an 800? JASON LEZAK: No, we got two
800 people and a sprinter right in the middle. I feel like I just should
be out of this conversation. But I am going to
ask you anyways. [LAUGHTER] What’s it like? What are you thinking
about when you swim? Because I know as a
sprinter, you know, there’s not a lot of thoughts. We’re done. Our race is over. But there’s a lot going
on, eight minutes. So what’s going on in your mind? Yeah, for me it’s just kind
of not going out too fast, kind of doing my own race. And people tend to maybe go out
a little too fast in a distance event. So I try, and that’s
really how I do it. I negative split it, try
and go out, control it. And then I usually just get
better as the race goes on. So I really try and
come back as fast as I can, and just try and
touch the wall first, so– KAITLIN SANDENO: So a
distance freestyler and also, also a very impressive 400 IMer. Have you ever done
a 400 IM before? JASON LEZAK: These are
funny questions, Kaitlin. KAITLIN SANDENO: No,
I’m just, I’m serious. No? JASON LEZAK: When I was
a little kid, once maybe. OK, OK. But nothing to
write home about. But this is what’s crazy. So Ally was just in
South Korea, for Worlds. And she had to wait through how
many days to swim the 400 IM? About seven days
of the meet, yeah. Isn’t that crazy? Mhm. So the last day– Yeah. –your only event, correct? Yes. 400 IM, she had to wait
seven days to swim it. And how was that,
like, mentally for you? It was OK. It was really awesome to be
up in the stands, cheering for Team USA. And to see all of
those world records on days five and six, seven. And just, I think that
got me and Brooke really pumped up for our 400 IM. Just seeing all of that, we
were really fired up and just really excited to keep
the momentum going. So we were really excited. How are you
doing, coming back? Obviously you had a very
impressive swim last night. For me, it was already
an impressive time. But knowing that you’re fighting
jet lag, you just got back. I mean, how did you actually
feel during that race? I felt OK. Surprisingly? Yeah, surprisingly OK. I thought it would feel worse. KAITLIN SANDENO: Yeah. But it was good. I think each day is getting
better, just getting more sleep and getting adjusted
to the time change. So it’s been good. A little bit better each day. JASON LEZAK: So talking
about that move to Wisconsin, does that mean you’ve
finished college completely, and now you’re a
professional swimmer? Yes, yes. I graduated in May from
Penn State, got my degree. And then I moved out to
Wisconsin a few days later. So what’s it like now, to
only have a focus on swimming? And you don’t have to
think about school. You can take naps, probably
more often, during the day. You can relax. What’s that like? It’ll be nice. I’m probably going to take some
online classes in the fall, just to keep my brain engaged. And you know, just do something
else besides training. And probably do
some volunteer work. So that’ll be really awesome. And I’m excited to
just focus on training, and get to know a new team
and get used to a new coaching staff. And I’m really excited for it. Mhm. So let’s talk
about Penn State. Yes. Obviously you had an
amazing experience there, NCAA Champion. Penn State isn’t necessarily
known as a top swimming school, right? Safe to say that? Mhm, mhm. What brought you
to that university? I think when I was being
recruited I hadn’t really reached my peak yet. I still hadn’t really
had the right training and didn’t really
know my potential yet. And they kind of took a
risk and thought that they could get me to that point. I see. And the training
obviously, I had under them, got me to that point. That’s the reason
why I am here today. Right, right. So I’m really
grateful for that. And the coaches I
met, obviously I met the coach that is now
my coach at Wisconsin, at Penn State. So I mean, everything
happens for a reason. Right. So I just had a great
time at the university. The team was amazing,
and the support. And yeah, I’m just
really grateful that they took a chance on me and
said, OK, let’s do this. And it was fun. Right. Well, it’s something that
you guys have in common. Which I think is so inspiring. Especially for a lot of our
swimmers and our parents to hear, is that you both were
late bloomers, if you will. Took some years into
college, then you really came onto the scene. So what’s your message
to all those swimmers that maybe aren’t hitting
their peak at 18, 19? You’re obviously both amazing
proof that it takes some time. It takes time some
time sometimes. Yeah. I think just sticking with it. And for me, the
biggest thing is just making sure I’m still having
fun doing what I’m doing. And if you’re still
having fun and you’re around the right people
and the coaching staff that believes in you and
pushes you every day, I think that really
helped me get to my peak, and just being around
the right people. And they helped me get
a lot of confidence and bring that out in myself. So just making
sure I’m having fun and just having the right
people around was, I think, the reason that I’m
now at this point. So is there an event
you’re looking forward to the most leading
up to next year? Or are you more focused on IM? Or are you more focused
on Distance Free? Or you’re just trying to
go into the trials focused on everything, and trying
to make everything? Yeah. I’m really focusing
on everything. My training is pretty much
split between IM and freestyle. So I’m just really looking
forward to going to the meet. I’m excited to go. I went 2016. Wasn’t the best meet To
just go for the experience. So I’m just really excited
to be there, hopefully get a second swim in
any event that I can. So I’m just excited for that. Well, you’ve definitely got
a lot of experience since 2016. So we’re all
excited to watch you be swimming over the next year. Mhm. Great, we’ll watch. And hopefully watching
you in Tokyo as well. Thank you. Thank you for
joining us, Ally. Thank you so much. So it looks like
Elizabeth’s going to get to another round
of Clean Up Your Mess. Elizabeth, what’s
going on down there? Well, since round
one was a tie, we naturally needed
to have a tiebreaker. And so now we have round
two of Clean Up Your Mess. And so you guys are
going to be competing on Team Beisel and Team Jones. And you guys are going to
determine whether or not Team Beisel will come out
with the win again tonight. Whoa, whoa, whoa,
easy, easy, easy. You mean Team Jones
is going to win. Because we’re already up. That last one, we were up. I thought it was a tie. At least by one. I’m not going to get in
a fight with you right now. No, OK, all right. We’ll go by a tie. This will be the tiebreaker. We’ll fight over it later. All right, so who do we
have here on Team Beisel? What’s your name, sweetie? Juliet. ELIZABETH BEISEL:
We have Juliet here. And then we have? Annie. ELIZABETH BEISEL: Annie. And who do you
have on Team Jones? And on the winning team, the
Team Jones, what is your name? Mina. Mina, and? Lilian. Lilian. Are you guys ready to win? Oh yeah. Great, give me a high five. One more team. ELIZABETH BEISEL: Team Beisel? I feel the heat. We brought the heat. CULLEN JONES: Oh, right. I’m feeling good about this. Should we get our goggles on? Rules are still the same. Oh, yes. I’m ready. We got to put our goggles on. Are you ready to go? I’m ready to go. I’m ready to go. Let’s get this party started. Each of these contestants
will have three minutes. They’re going to be blindfolded
with these blackout goggles. And they’re going to have
again, three minutes. We’re going to yell out
what they have to pick up. Parents, let’s see if your
kids will listen to you. This might be the first time. All right, you guys ready? The first thing we are
Beisel, out for the lead. Oh, look at my two ladies. CULLEN JONES: Oh, wow. ELIZABETH BEISEL:
Unbelievable, Team Beisel. All right– [PARENTS CALLING DIRECTIONS] Cullen, Team Beisel’s
looking good. CULLEN JONES: Oh,
you guys are done. ELIZABETH BEISEL: I
did some more scouting while you were in
the other interview. CULLEN JONES: You did scout. Look at this. This is some serious scouting. ELIZABETH BEISEL: I know. CULLEN JONES: Serious scouting. ELIZABETH BEISEL: Oh, are
we getting that on camera? CULLEN JONES: I don’t know
what you’re talking about. ELIZABETH BEISEL: I’m
pretty sure I just– I don’t know what I just saw. But I don’t think it was legal. CULLEN JONES: I don’t know. ELIZABETH BEISEL: Yeah, OK. CULLEN JONES: I
say it was legal. No one called it. Now, we are going to– see if you guys thought
whether they can see or not, they cannot. The next thing is a USA cap. Ready, go! ELIZABETH BEISEL: Go
get that USA Swim cap. Team Beisel. She’s on her hands and knees. She’s got the swim cap. She’s heading back
to the bucket. CULLEN JONES: Oh! Wow! ELIZABETH BEISEL: Wow. Team Beisel’s on fire right now. CULLEN JONES: Come on! Come on! Oh, oh, oh, oh. I’m going to have to give
that to Team Beisel again. MOM: Redemption, here we go. All right. And the next thing we are
going to go for is snorkel. Ready, go! Each of our contestants,
for being on the show, will get shirts that
say “Taper Time.” Of course, you
guys, you know we’re going to give you
guys some good swag. Come on over to the Fan Zone. You’re going to get
a ton of great things from us for playing. Oh my goodness, Elizabeth,
you are winning. ELIZABETH BEISEL: I am. I did my homework. CULLEN JONES: Oh my goodness. Just cleaning house right now. Team Beisel. All right, the next
thing, “Taper Time” towel. Ready, go! [PARENTS CALLING DIRECTIONS] Oh, new technique. ELIZABETH BEISEL: Ooh! CULLEN JONES: New technique. ELIZABETH BEISEL: It’s
getting physical here in the Toyota Aqua Zone. CULLEN JONES: Getting physical. Getting physical. ELIZABETH BEISEL:
Whatever it takes to win. CULLEN JONES: Oh, I see that. Very nice. Getting to the last
little bit here. Getting to the last
little bit here. This is the last one,
for all the marbles. Fins, go! [PARENTS CALLING DIRECTIONS] Wow, that was fast. ELIZABETH BEISEL:
That was amazing. That was lightning speed. This might be Team Beisel. CULLEN JONES: You know what? ELIZABETH BEISEL:
Cullen, I’m so sorry. CULLEN JONES: Look at this. Oh my goodness. ELIZABETH BEISEL: I’m so sorry. CULLEN JONES: Oh my goodness. Great job, everyone. Whoop, we got one more coming. Come on through. Come on, come on, come on. Great sportsmanship, guys. Great sportsmanship. But Team Beisel, coming
out with the win again. Aw, aw. I’m so sorry, Cullen. Day two. Don’t worry. Tomorrow we’ve got
another one for you. Check it out. Next time we’re winning. We’ll see. Thank you guys
for participating. Kaitlin, back to you. Cullen, you seem a little
disappointed over there. But I did see some people
with Cullen-Jones-like speed over there. Yeah, there was
some sprinters. The best comment I heard was
“Mom, talk louder next time.” The kids are getting into it. So next up on
“Taper Time,” we are joined by the first two members
of the 2020 US Olympic team. I am so excited to have Ashley
Twichell and Haley Anderson. But first, we recently
caught up with Katie Ledecky, for a round of Speedy Questions. So let’s find out a little
bit more about Katie. I love Bruce Springsteen. My family loves
Bruce Springsteen. So I guess E Street Band. I could definitely eat breakfast
food for a week straight. I could probably
eat breakfast food for every meal for
the rest of my life. I just love breakfast. If I could have a pet
without any consequence, I would say maybe a panda. Probably because I grew up
going to the National Zoo in DC a lot. And it was always cool
when there was a new baby panda at the zoo. If I weren’t a swimmer,
I would compete in the winter sport of hockey. Yeah. I love watching hockey. I can barely skate,
but I would find a way. My favorite pizza topping
would be just cheese. If I could be a guest
star on any TV show, it would be “Blue
Bloods,” because that’s my favorite show. Biggest fear is cats. JASON LEZAK: Hey, Katie, so
about that skating thing? I can’t skate either. But Kaitlin can, so
let’s talk about that. KAITLIN SANDENO: There’s like,
one thing that I can do better than Katie Ledecky, is I know
how to ice hockey– or ice hockey? Ice skate. [LAUGHS] Well, some
very impressive women that I am so thrilled to
have on our show today. The two first qualifiers of
the 2020 Tokyo Games, Ashley Twichell and Haley Anderson. Congratulations, and
welcome to “Taper Time.” Thank you. Thank you. Thanks for coming out, guys. So does that have a
little sense of relief, now that you guys have
qualified in the open water? And now you get to
train for the pool. Obviously you’re going
to be training for both. But how’s that feel? We’ll start with
Haley, I’m sorry. Oh yeah. [LAUGHTER] It is a relief. Yeah, a weight off my shoulders. Now I just get to have fun,
and enjoy training and racing. Yeah, kind just
like what Haley said. It’s definitely a relief. We have 12 months now
until the Olympics. And can just focus,
really, on training. And set this
training schedule up. And then yeah, focus
on full trials as well. KAITLIN SANDENO:
What’s so impressive is that you guys do both. Let’s take a look at
last night’s race. We mentioned Ally,
who won last night. But these two ladies,
coming back from worldwide travel, getting to the pool. Ashley threw down an awesome
swim, bringing home the bronze. And then Haley over here, coming
with a solid fourth as well. How’d you ladies feel
in that race last night? Ashley, how are you feeling? You’ve been traveling
and racing a ton. ASHLEY TWICHELL: Yeah, I
got back Monday afternoon from South Korea. KAITLIN SANDENO: Jeez. ASHLEY TWICHELL: So a little
bit off in the timezone and everything. But I actually felt pretty OK. The race, I didn’t feel awesome. I jumped in the water,
I just kind of felt off. But really happy
with how it went. KAITLIN SANDENO: Good. ASHLEY TWICHELL: I feel like
it was a pretty solid swim. KAITLIN SANDENO: It’s
very competitive, 800. You guys are so close in that. And then Haley, here’s
you, behind the blocks. What was your mentality
going into this race? Did you have big expectations? Or were you like, let’s just
get some more racing done? HALEY ANDERSON: Yeah,
just coming here to race. Really no expectations. But just to get some pool racing
in at the end of the summer. So just whatever
I had, was that. KAITLIN SANDENO:
I think you girls, or you ladies, deserve a
very relaxing vacation. is that close in the plans? Yes. We both head to Tokyo
Wednesday, for a test event. What? Oh, that’ll be fun. After that there’s a break. Then you get a break. But then it’s back
to the grind, right? Yeah. Well, I think it’s so– you guys are both so inspiring,
two different reasons. I mean, Haley,
you’re here, going to your third Olympic games. And then Ashley, I think
this is so inspiring for all of our young viewers out there. You tried for ’08,
didn’t happen. Tried for ’12, didn’t happen. Tried for ’16, didn’t happen. 2020, you didn’t give up. You’re going. I’m just so impressed by that. What was your mental strength
that got you through that? Well, thank you. I think, yeah, like you said,
I’ve missed several times. And especially in 2012. 2008, I went to
the Olympic trials, but didn’t come that close. 2012, I did come really close. And so since then it’s been
seven years and a long journey. But the support of my family
and friends and coaches, I don’t think at this
point, I would still be going if it weren’t for them. So I definitely
have them to thank. Definitely a cliche. But it takes a village. And it definitely was a village
for me to get to this point, definitely. So everybody watching this
show knows I’m a sprinter. We’ve talked about
this too many times. That doesn’t mean I
don’t love to watch you guys in the open water. And one thing I’ve
really noticed, both you have been there since
the beginning, when it started, and have done very, very well. And you’re continuing
to do well. So I’m comparing it
to marathon runners, you guys getting better
as the years go on, Haley, tell us a
little bit about that. Yeah, it’s definitely still
such a learning process. I’m still learning
with each race I do. So I’m not done learning. So it’s really exciting
to get better each time, or even if you do well, you’re
still learning in a race. Yeah, this was probably one
of my best races at Worlds. So it’s really exciting to
know that I didn’t peak. Yeah. KAITLIN SANDENO: An
interesting fact– Ashley, I don’t
know if you’re going to be sick of hearing this–
is that you’re the oldest Olympic rookie, at 30-years-old. You’re so old. But it is really an
accomplishment, right? Yeah. I guess I’ll take it,
yeah, as a compliment. I try to keep in
mind that especially in biking, or
cycling and running, endurance athletes do
peak in their mid-30s. So swimmers are starting to swim
later and later on, I think. But yeah, I hope I encourage
some people who are coming out of college to continue with it. Even if they may not be about
to make an Olympic team, they may still have
a lot more potential. Right. We encourage both
of you to keep going. Just don’t stop, ladies. Don’t stop. Has it sunk in yet,
Haley, that you are going to your third Olympics? Yeah. I was super excited
coming down that finish. I literally was like, smiling
the last 25 meters of my race, just knowing like, OK, if
I make it to the finish, I will make the Olympics. So yeah, it’s just
been so ecstatic. And yeah, really excited
for this coming year. Well, ladies, we will
definitely be rooting for you. Thank you so much
for your time today. We know that you’ve
been on a whirlwind. So good luck the
rest of the week. And good luck at the test event. Safe travels. And when we get
back, we’re going to talk about the finals, what
to look forward to tonight. But before, let’s go to a
Speedy Rounds of questions with Nathan Adrian. Hi. If I could have any animal as a
pet, I think it’d be a cheetah. Cheetahs are really
the fastest animal. And they just do their own thing
and come back and get cuddles and hang out when they want. My biggest fear is when
Dave Durden is out of town and I have to swim with
the distance coach. If I could be a
guest on any TV show, it would be “American
Ninja Warrior.” Because I think as
an athlete, you just want to go out there
and give a try. I am a deep-dish pizza guy. And the most important part, or
component, of a deep-dish pizza is the sauce-to-cheese ratio. And for me, I like more
sauce, a little less cheese. And I like my sauce
to be a little chunky. Top bucket list
item I think would be taking a longer sail trip. Maybe to Hawaii,
or to a destination where you live aboard
the sailboat for a while. If I was stuck in the elevator
with anybody for 12 hours, it would probably be
Matt Grevers, actually. He has a way of keeping it
light, keeping it positive. And I think he’s actually been
stuck in an elevator for like, eight hours before. So he would know what to do. JASON LEZAK: Nathan,
sprinter to sprinter, seriously, I can
really relate to that. Nobody wants to be stuck
in the distance lane. I know Cullen
would say the same. CULLEN JONES: Absolutely not. JASON LEZAK: Let’s talk about
that cheese-to-sauce ratio. What’s that all about? We all love more cheese, right? CULLEN JONES: I’m
a New York fan. You know, I like
my thin crust, OK? I know he likes that
deep-crust stuff. No, no, no, thin crust. [LAUGHTER] ELIZABETH BEISEL: I would
call him the East Coast pizza. Yeah, East Coast. That’s how they make it. Good water. I know he’s so
passionate about his cat, but I didn’t know he’s so
passionate about his pizza. Oh, yeah. [LAUGHTER] Don’t forget, we’ll
be here on “Taper Time” throughout the whole
series of Nationals. So be sure to join us at
6:30 Eastern every day through Sunday. On tomorrow’s show, it’s
National Water Balloon Day. So some folks might
be getting wet. And our guests will include– so excited– Katie Meili
and Allison Schmitt. And we’ll guarantee
you plenty more laughs. All right, guys. The big story tonight
is clearly Ryan Lochte. But you know, he did place 37th
this morning, it was mentioned. He had a great
time trial, 200 IM. Thoughts? Reactions? Feelings? What are we looking
forward to tonight? I just think we’re
happy to have him back. He’s such a leader on the team. And it’s been kind of
hard not having him there. But you know, I think
the Ryan-Caleb thing, that’s going to be a one-two
punch for the guys side, for looking towards 2020. Yeah. And I spoke with Ryan this
morning after his race. He was hurting. He said that 200 IM Time
Trial took a lot out of him. But he’s very happy with
how that time trial went. And the Turner Free today was
more of a secondary event. So tomorrow he’s
deciding between that 100 Fly and the 400 IM. We’ll see where he ends up. For his sake,
hopefully the 100 Fly. Oh yeah. If I were him, I’d want that. Oh yes. But we all know Gregg
Troy, and he’s not going to let that go. But I think that Turner
IM at the end of the week is the race to watch for him. I think Cullen and
I can relate to that, hurting after one event. Oh yeah. As we swam later
in our careers. But if you still love
that 200 Freestyle, although Ryan will not
be in it, Max and Rooney will be swimming that event. And I think he did a
great job last night. And I’m looking at him
to swim really fast. And I think maybe somebody
else, Dean Farris, the American record
holder, short course? Oh yeah. Out of Harvard,
pretty incredible. Yeah. Also had a great
swim last night. Yes, absolutely. So those are the two guys
to watch tonight, I think, in that 200 Free. Probably going to be
a real exciting event. Absolutely. I’m actually very excited for
the 200 Breaststroke as well. You know, Reece Whitley
and the two Daniels– Yes. Yes. It’s going to be a
fun 200 Breaststroke. It’s a tight race. So young guys. Some young guns
going after it. And we have Madison Cox. Yes. Top seed in the Turner– Absolutely, yes. That’s who we had
on the show yesterday. So that’s also going to be
an amazing race to watch. The 200s to watch. It’ll be a night
of exciting racing. And you can watch
all the action, beginning at 8:00 PM
Eastern Time on NBCSN. So be sure to tune in. And right after the Finals,
catch “Deck Pass Live,” with Amy Van Dyken
and Jeff Cummings, right here on USAswimming.org. Thanks for finding us for
“Taper Time,” day two. We hope to see you tomorrow. [ELECTRONIC MUSIC PLAYING]

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