Terrifying Skyslide Glass Slide 1000 ft in the Sky!! // Los Angeles, CA

Hello, right now I am in downtown Los Angeles
at public library and I’m actually not here to show you that. But This looks really cool. I’m actually going to go to the u.s. Bank building that is here in downtown Los Angeles because they have this really cool activity I’m gonna try. Well, I don’t know. If you’ve been here long enough then you know
that I have a slate fear of heights. It’s not so much just like being high it’s just like doing something up high that kind of makes me
a little bit anxious and scared. So, the reason that I am
at the u.s. bank building here in downtown is because they just installed a slide here but not just any slide. It is a slide but is I think
on this 70th floor of this skyscraper and it is made completely out of class. I want this in my house. That’s right. I’m gonna get in a slide
that is made out of glass and just look at the city and just go down the slide that’s in the air There’s nothing and… That’s my mom,
she’s going down the slide Just, well, barely. So, we get one of these things and then we go down that thing Oh No! Oh No! I did not like that. I did not like that. No. I think I’m having a heart attack. I’m having a heart attack. This is a slide that I went down Well, now that I survived that
I’m just gonna enjoy the view… sort of. I think I’m still, my heart is, I don’t know. The slide was pretty cool but I wish it would last a little bit longer I feel like it could have but for me it was pretty much enough
to give me the sensation. Was I terrified for my life? I don’t know, you decide. And leave me a comment down below. And now we are going to go eat
at the restaurant that is in the building. That is the building
and this is me walking away from it because apparently there is a dress code
to go to the restaurant and I was not informed of this on the telephone when I called to make reservations. So, here I am leaving. Goodbye. No food, no restaurant. Goodbye, thanks for letting me know. After searching for a while I am now headed towards the Westin to check out their 360 restaurant
called LA Prime since, you know, the first 360 restaurant
I tried to eat up with failure so we’re gonna try this one and let’s see if we have better luck. Ah, yeah! The floor is moving right now. See that? So, I was actually told
that I am NOT allowed to videotape here. There’s actually not a lot to eat here. So, I might actually not end up eating here so I’m just gonna have two drinks,
enjoy the view and then we’ll go eat. I found a restaurant here
in the heart of Koreatown which is not too far away
from downtown Los Angeles. It’s like a 360 view
of downtown Los Angeles. I decided to try something new. I’m gonna get some kong noodles,
this one which I guess is just soybeans but it’s like three noodles,
I don’t know, I guess we’ll see. I have never been to this restaurant before I guess we’ll see how it is. I have no idea,
I just kind of want to eat noodles so I looked up noodles on Yelp and it just came up. I just finished eating
and it was actually really, really good so my noodle soup I guess I mean it is a soup
but it was very cold and it was really good,
it was really refreshing because it’s been really hot in Los Angeles especially today,
it was super hot. So, eating the cold soup is actually
really refreshing So, now I’m gonna head over to this cafe that I like here in Koreatown to have some tea before I wrap up this video. I’m gonna enjoy my tea now. So if you enjoyed this video
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