TESLA X Autopilot Test Drive?! Jumping an Electric Car Over Swimming Pool!!

– Welcome home everybody, you’re here on the Carl
and Jinger Family Channel where every day’s a new day,
we’re making it an awesome one. (excited screaming) (upbeat happy music) Look who we ran into at the
City Creek Mall, it’s Bonnie. – It’s my hair twin, it’s your hair twin. – We’re hair twins! – [Carl] It is, and Jared
and Ellie are here too. – Hey sorry,
– [Carl] I caught Jared, – Just hanging with my sweetheart, and we’re just hanging out. – [Carl] Are you stealing
stuff out of their stroller? What are you doing? – (mumbles) – [Carl] Run! Run! (group laughing) – You guys need to tell Bonnie and Joel Ellie and Jared can come visit us so we can put it on a
real pool party for them. – [Carl] Yes, wouldn’t that be fun? You guys should come down and
like party with us, right? – I wanna run the the logs. – [Carl] You wanna do the log roller? – I think I can do it. – What do you wanna do? She wants to make slime Can we take a slime bath? – Yes! – We should get Bonnie
in a 7 foot balloon. – [Carl] Nah I’m just kid- (laughing) – [Carl] And there’s Ellie. – Hi. – [Carl] We’re hanging
out with Ellie and Jared. – She got chocolate she’s good now. Did you get your sweet
tooth taken care of? – Yes. – [Carl] Awesome. – [Woman] I have a challenge. – What? – [Jinger] Which one of you guys can run through the fountain
without getting wet? – What if I walk slowly
like The Terminator? – [Jinger] Five, four,
three, two, go Jared! Go, go, Jared! Are you ready? – Are we going at the same time? – [Jinger] All cell phones in pockets, oh, oh oh oh! Jared made it. (Jinger laughing hysterically) I don’t even know who won. – I had skill, his was just timing. – Yeah, I just waited for the
universe to align, you know? – Everyone has to tell us
in the comments who won, Carl, or Jared. – You were fast and furious,
you were like cooler. – I would not call what
I did fast and furious. – [Jinger] Um, Jared
has my approach to life, and that’s like Carl’s approach to life. – He’s like, I work out. – [Jinger] That was like a
metaphor of Carl’s whole life. – [Carl] We are here now with
a bunch of other YouTubers, there’s April and Davey, there’s Jinger, Ellie and Jared
– [Jinger] I got a Tesla guys, – [Carl] Brett – [Jinger] I got a Tesla today. – [Carl] Dan.
– This is it. Why did you laugh so hard? Is that so hard to believe (sound of crowd drowns out speech) – Where is the engine? – [Carl] That is so crazy, so this is Dan, from What’s Inside? And this is his Tesla, and
we’re all checking it out. Look at this car, if you haven’t seen a Tesla before this is unreal, it even
comes with free cookies. Nah I’m just kidding. ♫ All around me are familiar faces ♫ Worn out– (single beeping) – [Carl] No but this an all-electric car. Look at how these doors
open and how cool that is. We should totally take this for a ride. I’m having a hard time understanding where the engine is and then I
realized there isn’t one. – No, it’s a giant battery. – [Carl] It’s a giant battery, that’s it. That’s so crazy! – [Dan] Did you drive it yet? – No I haven’t driven it yet. – Do it, go for it. – [Carl] Really? – Are you a good driver? – [Carl] Yeah, I’m good.
– I’m still shaking – [Dan] Do it then.
– from driving it. – [Carl] Are you really? – Yeah my heart is kinda racing. – [Carl] Dude I’m so excited. – [Jinger] Oh my goodness,
we are in the Tesla. – I did not know I was going to be driving a Tesla tonight, did you? – [Jinger] Who’s in the car? It has the closing doors! – This is beautiful. – [Carl] Is it on? – [Dan] Yeah, so, um. – [Carl] How do I put it, it’s in– – [Dan] Put it in drive, yeah. – [Carl] Okay. – [Dan] Now it’s in drive, yeah. Now if you wanna put it in park you just push the “end” button. – [Carl] Wait, is it even going? – [Jinger] Carl now, be safe Carl. – [Ellie] Oh my gosh, even
the seat belts are cool. – [Carl] Everything. Are you ready? – [Jinger] Here we go. – [Carl] Ready, set, go. – [Ellie] Oh my gosh. (Carl groaning excitedly) (group whooing) – [Carl] That is quick. – [Jinger] And it’s smooth. Carl! (screaming) – I had to get that extra
squeal out of you guys. (group laughing) Wow, that is quick. – [Jinger] And it’s so smooth! – It felt good for me to drive, like, I liked it. – That’s the next goal,
is that one of our– – [Jinger] I was gonna say, well yeah, but I was gonna say, I would not feel like
a frumpy mom in a Tesla – No. – [Jinger] Just for the record. – [Dan] Just saying. (women screaming) – Whoa, that is crazy. – It’s so smooth though. – [Carl] So smooth. – And it speeds up real fast. – [Jinger] Yes. – You guys, this is the
future, this is way cool. – [Jinger] Okay, hashtag goals. – [Carl] Wow, that is way cool, Dan. That’s it, I really wanna get a Tesla. This is not a sponsored video
at all, but that is legit. I really had to vlog this tonight, simply for the fact that I think this is one of those things that like in the future my
grandkids and great grandkids, they’re gonna be able to
see the very first time I ever drove an electric car which for them is going to be
every day that they wake up probably because this is going to be what everybody’s driving soon. Ooh, look how fancy the front of this hotel is you guys. We’re staying tonight at a
hotel called The Little America in Salt Lake City. It’s really cool looking. Oh, so fancy you guys, wow. This is gonna be fun. Jared and Ellie are still with us, yay. Look at the ceilings,
everything in this hotel is so awesome, isn’t it? – Isn’t it so peaceful,
being here without kids, with our friends, so
quiet, and very quiet, mommy and daddy friends breakfast. – So you guys know since
Florida, Disney World, we’ve been on a quest to try and find the best eggs benedict. Those of you that have
been following that, I’m trying it again here,
at The Little America. This is what it looks like,
it’s not lobster, it’s ham. So I don’t know, one strike against you. That is really good. – [Jinger] Even with the ham, huh? – I mean it’s gotta come in 2nd place. – [Jinger] Wow. – [Carl] Now we’re at
the Tesla dealership. (gasping) – This is the thing, I really want one. (car door opening) Oh. – [Carl] Look at that handle, that is so cool. Oh my gosh, that looks amazing. – Look at this windshield, it
goes all the way up to here. – Yeah look, it goes up
and over all the way, all the way up, the glass
goes, above your head. This is like, one without the
body and everything on it. This has gotta be like the whole
drive system, that’s crazy. So different to not have an engine. I had no idea that this entire vlog was going to end up being about Tesla cars but now it’s like her dream car ’cause these are really cool. What do you think Jinger? – I’ll take it! – [Carl] Is this now your dream car? – You know what, this is the thing. I have so many dream cars, that I feel like this, I
could actually make work as our family car because you could fit the same amount of people as our Denali. – [Carl] Right. – And there’s enough
trunk space to get by. Let me just give you a trunk tour. Here it looks like, wow
there’s not that much space, but look, check that out, that is so deep. – [Carl] That goes clear down there. – Yeah. – [Carl] Back seat goes down too. – The back seat can go down, oh that’s automatic, I’m
like trying to, yeah see? – [Carl] Wow, two kids
there, Kyle back here, all of our luggage, we
could totally do it. – [Carl] Let’s trade in the Denali. – Should we? – [Carl] That’d be so fun. – It would be so fast. – Should we trade in the Denali? – Yes. – I think we should do it, right now. – You do it, and then we’ll watch you. – I would love to drive
home in one of these. – I will help you make
that decision absolutely. – Let’s see if we can get YouTube on here. (gasping) Look, the doors are
opening from the inside. That’s so crazy, I really
want to get one now, Jared. – Oh my gosh, I’m like drooling right now. – [Carl] So glad we came to this store. – I have to like, wipe my
mouth I’m drooling so much. – [Carl] I know! Look there we are! It is in a Tesla. – [Jared] There it is, on YouTube. – [Carl] Wow, so this
is all just one screen, and a screen, there’s only
like two buttons on the dash, or on the steering wheel,
and that’s basically it. So cool. Okay guys, tell me dow
in the comments below if you were to get a Tesla
what color would you get? Here’s the different colors you got, black, silver, charcoal, navy, bright silver, white, or red. Tell me down in the comments, what color of Tesla should we get? (low singular beeping) – [Carl] What? And then you’re ready to go fight crime. (group laughing) (upbeat music) – We made it back home
and it’s a beautiful day. And getting to drive that Tesla and going to the Tesla
dealership gave me a great idea of something really fun, that
we’re gonna do right now. I’m going to take my
RC car and have a ramp, and we’re gonna try and jump
the RC car over the pool. This is the ramp that we have built now, that we’re gonna jump ourselves
and our RC cars off of, I don’t know how it’s going to react, first I’m gonna test it
out here on the lawn, and we’re gonna try to
jump over the swimming pool using our jump, we’ll
see how this goes, okay? – This is awesome! – I know right? – Ready? – Yeah. – [Carl] Here we go Kyle. Yeah they’re good, here we go. – Go! (clapping and cheering) (booming) – I think it’ll easily
go over the pool, right? That was awesome, it totally worked. Here we go, we’re gonna hit it again. (upbeat techno music) (low booming) – Pancake, that’s not, we
don’t wanna land like that. Gotta get the camera straightened out. Every time we pancake this thing it’s gonna like snap it,
I’m really afraid of that. So, let’s do one more practice run, and then we’ll try and get
across the swimming pool. Alright we’re gonna try and jump the boys, they really wanted to do it so here we go. (boys cheering) No problem at all! That’s awesome I bet we could
jump somebody standing up too. Luke’s gonna try and jump over, I have the ability to duck
so I think I’ll be okay. You ready? Wake up Kyle! – (mumbles) I’m gonna
jump over my dad, go! – [Steve Carell] Please no, no, no! Whoa, that was not good. (standby music) – [Jinger] Luke, you
almost took off dad’s head. – Hey, why’d you do that, punk? Huh? Huh? (laughing) It’s time, we decided, if we
tried to jump it over the pool the odds of absolutely
destroying the Traxxas RC car’s really high, but these
are supposed to be pretty waterproof, so we’re
actually just gonna jump it over the side of the pool, and land it in the water on purpose. It’s gonna be amazing. Really quick before we make
this awesome jump over the pool, here is the Instagram follower of the day. If you wanna be the Instagram or Twitter follower of the video just check our handles in the description and go follow us on Instagram or Twitter. Alright I’m ready, are you guys ready? – [Group Of Boys] Yeah! – [Carl] I’m ready. Jinger are you ready with your big– – I’m so ready. – [Carl] Pineapple hat. – I’m ready. – Okay, here’s the camera. Off we go. Whoo! Ready? – [Group Of Boys] Yeah! – Set, go! (cheering) (rock music) – It back flipped, it
totally landed up high too, that was so awesome, I
can’t wait to watch that. Full back flip, landed
on it’s wheels, perfect. – Got it. – [Carl] You get the car? – Yeah. – We gotta see if it’s still working. Is it waterproof or not? Let’s find out. (cheering) Yeah, we’re good to go let’s
go, let’s jump it again, let’s do that again. – [Kyle] Let’s go! (upbeat rock music) (cheering) – We’re gonna do one grand finale jump, we’re gonna go for a double back flip. In the mean time don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications, be a part of our notification squad. Here we go! (upbeat techno music) (cheering) – [Kid] We almost did it! – That was so awesome. The Traxxas RC car survived
jumping into the water we’re gonna let everything dry out and until next time click
anywhere on the screen in order to watch more
videos and hang out with us, we love having you over
so come back anytime, we’ll see you next time. – Bye.
– Bye. – That was awesome. – Yeah it was, it was way cool.

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