Testing Aquarium Water (Tips and Tricks)

today’s episode is all about testing
your water what’s up everybody welcome back to
STUDIOREEF so today I decided to do a video about some tips on how to do your
testing so first of all happy new year everyone and welcome to 2018 so I hope
you guys can use some of these tips the reason I made them is to make things a
bit easier for myself and everyone so why not share them with you guys so the first tip is about the
instructions on these test kits you have about 98% of warnings and different
languages and stuff that you don’t need so once you’ve done the test once you
can pretty much remember what you need to do but all the key words that your
eyes are looking for in these tests I don’t know what they think of when they
make these instructions but take your marker and plot out the stuff that you
need and you’ll save minutes on each test in the future once you have your test results but the
remaining reagent back in the bottle instead of throwing it out and distinct
that way you have a lot more tests in the future I keep my test kits out in the open so
when I walk past my tank and I see them I have them close to the water and I can
just do a test if I feel like it that way I get a lot more of them done now this one is a real common one I’ve
seen this a lot that people forget to clean the inside of the glass once
they’re done and they have old residue from their test material sitting inside
making the next test faulty now I can’t stress enough the importance
of keeping some kind of aquarium lock one thing is taking a result but another
thing is remembering what you had like two months ago so this is why I do it a
quick disclaimer I did not make this spreadsheet but I am showing it to you
guys and giving it away for free it is free way of floating around so why
not it has everything you need parts tracking with dates counting down of
when to do stuff when to change media you can track how long your stuff has
been running for and when a guarantee expires stuff like that calcium
magnesium KH as you can see on the curvature here I did have a calcium drop
that I’m currently correcting so if you don’t like the look of a graph you can
just check on the different designs and it will just change instantly there’s
like tons and tons of waste these graphs can look let me just show you guys an
example here on the front page if I put in like say 1400 magnesium the graph
will show me that I’ve had a skyrocket of magnesium and I need to check my
dosing pump so yeah this is the way I do it and this was just an example so I’m
gonna have to undo that but anyway it’s it’s completely free it’s in the
description I love this thing and it makes me want to do even more testing
when I have a good spreadsheet so thanks to whoever made this so that’s all I
have for you this week I’d like to thank everyone who subscribed to my channel
everyone who like my videos and I’ll see you in the next one have a nice day bye
bye you

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