The Art of Ink: Watercolor

(mellow indie rock music) – [Woman] I’ve always thought
differently about tattooing, right from the very beginning. It didn’t make sense to me to be constantly putting
the same images on people. It was interesting
to me to give people more options about what
they could get tattooed. – [Woman] I was always really
interested in tattooing in a way that looked
more like fine art. – [Woman] The
transition of the color, the smoothness and
brightness, I was just, “I want to do this!” – [Man] There was a lot of
flack from other tattoo artists. A lot of traditional
tattoo artists didn’t really understand
what the work was about. – [Woman] A lot of
my friends and peers thought I was absolutely
nuts! (laughing) Like, totally fu (bleep) ‘in nuts, like, “What are
you doing?” (laughing) (moves into mellow funky music) – I had my apprenticeship
in a street shop. And you know, at the
time, I was taught that you start with
a black outline and then you basically, you
shade all of the color into it. But it sort of didn’t
make that much sense to me if somebody wanted
something to look realistic to throw a black
outline around it. So initially, I was just
free-handing a lot of it. And the thing that
I would always hear when people looked at
my portfolio was like “Wow, I’ve never seen
anything like this! “It looks like watercolor!” And it was always
sort of funny to me, because I have actually
never even worked with watercolor,
ever. (laughing) – When I started tattooing, I was a very traditional
tattoo artist. And then, after about three or four years, I
started to experiment. Started adding paint
splatters, and drips, and watercolor elements
into the tattoos, and little by little, streamlined that into
the style that I do now. (moves into upbeat funky music) – I like to incorporate
watercolor elements
into my work, often as background elements
or different layers. I do a lot of watercolor
painting, so the
style of coloring is part of what informs
my tattooing as well. – My background is
realistic style. So I still, like, very
into realistic detail. And I put watercolor
stain around it so it can make the design
more fun and interesting. (moves into smooth funky music) – [Amanda] Tattoo time! (rustling) – Alright. (laughing) – [Amanda] For color work,
I start with a grey line. So technically, everything I do does actually have
a black outline, it’s just mixed with water and
hidden underneath the color. (buzzing) – Some of the elements
of a watercolor tattoo would be washes of
color, drips, splatters. It’s loose, I guess,
what’s a good word for it. – I like to layer the tattooing the same way that I
would layer a painting. So most of what I do
requires multiple sessions to get the correct amount
of saturation and detail. – I made this image for her, a half illustrative way
and half watercolor style. Watercolors tattoo
style is very bright, and beautiful, and
whimsical, so a lot of people who are against tattoo
even think differently now. And I think it’s really
cool for tattoo industry. (moves into funky dance music) – I think Amanda is one
of the artists that, she was pushing an
envelope well before anybody else started
experimenting with stuff. – I initially just
started to kind of talk to a lot of my
friends and clients about this weird idea that I had about, ya know, what would
an abstract tattoo look like. – She was the only other person I had ever seen do
anything like it, and she took into a
completely different direction that no one else has tried. So it was super inspiring. – I feel like I’ve never really completely fit
into the industry. I’ve always just had
very different ideas, so I just decided I was
gonna do whatever the (bleep) I wanted. (moves into smooth
bassy dance music) – [June] I saw Sasha Unisex
work from her instagram. It was so different! It was so original and so cute! – Ondrej was one of the artists that, when I looked
at his stuff, it was like nothing
else I had seen before. Little by little,
the trend caught on, and it became
watercolor tattoos. And more and more artists
sort of took a leap of faith that these tattoos
will have longevity. (moves into spacey dance music) – There are definitely critics who do not approve
of no outline tattoos with minimal use of
black if not no black. – People would make claims that
the longevity of the tattoos weren’t gonna hold up and
that the work wasn’t sound. – With color work, it
may soften up over time, but it’s not something
that’s going to disappear. I mean, you’d really
have to get a lot of UV damage, which
would be the same as putting a painting in
a brightly lit window. – Every tattoo is going to age. Every tattoo will probably need
to be touched up eventually. But there’s a whole lot
more that you can do with a color tattoo, and
there’s a whole lot less that you can do with a
very heavy black tattoo. – The criticism doesn’t
really hold water. (laughing) It
doesn’t hold water. – It’s a style. It’s a preference
in style, I think. And that said, this
is seven years old. So, you know, (laughing)
proving it every day. (moves into airy funky music) – All of a sudden,
this watercolor started to spread out, like,
on Facebook and everywhere. – More and more
people are doing it, more and more people want it. It’s different. People are tired of
getting the same tattoo that’s been done
for a hundred years. – I think the more that artists are attracted to the medium,
the bigger it will be, and the more innovative
it will become. – I really want people to
see that a tattoo machine is just a tool, and, ya
know, there’s so much more that can be done
with it in terms of looking at it as an art form. (moves into funky hopeful music) – I think tattoo artist is one
of the best job in the world. (laughing) You can give someone
happiness every day. – It’s something
that I really enjoy, that I never wanna stop doing. And the more I can do
original art as a tattoo, the more that that’s,
it’s even more fun to do. – It’s incredible
to be an artist. It’s taken me 40
years to realize and to finally get to
the point in my life where, like, that’s
what I get to be! That’s my day-to-day
life now, and it’s (bleep) in cool. ‘Scuse me; I guess
I can’t say that. It’s cool! It’s (bleep) in cool. – It’s exciting for me to try
to create something unique and special for that
one person at that time. And you have a very
intense connection and interaction with that
person, and then it’s over. And there is a new person to
meet and learn something from.

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    If you guys like this style, JaviWolfInk (on Instagram) has incredible watercolor designs!

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  • This is like a scam. This whole style. Several tattoos in this video all ready look like they are falling apart and disintegrating into the skin. Just imagine another 5-10 years. Yes it's true that all tattoos age and change with time but there is a reason why traditional tattoos look the way they do, because they stand the test of time. This is basically a style were you take away all the fundamental concepts on why tattoos are applied the way they are and you make "skin art" for people who think it's cool because it looks different and who really don't want tattoos. Because these things are going to be smudges with time, you are going to be ashamed to call this tattoos after 10-15 years. Don't do it. Buy it as a print or original to hang on your wall if this is what you really want, it's not for the skin.

    And the girl who want's people to come back several times, to pay for several sessions, on a tattoo that's going to fade so much anyway. Great way to make money of people who don't know enough yet. And even if her arm tattoo that she calls proof is 7 years old, show us pictures of when it was fresh so we can judge.

    And the guy who says people are tired of getting the same tattoo that has been done for a hundred years.. he's just ignorant. Turn back the clock 100 years and we are in 1917. Very little tattooing going on. American traditional style (old school, sailor tattoos) came up during the second world war so that's all ready later than what he said. And for anyone keeping their ears to the ground or even barely taking the time to look around it's clear that there is so much novel ideas and styles being done INSIDE of American traditional. This is the voice of a guy who talks like he listened to Jazz music for the first time for one afternoon and concluded it's all the same and nothing new is happening since it was invented.
    Don't listen to these fools.

    The ace card that they think they have is all this talk about their art being original and "high brow" or what not. Again, ignorance and "holier than thou" type attitude. People doing "real" tattoos are also doing art and lots of it, and it's no less original.

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  • black outlines work as a barrier to help keep the color or shading in place as you age. watercolor tattoos are going to age a lot faster than any tattoo with an outline.

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  • The second article (by Joel Wright) cited as being anti-watercolor tattoo is from an actual watercolor tattoo artist. The article isn't against them, it addresses the common concern of how they age and basically says what these other artists say – they age like most other tattoos. I literally just got my tattoo touched up by Joel (not because of how it aged, because it was my first tattoo and I'm a literal moron and picked at it) which is why I was browsing videos about this stuff. Lo and behold there he is being cited as being against his very profession lol.

  • There is one comment that bugged me a little.
    "People are tired of getting the same tattoo that's been done for 100 years."
    Yes, dude. Watercolor is new and different. But if you go to an artist and get a piece of custom art made for you, its not the same tattoo that's been done for 100 years. Its your tattoo, made just yesterday.

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