The Awakening of a New Wave of Consciousness INSPIRATIONAL FEATURE FILM

(slow instrumental music) – We are at that time when a great transition takes place. – The society, the way we know it now is changing very rapidly. – People are becoming more conscious of the fact that we need
to change our habits and take responsibility. – We have to go along with
the change that’s happening. As opposed to fear it and resist it. – We’ve all heard about 2012. It’s doomsday. The world will end, mankind will end. – Some people have got this idea that things will stop. Things will end up catastrophe. But actually none of the
philosophy is saying that. – The agenda seems to be trying to put a negative spin on it to radiate fear out on the planet. As opposed to love. – And love is the glue of the universe. – The one more loves and finds unity in this world and harmony, the more the blessings will
be when that time comes. – A prophesied acceleration
of both technology and consciousness is occurring right now. Which is right on time with what’s been decoded from the Mayan information. – All shall benefit on different levels. Because that’s how the
universe elevates souls. – What is getting ready to
happen is a positive thing. It’s a step forward in an evolution. It’s an awakening in consciousness. – If we have a good
look at our solar system and how it works, the moon
goes around the earth, the earth is rotating
and orbiting the sun. Now our sun in turn is orbiting Sirius. Well that effects the
consciousness of mankind. Because we have 100% consciousness when the two stars are
close to each other. Then the consciousness falls to 75%, 50%, then 25%. In the great orbit of our two suns we have turned the corner
from the dark ages. Now they’re pulling towards each other bringing us to a higher consciousness. So we’re really in just a great time in history to be living. It’s just an amazing time. The great changes that we will see with our own eyes will just be stupendous. The new world of love is coming. (slow paced music) – [Narrator] Life on earth
is affected by many cycles. The light of the day and
the dark of the night. And our yearly cycle of the four seasons. The stars in the sky are
linked to life on earth and greatly influence our existence. That, which is above, is the
same as that, which is below. As above, so below. But what if there is a greater cycle that takes thousands of years, which influences human consciousness? According to many cultures, much like the seasons
that are familiar to us, human kind undergoes a similar cycle in which consciousness
expands and contracts. It results in great ages of enlightenment and dark ages of misery. Different cultures refer to
this cycle by different names, including the Yuga Cycle
or The Ages of Man. But one thing is certain, these cycles were known to almost every ancient culture
throughout the globe. The Hindu Yuga Cycle
consists of four ages. The Kali Yuga or the Dark Age, Dwapara Yuga, Treta Yuga and the Satya Yuga, the Golden Age. During the Golden Age, human
consciousness is at its peak where unity is celebrated
and life is lived in peace, love and harmony. In the Silver and Bronze Ages, our consciousness begins its
descend to its lowest point, the Dark or Iron Age. In which suffering and
ignorance is at its peak and humans are divided and at war. That is our current Age. Then the cycle makes its way
up again to the Golden Age. These four Ages influence the rise and fall of civilizations
across the globe. It is believed that we are at that time when the Dark Age is coming to an end and the Bronze Age begins. And the cross over is taking place during the galactic alignment
on December 21st 2012. The mainstream media throughout the globe depicts this date as the end of the world in which catastrophic
events will extinguish all life on Earth. The end of the world theory is based on the Mayan Long Count Calendar, which ends exactly on 21st December 2012. Although many claim that
the Mayans have predicted the end of the world, there
is no evidence to suggest so. The Mayan Calendar simply
resets on this date, as one cycle ends and a new one begins. Many believe that the
marker left by the Mayan’s indicates a great change in consciousness as we leave the Zodiac Age of Pisces and enter the Age of Aquarius. The date has become the most
anticipated day in history and while many are
anticipating it with love, others anticipate it with fear. What were the ancients trying to tell us? Is it the end of the world? Or is it a time of great
change in human consciousness? (inspirational music) – Man know thyself and
you will know the universe and all its Gods. So when one understand that we are the microcosm of the macrocosm, the stars that go above and around in various different cycles, then we understand the connection
between us and the God. – Individual people by themselves, groups, societies, the mood of the whole planet can all be altered, can all be changed, and the reason for that
is because the planet, group’s, societies aren’t
what they appear to be. They are just another level consciousness. We are all consciousness. – If consciousness changes
to a higher vibration, which I feel is happening at 2012, then the society, the way we know it now, will not be there anymore. The old has to go, the new has to come. – Religious traditions are
looking forward to this time, because they know that it will bring much peace and love and
joy and wisdom to mankind. – You become aware of what you really are, you become aware that you are one with God and that you are God. – Individual little elements
or atoms of that divine. And when one realises the God within us, he can see the God within everyone. – Just trust in love,
everything else comes. – The universe knows what we need and the solar system
knows where its going. The sun is flying through the
heaven taking us to new place, so we can rest assure
that we are in good hands. (solemn music) – We have all heard about
2012, it’s doomsday. The world will end, mankind will end, comets come down and who knows what. – Well some of the things to
do with 2012 that are out there are quiet contrasting, aren’t they? To say the least. People are looking forward
to terrible things happening. And probably films like 2012 don’t help. There is a lot of fear out there. – Some people have got this
idea that things will stop, things will end in a catastrophe. But actually none of the
philosophy is saying that. They are saying it’s the
beginning of something new. – On 21 December 2012, when you get up in the morning, the sun will be shining. Or it’s clouded, whatever. And nothing has changed. It’s just another day. And then you think, “Where
was all this doomsday talk.” It will be just like another normal day. You have nothing to fear. But what might happen I feel, could have been a great
change in consciousness. – A prophesied acceleration
of both technology and consciousness is occurring right now. Which is right on time with what’s being decoded from the Mayan information. – And the clock struck one
and everything was sorted, its never ever going to happen. It’s a gradual gradual process. – The Mayans are teaching that
beautiful things will happen. Wonderful things, great changes in the consciousness of mankind. Certainly there’s a
consciousness shift going on. – What is getting ready to
happen is a positive thing, it is a step forward in an evolution, it’s an awakening in consciousness. – What is happening at this moment is discussed in all the Bible’s and mythologies of the world. The ancient ones knew the cycles. The Hindu’s called these cycles the Yuga cycle of 24,000 years in which we go through the gold, silver, bronze, and iron age. Just like we go through the yearly summer, winter, summer, winter. So we do this in the 24,000 year backward processional cycle. And we are at what the prophesies say is the time of the harvest,
the time of the end. The end of the wave of
evolution of mankind. Where certain ones awaken. Remember who they are and
reclaim their divinity. – The society, the way we know now it now, will not be there anymore
or is changing very rapidly. People don’t believe in
the old system anymore. – You are not out chasing
the so called dream that you have been brainwashed to believe you should be anymore. You are actually doing what
your inner self dictates to you. – People start to become
aware of who they are and they start to realise
that there is more to life and they really do want more but not in terms of material things, they want more in terms of peace and love and no more wars. And people are starting to realise that there is a community
of humanity out there. – We’re experiencing kind of a tsunami right now in consciousness. And it’s about ready, in my opinion, to turn into a tidal wave of awareness. – This beautiful awakening
is quite a positive thing. So it’s definitely not
something that we should have any fear about. – We have to go along with
the change that’s happening. As opposed to fear it and resist it. – And when we go into fear and loathing, our body shuts down, our
chakras, our consciousness. – It’s possible people
in that frame of mind could even get left behind. On the other hand if they open up and accept it and become a part of it and they become part of
an amazing transformation that is getting ready to occur. (slow paced music)
(tribal music) – What is really in fact going to happen is the Galactic Alignment. In two respects. If you look at the galactic plane, if you imagine that the galaxy is a very very thin dish in the heavens. Well our Sun it’s in a
cycle of 24,000 years, called precession of the equinoxes and during that cycle it spends 12,000 years above the equator of the milky way galaxy,
the galactic plane, and 12,000 years below. So, our Sun is now sitting
below the galactic plane and its popping its head through and its passing that galactic
plane right now as we speak and on the 21 December
2012 it will be more over. The other aspect of this is that the equinoxes have been
migrating around the heavens through the signs of the
zodiac for 24,000 years. The vernal equinox occurs
on the 21st of March. Now, at the moment on the 21st
of March is actually Pisces, because its the sign that appears on the horizon on the 21st of March. That sign, is the sign that we are in. Now we have been in that sign, the Sun has been in it at
the equinox for 2,000 years. Now it is right at the end of Pisces and the new sign coming
through is Aquarius. And the Sun will be in
Aquarius for 2,000 years. – Each age is about
approximately 2,000 years. Each age represents a kind
of a level of consciousness and at each shift, there is
a shift in consciousness. That’s the symbol for Aquarius. So the age of Aquarius
is happening right now. The age of Aquarius represents a period where spiritually speaking instead of worshipping the single God or Guru or martyr on the cross or
whatever you want to have. Instead of focusing your
energies in that way, the age of the Aquarius tends to look for truth in one another, in each other, in each individual person. That’s a big shift in the consciousness. It also represents the
onset of technology, but hopefully clean technology. – The Piscean age, is an age of division. – Different languages, different cultures, different concepts and ideas, we are so divided, its horrific. – The age of Pisces has
been true to it’s name. We’ve been very divided. We can look forward to an
age of harmony with Aquarius. A greater level of understanding and unity of consciousness. – And Aquarius is an air
sign, it’s a fixed air. So it’s nature is quite different to the mutable water of Pisces. We have been in a mutable
cross for 2,000 years. The equinoxes and they’ve been in the mutable signs of Pisces,
this is the March equinox. Virgo the other equinox and the solstices have been in Gemini, the solstice of June, June the 21st and Sagittarius, December 21st. Now what’s happening as the
equinoxes move around that clock and they come into the fixed signs. What is going to happen is this, the vernal equinox will be in Aquarius, the autumnal equinox will be
in Leo, which is fixed fire. The solstices will go
to Taurus, fixed earth, and the Winter solstice will
go to Scorpio, fixed water. Now, these four signs are the fixed signs. So the holy cross, the
divine cross in the skies will be in situated in
their most natural home, the fixed sign. Well in this age it have been
in Pisces, which is mutable, and before that it was
Aries, which is cardinal. So, now it gets to be fixed
and that is the alignment. That is what’s taking place. Because those signs there
are very very powerful, the fixed signs. They are very powerful in transformation of the human consciousness. And in the bible and in the holy books, they are the lion, the
bull, the man and the eagle. In Revelation the God
is described as having the face of the man, the face of the bull, the face of the eagle
and the face of the lion. Well that is the fixed
signs of the Zodiac. They are going home. The equinoxes and the
solstices are going home. And that is what we
are looking forward to. That is what it means, there is big things happening with 2012. – We are getting ready to
evolve at a very fast rate. The reason this happens is
because the centre of the galaxy puts out pulses and their waves. The reason it does that, is the same reason a cell in your body puts out vibrations within that cell to make sure that the cell as a whole is operating on the same page. If there is a wave of consciousness that is sent out from
the centre of the galaxy and we pass through one of these waves, then the consciousness
on the planet as a whole begins to expand and vibrate
at a higher frequency. Evolve much faster then previously before. (slow paced music)
(static) – There is what’s called Yugas
and Yugas means world ages. And it starts of with
what’s called Satya Yuga, which means Golden. Then it devolves into
Treta, which means Silver. Then we go to Dwapara
and this means Bronze. And currently we are in the
Kali Yuga, which means Iron. These Cycles of Ages
go around continuously. The Golden Age last for
1.768 million years. That humans live for 100,000 years, that gold is something you eat off and maybe just discard,
like a paper plate today. The point is that they are
very highly advanced souls. The human earth planet, under
the Satya Yuga, Golden Age, is only occupied by Mystics. Serious Yogis. It is described that the
demonic’s live on another planet. So we are separated by space. Than as we move in to the
Treta Yuga, Silver Age, it becomes 1.296 million years. People live for 10,000
years, they eat of Silver. And now the demons live on another country on the same planet. The only the only thing
separating is ocean. Then we come into Dwapara Yuga Bronze age, which is 864,000 years, or half the length of the Golden Age. People live for a thousand years. They have good and bad in the same family. You can see in the old testaments, that is Bronze age culture, Dwapara Yuga. So they are living for a thousand years. All the old testament folks, Noah or Adam, all lived for a longer time than we do. And then we come into Iron age. In Iron age we going to live 100, good and bad is in each
and every single one of us. It’s not separate now. It is in us. And we have to become conscious of not to “fan the flame” of the negative actions. – In all the traditions, we are at that time
when a great transition takes place. A wonderful transition, beautiful. And where the sun is taking us in the 24,000 year processional cycle is back to the Dwapara Yuga. And all the religious
traditions are looking forward to this time because they know it will bring much peace and love and joy and wisdom to mankind. This is the cycle which
continues in it’s nature and behaviour but does never
come back to the same place. So we are always growing with this, the feathered serpent, our solar system. We just have to trust
that feathered serpent takes us to greener pastures. In fact the Mayans tells us that it will, because on the 21st December 2012, where this galactic
alignment is going to occur, then we shall start newer influences and different influences
that we have not seen for a long time since our awakening, cause we are awakening. And the dead that shall arise
that the scriptures talk about “The dead shall rise”. That’s not dead in terms of in a tomb and then all of the sudden you pop up out of the tomb
as literal as Christianity is trying to teach. Its talking about we. That we have been dead in sleep fullness. We have been sleeping. Now, as we learn this stuff, and we remember the symbols now cause we know what these mean, they’ve been lying dormant in
the winter of unconsciousness for thousands of years. And the Romans went destroying
the temples of Egypt and defacing their monuments and the hieroglyphs that
they didn’t understand, and the Christians, they destroyed the
Mediterranean’s cultural, spiritual, hermetic heritage. Alexandrian Library was burnt. Now as we awaken and we
reclaim our dominion, this science, this science is essential. Astrology is the science
of “As Above So Below”. And it is the beginning of
understanding of who you are. When you realise that you are this and you look up and you go, “Twinkle twinkle little star
how I wonder what you are?”, and you know what the stars
are, they are fountains of life. – Firstly, we have Solar
System, Sol being the Sun, the male energetic in our solar system, and all the planets are
regarded as feminine, generally speaking,
dancing with the masculine. We, as human beings with the human eye can only see the seventh planet. Five planets, actually, the Sun and Moon. The external planets, or the planets in the outer solar system cannot be seen by the
human eyesight without an optical instrument. Those seven planets are
influencing us daily. And, if you want the proof, go to your newspaper, and you will see in the
weather area “Sunrise, Sunset, “Moonrise, Moonset”, and
in a special little box the rising of Venus,
Mars, Saturn, Jupiter. They are there. It’s there. Now, they’ve been trying
to eradicate astrology, because the grand Christian
church doesn’t accept it. But, actually, they are the only group in the world that doesn’t. The Jews are based in astrology. You can see the remnants of
it in the Christian church with the twelve apostles. They have replaced the
houses of the Zodiac. And if you go into a Hindu temple, when you firstly go in, on the left, you’ll see twelve
constellations as deities. When you go all the way around the temple to see all the other
persons in the temple, then there’s the seven planets. If it’s a bright sunny
day when you wake up, it’s having a good effect. If the clouds get between you and the sun, it filters that good effect. Now for plant life,
aquatic or tidal behaviour, all feminine life on the world planet is governed by the Moon. That’s why we call it the Menstrual cycle from the word Moonstral cycle, and the other word we say
is a Luna cycle, Luna-tic. And the law knows, the police know, and every authority knows that as the moon moves
into its full position, it has an esoteric effect on humanity. Many, many more stupid
acts will be occurring around the full moon. Do they affect us? Absolutely. The Sun and the Moon are
the strongest on the earth. – Sirius B goes around Sirius A, and it takes 49.9 years. It is so heavy, that a teaspoon of it would be hundreds of tonnes. It is spinning on its axis 23 times every minute. This is a sun, this is a star guys. Like it’s that heavy. It is so powerful magnetically, that it directly affects our Earth. In 1989, when this little fella here, this very heavy hard little fella, when he passed between Sirius A and our Sun with its Earth going around here, the spin rate slowed down in ’89, losing a full second per day for a period of several
weeks before the event. And then sped up gaining a second per day for several weeks after the event. Take note of that men, that’s a star that is
eight light years away. It slowed and sped our Earth. If we have a good look at our
solar system and how it works, for instance the moon
goes around the earth, the earth in turn is rotating
and orbiting the sun. So, it takes 365 days
to go around the Sun. Now our sun in turn is orbiting Sirius. Sirius being the brightest star in the sky and in the sector of
Cancer right near Gemini. It is in a binary with our star and every 24,000 years
we go around each other in a clockwise motion. Sirius and our Sun have been
going away from each other for the last couple of thousand years, and now they’ve turned the corner, so they are heading towards one another. As we reach the outer
limits of that orbit, that elliptical orbit
with our Sun and Sirius, this is where the Iron age is, the Golden age is when they
are close to each other and as they separate
they go through Silver and the Bronze to the Iron age. Well, that affects the
consciousness of mankind. Because we have 100% consciousness when the two stars are
close to each other. The consciousness falls
to 75%, 50% and 25%. We have not enjoyed full
consciousness for a long time. And many of the gifts and abilities and powers that we once had. As we have turned the
corner in the great orbit of our two suns, Sirius and our Sun, as we have turned the corner and they are hurtling
towards each other now, we have turned the corner from the dark ages. We have come out of the dark period, because the suns have been pulled apart and their influence is weakened. And therefore our
consciousness has dropped, Now they’re pulling towards each other, bringing us to a higher consciousness. And that’s nature. Nature helps us, and carries
us through ascension process, so it’s all loving. Even though there is chaos,
and there’s fear and anguish and chaotic events occurring
around us in our world, even though that is happening, that’s really just the
remnants of the dark ages. So we’ve turned the corner. The two suns are hurtling
towards each other at great speeds now, and that’s the beautiful
part of where we are. So we are really in just a great time in history to be living,
it’s just an amazing time. The great changes that we
will see with our own eyes will just be stupendous. – We are actually just simply locked into a series of cycles. And it’s the duty of every human being, when there’re ready, to discover their own awareness. To take control of themselves. – In the book of Daniel
of the bible it says that in this time, many will come to an accurate knowledge of the truth and they will whiten their robes, and they will turn to the truth. But it also mentions that many will just go off into the darkness and continue on the path of darkness. – It’s true we are in
the dark age right now, but we are getting
ready to come out of it. And those who identify with the darkness, those who feel at home
and comfortable with it, yeah they want to keep it that way, they don’t want things to change. They are afraid of light coming in, they are afraid of people waking up. If everyone starts to find out, what 2012 really is about, then that’s going to accelerate
the process even more. They are going to start catching onto the true of what’s happening. So to suppress the information
is part of the 2012 agenda. (slow paced music)
(static) – The media portrays 2012 as doomsday. The world will end, mankind will end, comets come down, and who knows what. – The agenda seems to be trying to put a negative spin on it. ♫ Keep on dancing until the world ends ♫ If you feel it, let it happen ♫ Keep on dancing till the world ends (engine revving) ♫ Looks like we made it (loud explosions) (horns honking) (faint hissing)
(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Get it on
for the end of the world. New Lynx 2012, The Final Edition. – A growing number of Americans getting ready for doomsday. You think that’s crazy? Right after the break spend a couple of minutes listening to our next guest and see what you think then. Well you may have your car, lawnmower, and the family junk
stuffed in your garage, but for one Arizona man, it is the staging area for doomsday. And he is not the only one. The supplies and tools he needs to survive the apocalypse, whichever way it may come. – People preparing for
basically the end of days. An extreme doomsdays bunkers. Jake Jacoby is joining us now with more about that. – Well there is a phenomena
right now among people especially because of the year 2012. To take more advantage of being prepared of doomsday like disasters. – [Narrator] Thousands are
now on high light alert. Stockpiling food and
building underground bunkers even in Australia. And companies are cashing in. They’re selling survival
items like gas masks, nuclear protection suits, and even food and water tablets. – The obvious question comes to, why would anyone want to take something that isn’t necessarily negative and even worse, something
that’s actually a positive thing and turn it into a negative thing? Using it as a means to radiate fear out on the
planet, as opposed to love? – The people who got the
hooks into this information, disinformation, misinformation, have really hoodwinked
humanity’s progress. So, in the movie for instance, 2012, there’s fear and loathing. And this is so far away
from what the potential is. – Cause if you can radiate fear that can keep that frequency, which is expanding and
growing higher, contracted, that to me suits the 2012 agenda. – Well with regard to 2012,
the media is not the place to source for information,
it will be misinformation. And it will be negative. And it is. It’s very negative. And, of course, they are driven
by fear, and they love fear, And the people who control those stations and those networks, they
are happy to generate fear. – Clips warning viewers
about December 21st 2012, that’s the date that many
doomsday prophets are claiming the world as we know it will end. My next guest Jim Durdan
works with survival group which is planning for this apocalypse. Jim, how will it happen? Will it be an object from outer space, will we destroy ourselves
in a nuclear holocaust? How will it happen in 2012? – Well, based on the Mayan
calendar and the Dresden Codex, the Egyptians and Mayans
had the end times of 2012 as an apocalyptic event. – Their calendar predicts
that 21st of December is when the world will end. And while that won’t stop the most of us from making plans for Christmas, there are 10’s of thousands of believers who are preparing for the worst. – According to one ancient prophecy, the end of the world is only weeks away, so, are you ready? It’s the ancient calendar that ends on December 21 this year. In other words, doomsday. – It’s not the Mayans
telling us this business, it’s westerners
interpreting what they think the Mayans were saying. They see a stela, they
see a piece of carving and then they start to interpret. What a joke. What an absolute joke. – There’s been a lot of co-opted, incorrect information out there. And it’s deliberate. – Major media destroy information. If we had a mainstream media that even vaguely associated itself with the true meaning
of the word Journalism, none of this would be possible. But, the same people that
control the politicians, own the media. And so, the media is not
there, just like governments, to serve the interests
and inform the people. It is there to tell the people
what those who own the media, want them to believe. – They see this consciousness happening and they are fighting it
with everything they’ve got. And so they are trying to
turn it into a negative thing as opposed to a positive thing which is really what’s occurring. – If you take the Mayan perspective, the Mayans have got a
totally different perspective to what we think, to
what we have been taught. But they believe that
good things are coming. – The Mayans themselves never said the world would come to an end. The only guy who did, the
first guy was Jose Arguelles, who later renamed himself Valum
Votan the ancient Mayan God, cause he turned into
a reincarnation of it, and he in 1988 wrote a book
called The Maya Factor. The Mayans themselves however
said the complete opposite. They had left behind carvings in stone, saying that there would be good things happening in the future. Like such and such day
after 21st of December. – And the fear for mankind is
basically the fear of death, which we shouldn’t have. Because if we continued to teach our original nature religion and we didn’t stop with the
advent of Christianity, we would still know, we would
know that death of our body is just a non-event, because
the soul is immortal. But because we have lost
this wisdom and true religion about the soul and its immortal nature, with fictional religions,
we have fear of death. There was never fear of death. – The fear sets up a victim, perpetrator, and rescuer cycle. And we get trapped in
that victim mentality or perpetrator, or rescuer. A rescuer is just another victim. – And there’s nothing more
debilitating, more controlling and limiting than the “Victim Mentality.” We are encouraged by this
manipulation throughout our life to see ourselves as victims
to blame someone else. “Oh, I’m the victim, I’m in this situation “because of A, B, C, D,” and on it goes. And when we are in that state, we are going to stay in that state, cause when you think you are a victim, the victim vibe goes out, the victim circumstance goes in. When you say “Hey, I’m not a victim, “I’m in control of my life, “I’ve created these
circumstances I don’t like, “therefore I can create
circumstances I do.” At that point victim mentality is gone, victim circumstances stop being attracted, and suddenly people come into your life who were just the people you need to get you out of the
circumstances you don’t like. And if you don’t realise what’s happening, and most of us don’t at the time, we say “Oh my, mate, I was so lucky. “This fella came into my
life at just the right time, “this person, I couldn’t
believe it, amazing luck!” No, you pulled them in, because your state of being had changed, and you synced with what you needed to get out of that situation. We are so in control of our
destiny, it’s unbelievable, and yet, billions are
persuaded they are not, and therefore they create
a very different reality. So, if we are in fear, we can
attract a reflection of fear. – The fear is a lack
of being all powerful, and so being anything
less than an infinite love puts us into a state of fear. – One of first things
we’re subject to is fear. You can just fall over and hurt yourself. I could bleed. You don’t want to put your
hands in that pot, it’s too hot. There’s sharks in the water. All those things, fear. And this is the greatest
stick that anyone can give to controlling a human being. It’s called slavery. Any other name you can
call, but nonetheless, if a person does not have freedom, they have to become some sort of slave. This is the way we become, our consciousness is controlled. We wake up in the morning the alarm goes. We have X amount of time
before we have to be at work. We know if we leave a few minutes earlier we will probably have an
easier travelling time. This is all fear. All of it is fear. I don’t want to lose my job. If I lose my job, I’ll lose my house, my wife will leave me, my children. It’s all fear. What we don’t want to become
is slaves to the media. There is a machine that’s
pumping out every day. They say two things about
the paper you can rely on. The price of the newspaper and the date. Those two things you can
rely on, and then they say “You better check the date.” – If you are tricked
into fearing by the media and people talking of
weapons of mass destruction, and all this over and over again. If you are tricked into
going into the fear camp, then what is actually happening, you are relating to the
universe through your ego, which is easily controlled
and easily deceived. – By keeping us involved with fear, it will be very difficult for us to, let’s say, ascend, that’s the popular word for that. – The people who control our society don’t want us to go into bliss. Because if our chakras and our Kundalini and other things were all awake, and we become more divine-conscious, as a super-conscious in awareness, they have no control of you. If there is nothing to
fear except fear itself, and you drop that fear, then
you have to be in bliss. – If you choose love, the ego subsides, you wake up and start seeing the reality of what’s really going on around you. The ego only has a very small vision of what actually is taking
place and occurring. And an individual and an ego
is very easily controlled. But a person awakening, a person who becomes enlightened, can’t be controlled at all. In fact there is an old saying
that an enlightened being plays with the universe the way that a child plays with a ball. Because they see the
reality of everything, they can’t be tricked,
they can’t be fooled. – It’s like a spell has
been cast on the human mind, to disconnects us from the
full magnitude of who we are, and the great news is
the people in control of breaking that spell, is us. Not some external force, us. It’s just a choice. We are now at a time, a wonderful time, when balance is returning. – You just have to have faith to trust in love, to choose
love and to trust in love. And that that will end up taking you into a much better place. – The more responsible we
become for our actions, the more harmonious the world will be. – If you continue to operate out of fear, and continue to operate through the ego, then you’ll continue to be controlled and you’ll continue to not have a clue about what’s going on in the world and around you, or even
inside you for that matter. – Governments destroy freedom. This is the great one. If, you know, people are new to this, this is the first big step. Governments are not there
to serve the people, governments are there to
serve those that control the governments and enslave the people. That’s what they’re there for! Once we realise that, then a lot of dots start to connect. (static) – [Narrator] The very word
“secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society. And we are as a people inherently and historically opposed
to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. Its preparations are
concealed, not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined. Its dissenters are silenced, not praised. No expenditure is questioned,
no rumour is printed, no secret is revealed. For we are opposed around
the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy
that relies primarily on covert means for expanding
its sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine
that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations. (dramatic music) – It’s supposed to be a hidden elite, which own and run the corporations, they own the banks, they own the media. And so they have got
total and absolute control of everything, just about. – They control all the major important institutions of the world. They subvert organisations, they infiltrate organisations, they are very very active, they send spies all around the world. They hack our telephones and
listen to our conversations. We are being spied on by these families. – I’m talking about the real owners now. The real owners, the big
wealthy business interest that control things and make
all the important decisions. Forget the politicians. The politicians are put
there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land, they own and control the corporations, they have long since bought
and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the state
houses, city halls, they’ve got the judges
in their back pockets, and they own all the big media companies so they control just about all the news and information you get to
hear, they got you by the balls! They spend billions of
dollars every year lobbying to get what they want.
(applause) Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves
and less for everybody else. – They are not in the
spotlight, so to speak. They’re not the world leaders that we see, but they are something behind that. That’s fairly obvious thing because leaders come and go, don’t they? They are always transient. But these people do not come
and go, they’re always there, and they run the cogs and
machine at the highest level over the ages. – They go back a long, long, long way. And so they maintain their bloodlines and keep a lot of power and wealth. And as they inter-marry,
they amass more wealth and more power against other families. – They own this fucking place. It’s a big club, and you ain’t in it! (audience laughs) You and I are not in the big club. By the way it’s the
same big club that used to beat you over the head with all day long when they
tell you what to believe. All day long beating you
over the head in their media telling you what to believe, what to think and what to buy. The table is tilted
folks, the game is rigged, and nobody seems to notice,
nobody seems to care. Good, honest, hardworking people, white collar, blue collar, it doesn’t matter what
colour shirt you have on. Good, honest, hardworking people continue, these are people of modest beings. Continue to elect these rich cock suckers who don’t give a fuck about them. They don’t give a fuck about you, they don’t give a fuck about you, they don’t care about you,
at all, at all, at all. – These elite families call
themselves, the Illuminati. Their symbols are always,
you’ll have an eye or a pyramid or something like that. Not that these are bad symbols,
these are beautiful symbols, but by using these beautiful symbols they have given them a bad name. So people associate the pentagram and the hexagram with satanic symbols, well they are not they
are just nature symbols. – We know you are ruthless, we know you are evil. To David Rockefeller, to the
Rothschild representative here, to the queen of the
Netherlands, to all of you. We tell you, you are not our queens, you are not our kings,
you are not our Gods, we do not belong to you. We are not your slaves. We stand as free humans have
stood since the beginning of time against the strong
man, against the thugs, against the bullies. We will defeat your world government. – The Illuminati are after world control. They want a New World Order. – A New World Order, a world where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations. When we are successful and we will be, we have a real chance
at this New World Order. An order in which a
credible united nations can use its peace-keeping role to fulfil the promise and
vision of the UN’s founders. – I had planned another closing message, but I feel compelled to
say what I am about to say. Now I risk sounding like
a conspiracy theorist. But it’s no longer a theory, what I am about to say is fact. The secret organisations
of the world power elite are no longer secret. They have planned and are now leading us into a one world communist government. This is terrorism of the most worst kind, brought on you by our own government. – And it’s not going to
be a nice New World Order. It’s going to be a fascist
oligarchy dictatorship. It’s going to be hell on earth. Martial law, concentration camps, but they just want their workers. They want a very very wealthy
rich class and workers. No smart people, no bottom
class, just slaves and them. – But I will tell you
what they don’t want. They don’t want a population of citizens capable of critical thinking. They don’t want well informed, well educated people capable
of critical thinking. They are not interested in that. That does not help them. That’s against their interest. – Darker forces really fear a man who is in touch with his own truth and is dictated by that. Because they can’t control you anymore. – Well, they could very
well lose their power base by us becoming awakened. And so, in order to keep us under control, they promote an agenda of fear. – If a cow were to someday
wake up and realise its fate. That it’s going to end up in
a McDonalds hamburger one day. If it had that understanding, do you think it continued to
stay out there and eat grass? Or do whatever the farmer wanted it to do? Hell no. But as long as that
farmer can keep that cow in cow consciousness,
that’s not going to happen. – We hear about a whole
lot of conspiracies and perhaps a lot of them are true. Like the idea of fluoride in your water, it affects the pineal gland. Perhaps that was a deliberate strategy in order to stop people
raising their consciousness. – I can give you a long list
but you know the food we eat, the way we are educated,
what we are told to believe, all of this plays a part. They keep us dumbed down. They keep us unaware. – We live in a world,
which take a step back, deep breath, look at it again, is utterly, bloody, insane. And we’re asked to believe,
and so many people do, that we are somehow at the
cutting edge of human evolution. We’re nowhere near the edge of what is possible and what is there to be known. But the norms are very powerful. Especially when, from cradle to grave, we are constantly manipulated and confused with contradictory information. And when we’re pressured to believe it, otherwise we’ll get ridiculed or condemned for being different. “Just look at us. “Everything is backwards,
everything is upside down. “Doctors destroy health,
lawyers destroy justice, “universities destroy knowledge, “governments destroy freedom, “the major media destroys information, “and religions destroy spirituality.” That’s where we are!
(applause) – The world is turned upside
down and people are confused. And the reason this is
happening is because of these Illuminati families. They have done this to us, its deception. – Society has allowed
itself to be dumbed down. I mean we are just as
much to blame as they are for allowing it to happen. But fortunately there is
an awakening happening now and people are starting to wake up. – People are opening their eyes and seeing what’s been done to them. They are finally seeing
that they have been sodomised for such a long time and they are not free. Just because we have got the freedom to choose
what colour milkshake we are going to have, what flavour, does not mean we are free. That’s an illusion, you are not free, it’s a police state. – That force which is
contracting awareness and consciousness. I think it’s starting to
get a little bit nervous and a little bit afraid. Its worried and because it seems like it’s up scaling things. As this consciousness
revolution is starting to occur, and it does not want it to happen. So greater and greater measures are taken. – The elites and the power families realise that they are losing
their grip on the system. The system is collapsing. So they naturally like every organism are trying to prolong their existence. Therefore they try to keep fear out there and fear out there but a lot of people are just not buying into it. And the reason being is because our sun is bringing us into the higher essences, the higher consciousness. And therefore we refuse
to go back, we can’t, we can just climb up now. – What was a kind of a willing
complacent dumbing down, is now getting ready to turn into a big conflict between
the forces in control who want to keep everybody as they were, and this consciousness revolution
who can’t possibly exist on that level now that
their eyes are open. – We will defeat your world government. I stand before the
creator of the Universe, and I ask the creator of the Universe as our founding fathers did in 1776, to lead, guide and direct us, and to give us the
power, and the foresight, and the understanding
and the will to stand against your entire agenda, including, your final plan of world
population reduction of 80%. Why do you put mercury in the vaccines, stannic sodium fluoride in the water? Why? Why do you put cancer
viruses in the vaccines, why have you used depleted uranium now in four separate nations? You’re arrogant, you have the sickness the elites have had
throughout the history. – They are standing in the
front of a tidal wave saying “I’m not gonna get wet.” They’re gonna get wet. And they’re gonna get affected by this consciousness shift too,
whether they like it or not. – The world has been turned
into a maze of confusion. And it’s done to keep us
from the simple truths. Because complexity is there to stop us finding those simple truths. But when you connect the dots, can you start to see why
the world is upside down. Why it is as it is. And crucially, behind that complexity, those smoke screens of complexity. Why behind that is an amazing revelation of who we are in the nature of life. When we start to realise, that far from being Ethel Jones, or Billy Smith, we are all that is, has
been, and ever will be. That is the difference between who we are, and who we are manipulated
to believe we are. – And obviously we are suffering from the effects of the dark ages, loss of consciousness, and
as we awaken in these days, which we are because the
spiralling sun is taking us to greener pastures. – I don’t think the mainstream media wants everyone to realise that there is a mass awakening taking place. But yet everywhere I go and
everything I see points to it. Everywhere I go there is this
enormous amount of enthusiasm and interest in yoga, meditation, not just eastern things but philosophy. Workshops and things that
are about self-awareness. – People are becoming
more conscious of the fact that we need to change our habits and improve and take responsibility. – You start living in love,
instead of living in fear. And if enough people catch
on and start doing that, then we’ll turn the world
into a garden of Eden again. – Our concern is not to worry about the Illuminati at this stage. Our concern is to imbue our
lives with bliss and love, because their time is up. It’s over and that’s obvious. It’s obvious to the awakened masses now. They’re running for the hills, desperately trying to
cling on to their empire, but we can conquer these,
like David conquered Goliath, by standing up, making
a stand, responsibly. – You will and you are failing now. Your New World Order will fall. Humanity will defeat you. – [Narrator] Confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be, free and independent. (slow paced music)
(static) – There is only one of
us here experiencing a fractal holographic
experience of itself. Each one of those individuations, no matter how infinitesimal
has got the entire whole within itself. – There is this illusion that
we’re are something else, but in truth all we are
is consciousness observing the manifestations of consciousness, dance before our eyes. We are all the same person, watching ourselves from
different viewpoints, from different attitudes,
from different environments. Everything in creation is the same energy, and energy is consciousness. Energy, consciousness. So we are looking at creation being one gigantic consciousness,
one gigantic mind, of which we are all part. So we’re like droplets of water in an ocean of consciousness. We’re individual to a certain extent, but all together we make up the whole. – There’s nothing to do
in this world of bamboo, but everyone needs a hobby. You’re just here to experience, you’re having a good time, right? But the illusion that
we put ourselves into, can be so powerful, that
we can get lost in it. Every human being is God himself, but he does not understand his true self and he’s constantly engulfed
by the influence of his mind, his intellect, which we
call as the great delusion. He’s constantly driven
by this great delusion. – The world is like a ride
in the amusement park, and when you choose to go
on, you think it’s real, because that’s how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and
down, and round, and round. It has thrills and chills, and
it’s very brightly coloured, and it’s very loud, and
it’s fun for a while. Some people have been on
the ride for a long time and they begin to question, is this real or is it just a ride? And other people have remembered, and they come back to us and they say “Hey, don’t worry, don’t be afraid, ever, “because this is just a ride, “and we kill those people.” (laughter) “Shut him up! “We have a lot invested
in this ride, shut him up! “Look at my furrows of worry,
look at my big bank account “and my family, this has to be real.” It’s just a ride. – The one energy wishes
to experience itself. But, when it’s in the oneness, it cannot experience itself, it only knows it as a concept. And so, it does the next best thing, it forgets what it is. By deliberately forgetting
what and who you are, you can have the
experience of remembering. – We are consciousness. Disembodied, no form awareness,
having an experience. Like a central American shaman said, “We are perceivers, we are awareness, “we are not objects, we have no solidity. “We, or rather our reason, forget this “and thus we entrap the
totality of ourselves “in a vicious circle from which we rarely “emerge in our lifetime.” And that vicious circle
is what the control system wants to keep us in. Cause then we are controllable! – When we say I’m doing some
kind of spiritual practise or following spirituality, what it means is I’m actually
finding out who I am. What am I? Who am I? Where did I come from? What am I doing here on this Earth? And where will I go? You’re actually demystifying
these concepts yourself, by realising who you are. – Eventually you will get to the point where you’ll probably experience the truth of who you really are as opposed to the illusion that you believe you are. You believe you are this physical body, you believe that you are
your thoughts or whatever. The truth of it is, you’re the source of all those things, you’re
the source of your thoughts, you’re the source of your body, you’re the source of all your emotions. You’re the place from
which all that comes. But we’ve been tricked into believing, for whatever reason,
that we are these things. But we’re not these things, we’re actually the
creator of those things. – We are nothing short of divine. We are undifferentiated consciousness. As we remember who we are,
and acquiring more powers. We are learning that we are co-creators in this experience and
what is about to happen. – Enlightenment really means, you become aware what you really are. You become aware that
you are one with God, and that you are God. – Well, like a drop is to an ocean, you put a drop of water into the ocean and it becomes the ocean,
well that’s what we are. We are units of divinity. We are deific atoms, units of God. And that’s what the scriptures say, we are the sons of God. In that sense, so it’s beautiful. – Far from being worthless, we are unique and vital droplets in this ocean of consciousness we call God or creation. This God, as we call it, is not some guy with a beard
sitting in a throne saying “You’ve sinned and you shall be punished”, or something out there. It’s actually within us, it’s around us, it is everything, it is the consciousness that is expressing itself in all the variety of forms that we see. Obviously, we are at a different level of consciousness to a wall, but the wall is still God, at a different level of consciousness it’s still the same whole. – Doesn’t matter which race
culture everyone is confined to, but the same God which resides
in me, resides in everyone. And when one realises the God within us, he can see the God within everyone. – You never see a positive drug
stories on the news, do you? Isn’t that weird, since
most of the experiences I’ve had on drugs, were
real fucking positive. Who are these morons they’re finding that’s what I want to know. How about a positive LSD-story, wouldn’t that be news-worthy, just once? To base your decision on information, rather than scare-tactics
and superstitions, and lies? Just once. I think it would be news-worthy. Today a young man on acid
realised that all matter is merely energy condensed
to a slow vibration. That we’re all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There’s no such thing as
death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the weather. (audience laughs) – The body is the way our awareness experiences this reality. If I want to interact with this reality, which is a frequency range, I have to have an outer shell, we all do, that vibrates within this frequency range, cause our consciousness is
vibrating much too quickly. It’s like radio one trying to make a connection with radio two. They’re on different wave
lengths, it’s never gonna happen. So we take on this outer
projection we call our body, and therefore I can pick this up and interact with this reality. What the control system wants us to do, is to believe that projection, that vehicle to experience
this reality is who we are, cause then we go from “I am all that is, has
been and ever will be, “I’m Charley Smith, I’m Ethel
Jones, I’ve got no power.” It’s the whole bottom line of it! – The United States has two
satellites, they’re called GOES. G-O-E-S. The role of these satellites is to measure the magnetic fields of the earth and send back readings every 30 minutes. And those readings normally fall within a certain range of data
that scientists are relatively used to seeing. Well, it was in September of 2001, that scientists began to see some readings that were off the map, just off the scale compared to what they
had seen in the past. Then they said, what is happening, what is it that could be influencing the magnetic fields of the entire planet to such a degree that we’re
seeing these big spikes? That our satellites are sending back, we’ve never seen these before. (slow paced music) (loud explosion) – [Narrator] Oh another one just hit! Something else just
hit, a very large plane. – [Narrator] Directly over my building, there’s been another
collision, can you see it. – They overlaid the
data from the satellites onto a calendar of months and days, and low and behold what they found, is that the spike was occurring precisely during the time of September 11th 2001. And even more precisely that
the first spike occurred 15 minutes after the first plane hit the first tower in
the World Trade Centre. Now, the reason this is so
important to a scientist is because for 300 years our science have been based
on two false assumptions. The first false assumption is that everything is separate
from everything else. That what happens in
one place has no effect on what happens anywhere else, and if it looks like it does,
it’s only a coincidence. The second false assumption is that our inner experiences of
thought, feeling, emotion and belief have no effect on
the world beyond our bodies. Based on those two false assumptions, that had been accepted for
300 years by scientists, I can see why there would be a disconnect when they’re looking at
magnetic fields of the Earth, spiking precisely the
moment the human emotion of the planet is focused on a disaster. (solemn music) – We live here in Australia, and recently there were two cyclones in the same year in northern Queensland. What I noticed when we went and looked on the weather station,
on the weather channel, is the men and women who
are telling the public about that thing, they’re
saying it could generate into a much bigger storm. And, so, what’s called
Focused Human Attention, is that they drew everyone’s mind into the idea that this is going to generate into a much bigger storm. And that’s what they kept saying. Until, Focused Human
Attention on the storm made it grow bigger. Now, if we thinking that’s not true, then we have to take a
look at this gentlemen who’s getting some vessel of water, and he says “Love” and
puts a little label “Love”, and the molecular structure
all goes into harmony. And then he gets the same water, puts in a different vessel, puts “Hate”, and everything goes into chaos and stress. In actual fact in a scientific
basis now, if a person, a scientist is carrying out an experiment, he has to leave the building,
the area, everything. Because his consciousness
is going to affect the outcome of the experiment. So they now have to carry
it out when he’s not around, to get a true result scientifically. – Thoughts are very powerful. If it is a positive thought, it will travel to the positive collective. If you send out a negative thought, it will travel to the negative
collective around the world, and it will have a negative
effect on the planet. – Almost universally ancient texts and traditions have reminded
us that we are connected. They’ve said that we are one,
that we are part of our world, that we are part of one another, that we’re part of the Earth
and the changes in the Earth. And what I found is, over the last 22 years
as I’ve travelled nearly every continent of the Earth, and spoken to people from
so many different traditions and cultures, is that people
really want to believe that. They want to believe
and they like to believe that we’re truly connected, but they need a reason for that belief. Science is now giving us that reason for our logical mind,
to make the connection, to see how we are related and
how we influence the world, and how by honoring that
connection through our hearts, we literally have the power to influence the very
fields of this planet to sustain life in the
world, sustain the health, the healing and the well
being of our bodies, and it’s all about the
magnetic fields of the Earth. – In Washington DC, people
from all over the world came there to meditate, and the crime rate dropped dramatically during that time, proportionally to the amount of people who were meditating, in exact proportion. I work very hard here in this centre to keep the vibrational rate of this room at a very high frequency. Now, it’s to the point where people who don’t even have an
interest in meditation, come here into this room. There was one person who spent
the night not that long ago. Had no interest in meditation and that sort of thing whatsoever, and a Kundalini awakened in the morning. And had no understanding of that at all, had never even heard the word before. And so, just by being in an
environment which is kept pure, that happened. Now, take that on a larger scale, if we were as a society to
do that to the whole planet, then your wildest
imagination couldn’t conceive of what is possible in such a scenario. – A person who sits there
and meditates quietly, in very, very strong gravity, they set up a gravity field, that they’re not moving no matter if the building falls down. They can counter-act the
negative effect of many. – Individual people by themselves, groups, societies, the
mood of the whole planet, can all be altered, can all be changed and the reason is because the planet, group’s, societies aren’t
what they appear to be. They’re just another
level of consciousness. We are all consciousness. – Consciousness changes,
generally speaking, because of realisation. However, when we’re talking
about collective consciousness, that is changed by media. – From channel to channel,
on the news, and on dramas, and on every other programme, and all it is, is brainwashing and demonization. – Generally a human being is bombarded with unwanted thoughts
constantly during the day, which depletes his mental energies. When one is depleted with mental energy, it causes a drain of
one’s own mental resources and drain of just our
physical energy as such. Due to which our ability to
comprehend and think reduces, our efficiency as a human
being reduces as well. But, when you do something spiritual and associated with spirituality, you’re constantly gaining positive energy. So the ability for personality
defects manifests less. – If consciousness changes
to a higher vibration, which, I feel, is happening in 2012, then the society, the way we know it now, will not be there anymore. The old has to go. The new has to come. – I don’t feel that one thing is going to evolve
independently of another. I feel that in this field
of consciousness we live in, things operate in an uniform way and we are now passing through a period, in which an acceleration of
consciousness is taking place. – Everybody is benefiting
from these finer conscious levels that we are arriving at, simply by means of where
the Sun is taking us. – The earth itself is a
conscious living entity, and if the beings living on it choose to raise their frequency, they choose to live in
love as opposed to fear. The plants will grow greener, the oxygen in the air will replenish, the pollution will start to disappear. It’ll turn literally into
a utopia, heaven on Earth. – It’s up to our focused
attention to create that reality. But we have to become aware of
who’s meddling in our minds. Our mind is our biggest problem when it’s not under our control. Under our control. – Somehow we have this
wrong idea that we have to do that by going out
there and building it. You don’t go out there to build it, you go in here to build it. You find it in here first, and just allow it to
radiate out around you. And everything else then
naturally happens by itself. – As people begin to awaken
and take on responsibility, we can expect to see a
much more harmonious world. – It’s just a ride. And we can change it anytime we want. It’s only a choice. No effort, no work, no
job, no savings of money, a choice right now, between fear and love. (upbeat music) – What society would probably
like for us to believe is love is like what we
see on the Hollywood films. Love is actually a state of being. It’s not actually something
that you do to somebody else. If someone loves you and you don’t feel love for
them, you don’t feel anything. You only feel love when
you are radiating love, when you are giving love. – If you love yourself, you
feel better in yourself. If you hate yourself, you loathe yourself. And why do you wanna do that? Why do you wanna be miserable? Why do you wanna feel bad? Is that good for you? – The worry is just another
prayer for what you don’t want. If you want to create what you do want, focus on the, let’s say grandest vision of the highest version you
could possibly imagine. If you’re gonna do anything, make sure you are doing it
out of joy and not fear. – If you feel negative,
you have no energy, if you feel positive, you
have much more energy, and you can do a lot of things, you can help many people and yourself. – To choose to love over fear is choosing a state of awareness, a state of consciousness to exist in, to be in as your reality. And even when the dark forces come along and try to draw you out of it, you still love them. Of course, they really
hate that when you do that. – And all it is, like
everything else, is a choice. A choice between fear and love. That’s all it is. We can choose to be frightened. We can choose to hate. Just a choice. Or we can choose not to fear and we can choose to love. Not love on the basis of “I love you if I fancy you darling”, but I love you because you exist. I love you whatever. I love you without condition. – As the loving component grows, that becomes more and more
contagious, if you like. And the world tends to become a more loving place, as a result. The critical mass of
the love paradigm grows. – And if you want to change the world, it has to start with self. Fear, anger, hatred, condemnation, dictating what other people should be, that’s the world we got. That’s the prison. But paradise is waiting. It’s a thought, an attitude away, that’s all it is, it’s a choice away. Love. We love each other, and love the world, our lives are fundamentally changed, and the world is fundamentally changed. And we are the generations,
strange as it may seem when you survey the world today, we are the generations,
I passionately believe, who are gonna love the
world into the paradise it really should be, and
was always designed to be. – Human beings actually
are supposed to be eternal, full of knowledge and full of ecstasy and I’m not talking about the pill. I’m talking about spiritual bliss, which is the highest frequency, a living entity in a
human body can experience. – Bliss is our birthright. We were made to enjoy love and happiness. That bliss is always there, there’s so much potential for bliss. Right, it’s like a light switch. You go to turn it on, and
you know that the moment you turn it on, the light
comes on and the room fills. That’s what the bliss is like, it’s just there waiting
for you to just turn it on, and you can tap into
it as much as you want. So people are not reminded of that. They’ve been pulled away by distractions. “Go to work. “Go to school. “Do this, do that. “Get a career.” And guess what? The bliss just gets left
behind, all the time. They just leave it behind. Why not enjoy it? It’s there. – We are not governed by any calendar, no event or any such thing. Every decision that you make, takes you in a different direction. When you make good
decisions, all the time, take a moment to breathe, come into the now, make a conscious decision. Everything has changed. – Now is the time to embrace the love and to leave the fear behind. The one that embraces the love, is the one that knows
that he can never lose. – The eyes of fear wants you to put bigger locks on your door, buy guns, close yourself off the eyes of love, instead see all of us as one. – God is total Love, and
there is nothing else. And Love is the glue of the Universe. – The most important thing
I’d like to say to people is to know who you are,
reclaim your sovereignty, and learn the science
of “As above, so below”, the macrocosm and the microcosm. Because we are the
microcosm of the Universe, of the whole Universe. Our body is Universe, full of atoms, trillions of atoms, which are stars. – I think we’re a part of a greater wisdom that we’ll ever understand, a higher order, call it what you want. You know what I call it? The Big Electron! The Big Electron! Wow. Wow. Wow. It doesn’t punish, it doesn’t reward, it doesn’t judge at all. It just is, and so are we. For a little while. – So, once we know this and
we realise what we really are, and who we really are, then we stand up and ignore, virtually ignore this system of fear and embrace the love, and nothing, there’s nothing that can stop us, there’s nothing that can hurt us, there’s nothing that can
cause us to fear anymore. – Whatever we do in our life, please make sure that we sprinkle
some spirituality onto it. When we sprinkle something
spiritual onto it, we also get the benefit of
inner peace, inner calmness, otherwise we get so lost in this world, that we do not know what we want. And that’s a very bad state to be in. So do take up some spiritual
practise every day, so that it helps you to nurture your mind, nurture your intellect, calms your mind. Be a sane person in this insane world! Be the happy person so you can
help other people be happy. Otherwise you’re a part
of the problem yourself, and that’s a worst place to be in. – We left a great place of
unconditioned consciousness, and the purpose of life is to go through this cycle of necessity, glean all the wisdom that we can from it and return to the cause much
more than we were before. Much, much more. – For those people who have
been a victim of the propaganda, of the 2012 agenda to promote fear, what I would say the best thing to do is not to get fooled by that, and your worst enemy is the fear itself. And to just trust in love. – If you remain in love, you receive all the blessings, so there should be nothing at all to fear about 2012 and what is coming. – You are what you think. What you think, you will become. – When the Buddha says
that we are what we think, then I think we would be advised to hold the most positive and grand
view we can possibly have, because what you think about
is what you’re going to create. – So every day make it a
blissful spiritual day, and share that, share
compassion, share love. Drop the fear. There’s nothing to fear,
except fear itself. – It’s really true, what my guru and other teachers have said. That if you want to change the world, you’ve got to start with yourself. – Changing the world is not
something in the future anymore. “Oh it will be better for the kids.” It’s here and now, we’re going to see it happen. – The more one loves and finds unity in this
world, and harmony, the more the blessings will
be when that time comes. And the time is coming, it’s a coming. The beautiful rewards for all those who are poised to receive them. They are coming. The new world of love is coming. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] As the date approaches, more and more people are becoming
aware of its significance. Is it really a window of great
changes in consciousness? Is that what the ancients
were trying to tell us? When we take a look around the world, we have seen decades of
dictatorships collapse, as humanity united and marched
the streets in Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt. Injustices have been exposed by WikiLeaks, such as the “Afghan War Logs”
which uncovered corruption, murder of civilians, and a multitude of US military cover-ups. (upbeat music) A global network of truth and
awareness is uniting mankind via technology and the Internet, the one last channel left unfiltered. As knowledge is spreading,
people are awakening, and we are beginning to
see a clearer picture of the world that we live in. Consciousness is shifting
right before our eyes. The people in power may try to negatively influence the outcome of the coming shift. By creating a world war or collapsing the global financial system. They may generate enough
fear to open the gates to their New World Order. If that day comes, we need to
remember their true agenda, unite as one and rise
in love and compassion. – [Crowd] Troops out now! Troops out now! Troops out now! Troops out now! Troops out now! The people united will never be defeated! The people united will never be defeated! The people united will never be defeated! The people united will never be defeated! The people united will never be defeated! – [Narrator] What is the pathway forward? Perhaps we are here right now
to define what comes next? Is it not up to us to act together and build a better future? A world without suffering? We have learned that the
galactic shift is empowering us to create great change, and the elites are trying to influence that change with fear. We have learned that we are fractals of one consciousness experiencing itself and with the power of the collective we can change our experience anytime we choose to do so. When we focus all our devotion
and envision a new beginning, we will create a world of peace, love, and harmony. The time is right now. Heaven or Hell on earth is up to us. And it’s only a choice
between fear and love. How this will play out,
only time will tell, as we approach December
21st 2012, and beyond. (upbeat music) – In the seventeenth chapter
of St. Luke, it’s written “The kingdom of God is within man, “not one man nor a group
of men, but in all men!” In you! You, the people, have the power, the power to create machines, the power to create happiness! You, the people, have the
power to make this life free and beautiful, to make
this life a wonderful adventure! Now let us fight to fulfil that promise! Let us fight to free the world! To do away with national barriers! To do away with greed,
with hate, and intolerance! Let us fight for a world of reason, Let us all unite! (cheering) – Here’s what we can do to
change the world right now to a better ride. Take all that money we spend on weapons and defence each year, and
instead spend it feeding, clothing, educating the poor of the world, which it would many times over, not one human being excluded, and we can explore space together, both inner and outer. Forever. (inspirational music)

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    I was scared and confused to my late twenties, I had a subconscious feeling this world isn´t right…now I know why and I´m happier every day and the fear has subsided.

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  • Think of fear and love being on a rubber band.. the further we stretch it in one direction the faster it will snap back to the other. Think of fear as death.. the more fear you see, feel, and hear about in the media or elsewhere just means the closer you will be to love..if we didn't have this fear we wouldn't be move towards love.. just like if there was no death there would be no life. Fear is necessary for love… Just as death is necessary for life. Remember, the same msm that controls this fear to the public propogates this message because it sells.. meaning the collective consciousness wants fear based news… until we move towards love and stop watching these programs then they will inevitably have to change …. But the news is only our reflection as a universal consciousness as of now.. but this shift is happening regardless.. remember.. love thy enemy. For you do not defeat hate/ fear with hate or fear. Oneness knows no enemies..

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  • To all Empaths
    We are in the times of evilness In all its form. Narcissist are helping the wicked turn evil good and good evil. We are in trying times where lies seems to be the order of the day. Be so aware of wolves in sheep clothes. Become more empathic to know and see the workings of an Narcissistic mind who will not let up on destroying you in anyway they can. Be so careful of those who, if they can’t have you they want know one else too and they will destroy themselves stupidly, egotistically and childishly because you became their life and they have nothing after you. Your death is their satisfaction.
    Please be wise in these times and be safe. Judge people wisely and be careful with your LOVE, spiritually   STAY STRONG

  • My warmest gratitude to the presenters, producers and those who shared this powerful and refreshing content. When we can overcome our internal fears and explore the higher vibrations of our positive feelings we can change the world. Changing ourselves first, and taking our role in moving one step after the other towards a greater conscious.
    Loved it! Made my day!

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  • The Glass is both half empty & half full, the difference is perspective & your perception, just like if you believe you can or believe you can't both statements are the truth it's your choice to choose & you have the freewill & that is the real Gift the we are given, to choose love & forgive yourself & everyone else, let go of that grudge & the hate to so that we never lose, we win or we learn & when you choose to forgive & let go of the emotional baggage then a change will occur & your life will become amazing 🤘 abundance is only obscured by ignorance & it could not be a choice you've had up to now but if you make the decision to take control over your own actions & emotions right now today then tomorrow I guarantee you that you will send out the invitation for your life to become amazing! One love 🍀🤘👍😀

  • But according to Hinduism, the age of Kalyug is 4,32,000 years and only 5000 years have passed. 4,27,000 years are more to go, and after that a great flood will occur. Can someone please tell me which theory is correct?

  • 18:55 no, that's not what they mean.
    "Satya" means truth,
    "Treta" means three
    "Dwapar" means 2 feet,
    "Kalyug" means dark ages.

    In hinduism we use the metaphor of a cow to explain these ages. In satyug, the cow stands on all 4 feet. Let's say the duration of this age is 4x. When moral standards are high, society can sustain itself.

    In tretayug, the cow stands on 3 feet, and the length of the age is 3x. People's moral standards are going down.

    In dwaparyug, the cow stands on 2 feet, the duration is 2x.

    In kalyug or dark ages, stands on 1 foot, duration is x.

  • I am so thankful to creater ……watching with an open mind ..
    Love this video ..

  • This video helped me to understand my life to the present moment .gave me a different perspective on things that have or haven't occurred…

  • WOW that is the best show i have ever seen in my life.that was to much info to take in all at once but thats ok i took vid clips with my phone of what parts that were most important to me. i will watch it again most likely over 10 times i will use it to drown out outside noise pollution. When i play on my phone surfing internet i will play vid in the background. i will play video or record small clips with phone and send clips to my social media contacts as well as my phone contacts. i find using a 10 min video clip will keep a persons attention in check and spike there curiosity at the end of the 10 min clip and watch the whole hour half movie and if not well then atleast the 10 mins didnt bore them out of intrest ppl are funny that way when learning new things if you bore them with information overload you could lose them permanently. that to me is a worst case scenario best thing for a virgin mind with this complex way of thinking. i use the word complex because to someone who has never heard of this way of thinking might lend them to think that it is hard and way outside there comfort zone thats bad that will boost fear and lower lover So ya 3 10 min clips 1 aday for 3 days with a short debrief at end of the clip will give you a since on how they comprehended that download. feedback to the guide will set up the next question on if he wants to view another clip or has more questions or worst case doesnt care no debrief no second clip just wants to scoll down the page to watch meanless vids of drunk ppl or something lol. thats ok to he or she isnt ready today tomorrow is always another beautiful day to learn. Sorry guys i really went on a huge flail just now. Im going to text one of my angels and share one or two of my clips with her then get her feedback on it but first im going to use the saying "hey do you wanna learn something really cool" of course she will say yes. then ill tell her about the 9/11 megnetic spike cuz from human energy i personality found that cool is the wrong word to use for that moment interesting i guess fits.

  • A deeply impressive video. It's eternal truth will go on and on and be recognized by more and more people. Actually in 2019 it is so obvious that people obsessed by the dark side are fighting like mad against light and purity in other people. I feel it in the house where I am still forced to live with bad people without empathy or love. They create an athmosphere of hate. I am doing my best to stay conscious and not be drawn into their vicious circle of negativity. I create my own positive thinking and happiness. They cannot effect me with their hate, and believe me: They detest that. But I stay strong and remain in the light!

  • while the general line is correct, they have no glue on consciousness and how ,what and why they are blinded. and waiting for enlightenment will take many lifetimes before you realize something that you missed. and its not due to the media or those in so called power that blind you. the blindness is IN you.

  • just a question as an ousider looking in to the Christian concept that all these Astrological and metaphysical sciences are an ancient derivative steeped in PAGAN cultures, and this as seen from the Christian Biblical aspect. Apparently the Scriptures do point that out very blatantly, that astrology, being just one of the variants despised by our Creator, is a science God fearing beings should keep clear of. So we could assume that there are many other dimensions to which each of us can be magnetically drawn, but the options may not always be benign spiritual awakening but may point to a powerful malevolent misleading awakening that envelops beings with warmth and love.

    You try teaching that magic plane of consciousness of loving one's neighbor as we love ourselves to the Tribal factions in Africa still now as I speak hacking men, women and children to pieces, do you think their mindset is one of universal loving consciousness?

  • The new world of love ❤️ cannot come soon enough! As above, so below! You can’t know good without evil, nor love without hate! Nor day without night! It’s a great time to be here on Earth! Love and light to all!

  • 942 people gave this video a thumbs down. Either they're trolls who know this information is one major part to unshackling humanity and don't want this info out because it will quicken how fast we change the collective mind slavery (nothing is worse than being a mind slave ignorant of most things – other than the falsehoods they're told are "facts" by "authority" figures. Nothing is more repugnant than a full blown mind slave). Or they ARE mind slaves. Yes, a major push is made to claim the end of the world (think y2k or what anyone with half a brain could understand – that it was going to be Y2nothing) – be afraid!

  • 2:02 But….but the earth is flat….

  • You begin with a quote from Hermes 'As above so below' but conclude with the idea we can transmute fear into love. Love is not the polar opposite of fear. Courage is. You can be scared but still be extremely loving. If you truly want to empower people you would discuss in terms of positive and negative and thus higher spiritual vibrations, rather than manipulation for your agenda.

  • Where are the 9

  • That not true it was just the end of the calendar

  • That not true it was just the end of the calendar

  • And how does Trump fit into all this..?

  • Why can't astronomers find that Sirius is Sun's binary partner?

  • Up and away to the stars

  • all the christians i know of cant wait for the anti christ to show up.
    which means that they cant wait for armagedon. because it would mean that jesus would soon to return.
    this is the spirt of the age.
    all religions believe they are victims of evil.
    for example 38:07 52:50
    no one is more manipulated than a religious person


  • Bill Hicks…love you brother

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