The Benefits of Aquatic Therapy

I came out the water feeling like a new man. Because all my stiffness, all my tightness was gone. He deals with a lot of spasticity and contractures and so being able to work his muscle tissue and muscle fibers It allows him to take a pause in his body and it allows me to then lengthen his muscle tone and being able to give hime that range of motion that he is lacking. With my muscles tightening up and tense up. When they tense up it’s hard for me to talk and to walk and it’s hard to do anything. The session with Donnie was aquatic thermal massage and that is taking therapeutic and clinical massage therapy to the water. I was working with deep tissue and neuromuscular techniques for his cerebral palsy. Donnie comes into our facility and places his wheel chair to our manual lift. A lifeguard assists him into the water. Then I begin working the muscles in the back of his neck, along the front of his neck, out his shoulders, increasing range of motion in both his neck and head, and then working down into his shoulders, ultimately into his arms, allowing that range of motion to give him where he can raise his arm up and over his head. She’ll take her palm of her hand and mash on my muscles, and on the pressure points. Once I’ve worked both of his arms, then I’ll move down to his legs and then into his feet. I can move better since I got with Windy. I can do so much better. One of the things that he shared with me. He was able to lift his arm and put deodorant on. I know that seems simple but to be able to raise your arm and lift and get things out of a cabinet by doing this type of work with him he has gotten a larger sense of independence. I feel so relaxed. I’ve never been so relaxed before until Windy got a hold of me. I would have to say pain and discomfort gets the body into a cycle. You get into a routine and people who are dealing with that pain and discomfort are in that routine. If they can do anything that can break that cycle even for thirty minutes, your body is receiving information that says, “Hmmm, okay I just changed something” and when it receives that change it’s gonna do something about it. If it really works on you it will change your life totally. I know it’s hard to believe but it has with me.

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