The Best Cruise Ship Water Slides That Will Make You Amazed and Surprised

Carnival was one of the earliest adopters of the shipboard waterslide. The line has also proved it’s willing to revisit existing designs to make more basic waterslides, like this one aboard Carnival Freedom, even better. A good example of this can be found onboard the Carnival Fantasy. Built in 1990, you’d never think by looking at her that she has been outfitted with some thrilling waterslides. She doesn’t just have one waterslide – she has three. Carnival Waterworks, as seen aboard Carnival Fantasy from above. Even here, designers have been careful to maximise space onboard with not one but three waterslides. Carnival Fantasy has a Twister waterslide that’s great fun for kids of all ages. If you crave the need for speed, you’ll want to race your friends and family members by hopping on the tandem racer slides situated on the starboard side of the ship. The fun doesn’t end there. When Carnival turned Carnival Destiny into Carnival Sunshine, the line created one of its most elaborate waterparks to-date. The waterpark aboard Carnival Sunshine offers a maze of fun, with three distinct waterslides that are sure to keep you entertained and drenched at the same time. If you’re not wet enough already, the PowerSoaker will do the trick. Carnival Sunshine is outfitted with some of Carnival’s longest-and fastest – waterslides. Carnival Waterworks is just part of a larger watersports area that spans the better part of the aft deck. You’ll want to pack your courage; these aren’t your grandfather’s waterslides! Some Carnival ships also sport The Twister, located all the way forward next to the main pool deck. Although it’s less elaborate, the Twister still spans three decks in height and gives riders a real rush at sea. For something different, try the DrainPipe aboard Carnival Magic, where riders corkscrew along the massive bowl before being “sucked” down into the chute. Carnival isn’t the only cruise line to employ a bowl-style slide. In fact, the idea was first developed in 2010 aboard Norwegian Cruise Line’s Norwegian Epic. The massive waterpark aboard Norwegian Epic features the largest bowl slide at sea. It’s part of a larger aquatic complex that includes pools, hot tubs, and even small waterpark amenities for the kids. Norwegian took what they’d learned aboard Norwegian Epic and made it even bigger aboard their next ship: Norwegian Breakaway. A veritable waterpark at sea, Norwegian Breakaway features five separate waterslides; six if you count the scaled down “kiddie slide.” Norwegian Breakaway features the fastest drop slides at sea. They’re called – appropriately enough – “Free Fall.” The waterslides aboard Norwegian Breakaway rise to nearly the height of the funnel, and tower over the pool deck. Like Carnival, Norwegian uses these waterslides to anchor a massive waterpark area aboard Norwegian Breakaway and her sister, Norwegian Getaway. Aboard their newest ship, Norwegian Escape, Norwegian Cruise Line ratcheted up the fun by creating some of the biggest and baddest waterslides afloat. With four waterslides onboard – including the largest one at sea – Norwegian Escape massive waterslides take up nearly the entire deck space. These waterslides include the Aqua Racer, where competitors race side-by-side on adjoining tubes; and a FreeFall waterslide where riders drop into a massive loop when the floor underneath them releases. These slides complement an area that also includes two pools, four hot tubs. and a dedicated kids AquaPark. Waterslides aren’t new to Norwegian Cruise Line ships, but the line has been steadily improving them for over a decade. Norwegian Pearl, shown here, has a waterslide cleverly tucked away next to her pool deck. Norwegian Pearl’s waterslide rises two decks in height and runs for most of the pool deck, ending off with a double-twist and emptying out into an area right next to the swimming pool. Back in 2001, the Norwegian Star made headlines for its dual spiral waterslides. Today, waterslides are vastly more elaborate, with as many thrills at sea as on-land. MSC Cruises new MSC Seaside, which sets sail in late 2017, promises to have one of the most elaborate waterparks afloat when she is launched. MSC Seaside features not one, but five waterslides onboard – some of which cantilever out over the side of the ship. Cleverly hidden within the ship’s gigantic funnel, these slides border the sports and basketball courts. MSC Cruises is already known for their waterslides, but they are designed so discreetly you might not even know they exist – like this children’s waterpark mounted aft of the funnel aboard MSC Preziosa. Don’t worry: adults have their own dedicated waterslide aboard MSC Preziosa too. Spanning two decks in height, it’s the perfect way to cool off in the heat of the Mediterranean summer, where most MSC ships make their homes. Meet Disney Dream, one of Disney Cruise Line’s newest ships. Of course, like anything Disney, you can probably assume that their onboard waterslides are fantastic – and you wouldn’t be wrong. When Disney designed the AquaDuck aboard Disney Dream, the line probably never thought that adults would be as excited about it as kids. Turned out, adults queued up in line to ride it just as much as the kids did. The AquaDuck features translucent tubing and allows guests to sit in a raft as it is swept through a stream of water along the deck of the Disney Dream and her sister, Disney Fantasy. The AquaDuck was so popular that Disney Cruise Line immediately rushed to add it to another ship. the 1998-built Disney Magic. Disney Magic also features a reimagined waterslide next to the kid’s Aqua Lab. In addition to the waterslide, the AquaLab features a variety of water sprays and other water features. Dryness is not an option! Carnival Cruise Lines also caters to kids, with these aquatic “waterslides” for the little ones aboard Carnival Splendor. For adults though, there is Green Thunder. Like its name suggests, Green Thunder is massive, with a length of 187 feet and a drop of 34 feet. Riders can travel up to 25 miles per hour on Green Thunder. Nearby, the 214 long Twister waterslide still adds plenty of thrills to your days at sea. Carnival is also reaching for the sky- literally – aboard the upcoming Carnival Vista. Carnival Vista will feature Carnival’s largest waterpark to-date, incorporating features from the line’s other vessels and rolling them into one massive complex of fun. Even the kids aren’t left out, with these elaborate waterslides designed just for the little ones. One upcoming ship, though, promises to give the competition a run for its money: Royal Caribbean’s Harmony of the Seas. Anchoring Harmony of the Seas’ massive waterpark are three waterslides positioned alongside each other called Cyclone, Typhoon and Supercell. Named after storms, the three waterslides stand three decks in height apiece. Splashdown! Once again, kids are well looked after with their very own, appropriately scaled, waterslide aboard Harmony of the Seas. Royal Caribbean is also refitting their older ships, like Liberty of the Seas, with waterslides. Aside from the new massive waterslides that will be installed, Liberty of the Seas will feature cruising’s most hair-raising aquatic experience. The Boomerango Tidal Wave waterslide. That Royal Caribbean came up with the massive Boomerango – which induces near-weightlessness for a few moments – isn’t so surprising. This is, after all, the line that gave us the ultimate waterslide: the FlowRider surfing simulator. The FlowRider is one of Royal Caribbean’s most popular features, and can be found on their largest and newest ships. It’s not technically a waterslide, but it sure does feel like one! The FlowRiders were so popular that Royal Caribbean added two of them to Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas. Kids sailing aboard Liberty of the Seas will find a brand-new waterslide to enjoy, along with a new aquapark that keeps things soaking wet. But waterparks don’t just have to be made up of elaborate waterslides. Carnival Cruise Line’s Carnival Breeze has all the aquatic fun you could ever wish for. At the heart of the waterpark aboard Carnival Breeze are slides designed for kids and adults alike, all conveniently clustered in one location. If the ship’s two massive waterslides don’t do the trick, you can always stand underneath a massive bucket of water that slowly fills up and tips down, engulfing the entire waterpark in torrential waves. Whether you like your ships big or small, these shipboard waterslides offer a whole ton of fun! Happy cruising!

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