The Blast Rapid Slide POV @ Wet N Wild Orlando

Hello, welcome to another exciting episode of Water Slide Commotion! Today, we’ll be going on The Blast. It’s a leisurely ride, very smooth and relaxing, it should be a lot of fun. We are on The Blast, at Wet N Wild! We are waiting in the pool starting point. And I’m ready to go! There will be a lot of water here in this adventure! So… Oh no! Crap! Wow! Whoa, Whoa, OMG! Let me off of this thing! Oh, we’re going for a waterfall again! Oh, my God! Oh, here we go, down the straight down tunnel! Wow! That’s gonna do it for this episode. Thank you for watching, thank you for riding. I hope to see you right back here in the very near future!

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