The Dolphin Kingdom – AVM Shorts Episode 13

Red: *fishing all alone* Green: AA- Blue: WOO! Yellow: CANNON BALL!! Red: Hey guys! 😀 Red: Look! I got some fish in the month you guys were falling!! Red: *noms the fish* Yellow, Green and Blue: Awesome!! Yellow and Green: Can we have some Red? Blue: yea I gave my last carrots to Green and Red back at the island. Red: Don’t worry! I gotcha covered! Red: here ya go Blue!! Blue: *noms da fish* thanks! Red: And one for Green! Green: Yes! I’m starved! *noms da fish* Red: Catch!! *Yeets the fish to Yellow* Yellow: Damn! Yellow’s mind (because he can’t talk underwater): Woah, what is this? Yellow’s mind: The ocean is so pretty! Yellow’s mind: Hmm… Yellow’s mind: I gotta show the others!! *All the boys are still nomming on fish* Yellow: Hey guys! Blue: Hm? What’s up Yellow? Yellow: You gotta see what’s underwater! It’s amazing! Green: Is it really that amazing? I mean, we have been attacked by Herobrine, a super pig, the Ender Dragon, another stick, and the soul of Minecraft’s code itself. Nothing would surprise me. Yellow: Yes! THIS will! Now C’mon!! *the sticks all proceed to go underwater* Blue: (Woaaah!! It’s so cool!) Green: (Oh look!! Fish!) Red: (A turtle!!) Red: *silently fanboys about the aquatic wildlife* Blue: *joins red and fanboys as well* Green’s mind: Huh? Is that our air bu- Green: *takes damage* Green’s mind: What the- Yellow’s mind: I can’t- *takes damage* Breathe!! Blue’s mind: Guys swim up!!! Red: *gasps for air* Green: We’re still alive!
Red: We almost died! Yellow: Yea…wait how would that work??? Blue: Dunno- Yellow: *Gasp* DOLPHIN!!! Red: EHRMAGAWD DOLPHIN FACTOID TIME!! Red: Oh..there it goes. All: Huh? Blue: Did the dolphin just-
Green: What are these helmets… Yellow: I think we wear them. *they put on the Turtle Shells* Dolphin: Follow me! Yellow: Follow it! Green: Let’s go! Blue: wait did the dolphin just talk??? Blue: Wait, we can talk and breathe underwater? Green: I think these helmets this dolphin gave us, gives us the ability to breathe under water! Red: I see. Blue: Hey wait for us, dolphin! *They follow the dolphin…but where?* King Dolphin: You, army of fish! You shall save and retrieve my queen! Fish army: Yes, Your Majesty! King Dolphin: Good luck, soldiers. Fish Army: ALL HAIL OUR MASTER! *the fish army swims away* King Dolphin: *sighs and paces – never mind, swims – around worried* Apparently subordinate dolphin: MASTER! Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue: Who is he? Dolphin: I have 4 newcomers that will save the queen!
Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue: Hail Hy- the King! King Dolphin: You now have the right to possess the tridents to save my queen. Green: Oh! Thank you! Green: Here’s your trident guys! King Dolphin: Now save my queen! Green, Yellow, Blue, and Red: Sir yes sir! *the sticks follow the dolphin once again* *With Second Coming aka Orange* SC: OW! SC: At least, I got away from that killer bunny and Ave Maria. SC: ._. And there are monsters… SC: Crap…. SC: AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! SC: OOF! SC: What is this place? SC: Where are my friends? SC: I miss you guys… SC: *talks to himself* Gotta keep thinking Orange, keep thinking! *At the undersea Temple* *The Elder Guardian has the queen Dolphin* Queen Dolphin: Free me at one you faces of evil! Fish CO: CHARGE!!!!!!!
Fish Soldier 2: FIGHT FOR OUR QUEEN!!!! Last Fish Soldier: I’m screwed. *RIP: The Fish Army 2019-2019* Dolphin: This is what the queen looks like! If you manage to find her and bring her home safe, we’ll reward you! Others: Got it! Dolphin: Use your tridents the master gave you to fend off the guardians! Green: Alright…how do you- WOAH! Yellow, Red and Blue: AWESOME!! Green: Follow me! Blue: Take THIS!
Green: Feel our fury, b1#&h!
Yellow: DIE!!!
Red: Catch me if you can! *epic fight scene* Green: Split up! Tell us if we’re together again! Red and Yellow: Eat this! Red: Who’s that? Red: Ow! *More epic underwater fighting*
Yellow: *offscreen* This way! Yellow: We’re together again! Red: Any sign of her? Green: No.. Yellow: Well now what?? We searched the entire- *squeak squeak* Elder Guardian: Kiss me! Queen Dolphin: Never! Green: I think she’s in here! I heard some squeaking noises! Yellow: I have an idea, just follow my lead. Red, Blue and Green: Got it! Elder Guardian: Come to me!
Queen Dolphin: I shall not fall into your… *Blue pokes a hand in with a sponge* Elder Guardian & Queen Dolphin: What is this? *the water gets sucked up by the sponges*
Elder Guardian & Queen Dolphin: AGH!!! Red: Place more sponges! Green: I got the queen!! Green: Let’s move out! Elder Guardian: IMPOSSIBLE!!!! *A ceremony is held for the return of the Queen* King Dolphin: *ahem* King Dolphin: Now our heroes, what shall we reward you? Green: We’re trying to get back home through the nether portal, but it’s not active anymore. King Dolphin: Hmm..I see. Hold on one moment *Squeaking noises* King Dolphin: Take this map. It will lead you to the portal, and if you have trouble, come back here. All: Yes sir. Green: Let’s go guys! Blue: With you bro! Yellow: I can’t wait to find Orange! Red: Hey wait up! *And now our heroes venture forth to find the treasure and of course, Orange. (or Second Coming) * *except…* Green: Huh? Red, Blue, Yellow: AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! Green: HANG ON GUYS I’LL SAVE YOU! Yellow: Thanks! Green: No problem! Green: What in the name of Alan? All: ._. Drowned Captain: *wears pirate hat and holds sword* Run them over! *The Pirate ship starts to chase them* Green: LORD ALAN!
Yellow: HOLY $#17!!!
RED: WE’RE GONNA DIE!!!! All: AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Drowned 1: You’ll never escape!
Drowned 2: Surround and kill them!
The rest of the colored gang: AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Red: Get away from the drowned faster! Everyone: *panting* Red: Oh my god, my god!
Blue: We almost died!
Yellow: *sits* That was traumatizing! Green: *sad sigh* Green: Second… Green: *sobbing* Blue, Red, Yellow: Green…? Blue: What’s wrong? Green: Its Orange. *sniff* I miss them so much..I should’ve listened to them and went home with them. If only Orange was just on the other side of this wall… *continues sobbing*
Blue: Calm down, everything will be alright. SC: …if only I’m not alone… To Be Continued… SC: WAIT! Blue: We’re not finished yet! Orange: That’s better (way to continue the video).
Blue: Even the video will be alright.
Green: *More sobbing* Green: WHY’RE YOU BREAKING THE 4TH WALL!!!??? *continues sobbing* Blue: Trust me, it’s OK.
SC: What’s that sound? SC: Time to find out. *mining* *Silence* All: ORANGE!!! Red: WEEEEEEEE!!!!!! Yellow: We missed you so much Orange!! Red: Yea!! Wait until you heard what happened to us!! Blue: Yea!! A dolphin was talking to us! Green: I should’ve listened to you
SC:…but now we need to get home. SC: Hmmm.. SC: Oh yea yea! I know where it is! Follow me! SC: Wait… SC: What the hell? Yellow: Can this video ever end? To be Continued Green: *offscreen* Stop breaking the 4th wall! Thanks for watching!! English Captions by LunaDrawsTrash and NickyFNAF Blue: *offscreen* If you don’t know about the 4th wall, it is a performance convention in which an invisible, imagined wall separates actors from the audience– Green: For the last time, stop breaking the 4th wall– Wait, did I just broke a 4th wall? Cya guys!! 😀

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