The Facts About Killer Whale Slide Out Behaviors

Hi, everyone! There’s been a whole lot of
conversation in the last couple of days about a killer whale named Morgan. And
there is a video going around of Morgan sliding out and some people are saying
that this isn’t normal behavior so I wanted to take this opportunity to tell
you a little bit more about the slide-out behavior you know my tenure here and see what
I’ve been here almost 30 years and and have been around killer whales that long and
I’ve seen them slide up for 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes even 30 minutes on
their own while they’re playing with others
while they’re interacting with others and when I saw that video of Morgan I was
thinking why Morgan be doing this she might be playing Morgan is at least
hearing impaired and probably deaf so she might have been getting out of the
water so she could take a better look around. here at SeaWorld, we actually train
the slide-out behavior, and that’s not only so people can see the enormous size
of the killer whales but it’s also for husbandry purposes.
They’re completely agile. These guys are amazingly adapt to being able
to move their body around We train them to slide over the slide
overs and that’s something they do on their own anytime we give them access to it and
sometimes they’ll stop right in the middle of the slide over not going one
way or the other and they’ll spend a good amount of time up there just kind
of hanging out watching what else is going on so killer whale sliding out of the water
is a perfectly natural behavior we see here at SeaWorld, we see it in parks
around the world and we see it in the wild and I know some of you were really
concerned about Morgan, but rest assured she’s absolutely fine she’s
doing great. She slid right back in the water about 10 minutes after she
slid out and she’s doing great today

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