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What’s wrong, Dad? Please tell me. Your Nai Nai’s dying. She doesn’t know, so
you can’t say anything. The family thinks it’s
better not to tell her. Why is that better? Chinese people have a saying. When people get cancer, they die. We have to go to China. The wedding is an excuse so everyone can see her. He’s my only cousin. Don’t you think I should be there? You can’t hide your emotions. If you go, Nai Nai will find out right away. Shouldn’t we tell her? Isn’t it wrong to lie? It’s a good lie. Most families in China would
choose not to tell her. Mom! She’s dying! Can’t you be a little more sensitive? What do you want from me? To scream and cry like you? I want to believe that it’s a good thing.

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  • Is It just me or does awkwafina seem like she would be a really good "Mulan"

  • the trailer is already making me cry 🤧 ughhh old people always make me cry 💀😩

  • I'm glad I've discovered A24, some integrity, originality and talent in an otherwise often bland and listless film market

  • Akwafina is so pretty

  • Omg I remember hearing her story on the THIS AMERICAN LIFE podcast, loving it, thinking it should be a film. Can’t wait to watch!

  • Someone tell me why this trailer made me actually cry. this movie is gonna devastate me

  • Mulan looks really good cant wait for it to come out

  • I teared up just watching the trailer. It's so sad and yet beautiful.

  • I grew up in America but my parents are Central Asian, I grew up with them always making comparisons to the east and west, I live how the movie chapters this ignorance that easterns have about the west. It’s so common for foreign Americans to make such rash statements, without realizing that the when someone passes in either culture the tears wept are the same.

  • I just saw this. It was really good! Go see it in theaters

  • I just heard this story on NPR! So amazing, can't wait to see it!

  • My beloved grandfather died on Wednesday and even this trailer broke my heart. Maybe after some healing I’ll be able to watch the actual movie.

  • does anyone know the name of the piano solo that Billi plays? can’t seem to find it

  • Just saw it last night❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I’m Native American and we do that too. There’s no reason to make people worry just enjoy the time you have now

  • This one looks truly promising as something powerful to show the world about Asian culture. Just what kinda shit was that whole crazy rich Asians about…


  • Just saw this movie and called my 92 year old abuelita soon after!

  • Awkwafina sucks

  • hmnn… hollyweird actually made a drama for once. that is a switch! does not appeal to me but at least it is a start.

  • Wow. I've never gotten teary from a preview before.

  • Let's ride the Asian American movie wave! 🤮

  • Okay but just the trailer of this movie brought tears, genuine goddamn tears to my eyes and I don't even cry at movies that often holy HELL

  • The movie was beautiful, really deep, I laughed and cried, I'm Hispanic and I can totally relate with the cultural references, the best movie of 2019 so far.

  • So Akwafina is the go to asian actress, now?

  • What is the song at the end

  • Dear theatre… I want to watch this film. Not A lion king remake….not a fast and furious film. This movie. I want to give money to this people. Like now. Thank you. An argentinian.

  • Sounds like pla propaganda

  • What a emotional rollercoaster i would be blessed to see this in theaters.

  • I highly recommend this film. The grandmother is absolutely adorable and overflowing with love. The granddaughter has great comedic timing. Great actors and wonderful story.

    When my Dad died at age 90 in California, my cousins begged me not to tell their Dad (his eldest brother, age 96 in Nebraska), because they thought he’d die if he was told. So for 6 months, we kept it from him. My Dad had been so hard-of-hearing that he hadn’t been on the phone for years, so my uncle knew this.

    My uncle would ask, “So does your Dad ever get pneumonia like I do?”
    I answered, “Well, not so much lately.” Another time he asked, “I wonder which one of us is gonna die first?” I said, “I think you both are already angels from heaven and you’ll always be heavenly.”

    I’d still mail my uncle cards and sign my Dad’s name. They’re both in heaven now.

  • I'm Indian, but when my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, we did the same thing. She was near the end of her 80s and already so very sick that we knew, if she went for chemo she'd more likely die of the side effects than be cured. So we never told her. Figured it would be better to let her live out the rest of her life as comfortably as possible, still able to enjoy food and walk around without shooting pain, still living with optimism instead of a sense of doom that she was prone to. We spent every moment we could with her since we all either lived with her or a block away. When she died, she died of old age, years later. I don't regret never telling her; it left her happiness she otherwise would have pushed away

  • Can't wait to see this but it's going to be tough. Just seeing this made me cry. I love Awkwafina. Her personality is incredible and her talent in everything she does is flawless.

  • At first I was like, wow really you can't find another asian actor except awkwafina or whatever…but I admit, she looks perfect


  • I first heard this story in a This American Life episode! So happy that it’s actually being made into a movie! (Also, apparent update: Grandma still doesn’t know!)

  • gonna see this tomorrow. hope its as good as it seems

  • Where I’m from (or maybe just my family and my friends’) grandparents lie to their children and grandchildren and hide their sickness from them because they don’t want to be a burden to us. Sometimes we find out too late and can’t do anything about it…

  • This American life told me this story years ago.

  • Is this like the Asian "Soul Food?"

  • I remember hearing (what I assume was) this story on This American Life a couple years ago and was most moved by it. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing it this weekend.

  • if anyone is wondering if they should go see this, GO SEE IT! its a phenomenal film and i decided to go last minute at a small theater with my friend and it was an interesting movie and kept me interested the entire time. 🙂 truly a wonderful film and very much worth the $11 ticket

  • This is gonna make me cry isn't it?

  • A movie where I get to see Awkwafina demonstrate her acting range without a caricature and Blaccent. Can't wait.

    Edit: Amazing film. I rarely buy hardcopies of movies these days but this is an instant fav.

  • I saw this movie last weekend, and sure enough I cried. As someone that was raised by his grandparents, the emotional bond that you develop with them is indescribable. It's really second only to the bond you share with your parents. This movie is actually a comedy; although the main plot point is one of drama, it's a funny movie. The director captures the humor in all the emotions, including sadness and grief. I would highly recommend this movie.

  • SUE YUNG!!!!! Rush hour after years.

  • What’s the song called

  • I thought Asians don't get cancer

  • Aquafina " My Vag" lol


  • Can they just find some better looking actors/actresses?

  • English MF. Do. you. speak it. -Samuel L. Jackson

  • I thought most of A24's movies are going to frighten me. It did though. It frightened me with the idea that I'm going to be so dehydrated after watching this from crying so much.

  • While almost everyone could relate to the story in some way, what happened between my grandpa and I was probably the closest to the story in the movie.

    After being informed by my dad that my 86 year-old grandpa in China was diagnosed with cancer,, and he would have no more than 6 months left in his life, I immediately decided to quit my job and to leave the life we loved in California to move back to China with my wife and daughter. It was Chinese New Year when I came home, which spared us from putting up a fake party. And like every Chinese family would do during the Spring Festival, we gathered around the table, my grandpa almost said the exact same thing that the Nai Nai said in the movie, that he was happy that the whole family finally got together. That was almost exactly 1 year after my grandma passed away. He was genuinely happy, especially when holding my daughter – his first great-grandchild in his arm, while the rest of us were quiet, knowing that there was not much time left for him.

    I always wanted to tell him about his condition, because I also believed that he would have wanted to say goodbye, he would have wanted to see his old pals before he dies, and just visit his hometown for the one last time. But I got constantly warned by the rest of my family to not tell him the truth. There even was a time that my father and uncle refused to send him to the hospital because they were worried that he might find out.

    So we put up this show for almost 6 months, during which I helped my grandpa put up a dinner party with some of his old friends he had seen in years. I was by his bed when he suffered, and I was there when his heart stopped beating. Even till this day, my family still believes it was the right thing they did by not telling him the truth. I, however, still doubt it.

    The only difference between the two stories is that the Nai Nai in the real story behind this movie is still alive today, but my grandpa passed away last October.

  • I had to watch this in 3 separate sections and I couldn't hold more than 10 seconds without crying. I miss my grandma so much :c

  • I love when movies tell new stories.
    Especially when they explore other cultures and point of views.
    It's not the race of the director that is to praise, it's her talent, her vision and her knowledge.

  • The song is power hungry animals- Apache relay

  • Such a beautiful movie. I left feeling like a pile of mush.

  • um, it's just so funny it's not even real anymore

  • 1:01 is the money shot. who does that? not even my dad touch my head ever, and we are democratic…-ish

  • isn't that the song from 'The Way Way Back'? The one towards the end?

  • Are Chinese Americans especially likely to sympathize with this movie?

  • oooh they used the song from the way way back

  • god even just the trailer made me cry

  • I lived in China and though Im not Chinese in my experience I would think the younger Chinese generation would be more prone to tell people the truth and the older would keep in a secret to maintain harmony in the family. The younger ones, I think, believe even though harmony is important and keeping secrets is on a case by case basis, they would more likely feel compelled to speak out. This is from my experience teaching young and older adults as well as children in China for 6 years. When you ask them questions about sex, love, family life and such the younger ones tend to be more opinionated about what can or cannot be done whereas the older folks tend to follow a more balanced or maybe even conservative view on things. Sometimes they are conservative because a situation requires time and patience before the necessary action and sometimes the younger people felt compelled to speak out about something because waiting was making the problem worse. The mainland Chinese are so diverse in opinions from grandparents all the way down to the present generation. It's as if they all come from different countries but speak the same language because their views are generally so divergent with each other about things. In the presence of a foreign teacher that holds open discussions about particular topics students are sometimes quite surprised to hear each others answers since cross generation communication about important matters is not discussed as equals but rather in a hierarchical manner. The older speak and the younger listen and in an open forum the younger get to open express their opinions and their reasoning and the older has to listen because they are students, equals, in that particular situation. There is also a subset group of minority Chinese who feel set aside from the normal Han population and they have similar or divergent views on life issues compared to the Han Chinese. I like the film because it shows a family that had adjusted to American life and so understood the East and West contrast and I feel that since I lived in the East, I can understand the differences and similarities between them without going into false generalizations. My own parents were immigrants too so this film, coupled with my experiences abroad, feels quite right in the heart.

  • this american life, anyone? man, i wonder what nainai would say if she saw this movie

  • Jesus even the trailer made me tear up a bit

  • What song is in the last half of the video?

  • When I read imdb synopsis I thought they would literally put in her a dark room lol

  • sobbing. so gooooood.

  • omg cannot wait to see this!

  • Very good movie. I cried

  • This movie and its cast kinda make me wanna cry. Like, the representation and accuracy and heartfelt tone really gets me. Her nai nai reminds me of mine. I love this.

  • thats depressing!

  • this movie was amazing

  • Three hundred and forty people hit the dislike bu- no, that can't be right…

    Three hundred and forty people hit the upside down like button.

  • if you’re thinking about watching this movie, do it because it was a really great one

  • This is the best movie of the year.

  • This film is going to rip my heart out.
    I'm watching it when it comes out when I find a theatre that's it's playing in


  • omg the grandma is so adorable

  • such a great movie.

  • This movie was terrible and a waste of time. Extremely slow and boring. Poorly written. I expected to watch this and feel connection and inspired about the meaning of life, death, family, or SOMETHING. Nothing. The characters just whine and argue about the same thing the entire movie. The trailer tells you exactly what happens and you finish the movie without learning or feeling anything new.

    I come from an Asian heritage and have dealt with illness in my own families. Just pointing that out. I still found this movie boring and would never watch it again. I truly don’t understand how this movie got good reviews.

  • Take my money !!

  • 2:03 Grandma was a Red Guard

  • Double Toasted brought me here

  • What a lovely movie.

  • I haven't seen this movie yet, but I find the trailer both fascinating and disturbing. It reminds me a bit of "Good-bye Lenin." In particular, I wonder how this movie's message squares up with the political situation in China. That people prefer to live with lies than "to live in truth" (Havel)? That an elaborate, state-wide system of deceptions is justified to maintain communal/national/political cohesion? That truth is shameful? That one lives better (and longer) with pipe-dreams than truth? That this is the political culture in China, and ideas of individual autonomy are foreign to it?

    I also wonder if the director offers a subtle/allegorical critique of the Chinese system of government or an affirmation of its methods? Or both?


  • Great movie! Nuanced and real. Family is family and interpersonal relationships have the same dynamics in every culture.

  • this happened in our family, we're not Chinese, but i remember when i got the news of my grandma having cancer, i instantly started crying because i knew what would happen next. after we all had gotten the news, we all went to visit her more often, trying to keep it hidden from her, she thought she had stomach problems, and she was very happy to see us all together like that. it was a hard time for us to go through, seeing her that happy and hearing her voice while knowing we might never get to see and hear her again. she brought us all together again, but when she was gone, some of us drifted apart. i decided to show this movie to my family, i'm pretty sure we're all cry watching it. it's been a year since she died and i hope she's in a better place. i love you grandma.

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