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Can you believe that Fixies are
Such itty-bitty creatures? Even when they’re magnified
It’s hard to see their features. They’re tiny, infinitesimal,
So small it makes you doubt. But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Aquarium The coast is clear. The humans have left. Come on, let’s go!! Masiya, why are the fish looking so tired? Cause they’re not getting enough air in there. The water in the aquarium is dirty
and it needs air, but the filter isn’t working. The filter? Yes, that device over there. This fish need our help
and if we don’t do something right now they could die! Right! First I’ll fix that light, while you and Masiya go over there
and see what is wrong with the filter. But I want to go and look at the filter too. You’re too small for this! Oh! Woh-who-woh! And you’re giant, I mean you’re like six feet tall, huh? That’s enough arguing! Nolik, let’s go! Well, let’s check it. Not working. Nolik, where are you? I’m up here! What are you doing up there? Nothing. Holding on. We don’t have time for that. Get down! We have to get this switch working. Masiya, what’s the matter with the filter? Well, probably something is caught inside
and it’s stopping the motor from turning. A filter is used to keep the aquarium water clean. A motor in the filter turns the paddles
and pumps water through a fine net or a sponge. The dirt in the water gets trapped in there, and the cleaned water is put back into the aquarium. Many filters not only clean the water
but also add air to it, so there will be more oxygen in the water. You see, even though fish live their lives in water, they need oxygen just like all of us. Tideesh! Way to go there! There are lots of ways for people
to breathe under water. As an experiment, try putting
an empty glass upside down in water and you’ll see that some of the air stays in there. That’s the idea behind the ancient diving bell. An empty bell was lowered under the water, and some of the air remained in there
for the diver to breathe. And about 200 years ago
the first diving suits were invented. The diver got air from a hose
that started above the water. This let the diver spend a long time under the water, and even walk around on the bottom,
but just not too far. Later on people learned to squeeze
a lot of air inside of metal tanks. And that’s when scuba diving started. Scuba divers breathe the air stored in these tanks, so they can swim freely, and even dive deep down below the water. Our work is done! The light is on, and the filter is working. – And the fish look so excited!
– As if they’re not fish but… monsters! Thank goodness they’re behind glass! Oh! Papus!! Just hang on! We’ll be right there to save you! But I don’t even have my pack-o-mat! Look how they’re chumping They must be so hungry. You’re right! They’re hungry! Nolik, come on! I can’t believe those fish, they’re so ungrateful! We went ahead and fixed their filter
and all they wanted to do was gobble us up! And I’m the one who saved you from them! I was the one watching what was going on. Oh, gee! Hold it. Do you think giving her some food will help? As long as you’re not thinking that food is me! Fixies go to Fixie schools
And study to be masters. There’s so much they need to learn
To save us from disasters! There isn’t one appliance
That they don’t know about, But if you meet a Fixie, please,
Don’t let their secret out! The Drum Now let’s turn it on. It’s buzzing, you hear it? I would love to, but the only thing I can hear is Nolik’s banging. Nolik, what are you doing? I’m rehearsing my solo! Nolik is the drummer in our rock band.
Didn’t you know that? Why don’t you go and rehearse somewhere else
if you wouldn’t mind. Yeah, alright. I just can’t work like this. Nolik, stop it, please!
Oh, my head is just splitting. Professor Eugenius! Will you come to the laboratory?
There’s something very strange in there. What? I’m hearing some kind of awful sounds! You are? I think it’s a ghost. Back from the dead!!! Don’t you worry about ghosts, Lisa.
I’ll check what it is. Hm. So it’s you making the racket! What? I’m just rehearsing. Well, what is it?! Don’t worry! It’s just a piece of equipment rattling. You know what you should do? You should go and practice back at home,
my young friend! It’s not very hard to make a drum. One way to make it is to take an empty barrel and replace its bottom with a skin
made of leather or plastic. If the skin is stretched tightly,
the sound can get very bright and loud. Really big drums are usually played
with percussion mallets or beaters, while smaller drums can be played
with sticks or with bare hands. Instruments that make sounds by being shaken, scraped or beaten, are all called percussion instruments. There are lots of different percussion instruments, like the small hand drums that are called bongos, big shakers with handles called maracas, cymbals made out of metal.
Now those really make a lot of noise! And there’s tambourines, ratchets and even spoons! That’s right! People can make music
using spoons as a percussion instrument. Tom Thomas! Do you think I can practice my drumming here? Yeah, go ahead! I’ve just got some homework to do. I can do that. And better than you can, too. And what if I play like this, huh?! Then I’ll go like that. Or like that! Ever since I had decided
That a drummer’s what I want to be, There is nothing that I won’t bang on,
Cause the world’s a drum to me! So I bang on radiators,
With a spoon the pot goes – boom, bam, bum! Maybe someone will take pity,
And they’ll buy me my own drum. Bang it, bang it, bang it boom,
bang it boom, bang it boom! Bang it, bang it, bang it bam,
bang it bam, bang it bam! Bang it, bang it, bang it bum,
bang it bum, bang it bum! Bang it, beat it bum, bum!
Bang the drum! Bang the drum! Both my father and my mother
Wish I’d play a violin instead. I don’t want to, I’m a drummer,
But I can’t drum that in their heads. So I bang on radiators,
With a spoon the pot goes – boom, bam, bum! Maybe someday they will get it,
And they’ll buy me my own drum! Bang it, bang it, bang it boom,
bang it boom, bang it boom! Bang it, bang it, bang it bam,
bang it bam, bang it bam! Bang it, bang it, bang it bum,
bang it bum, bang it bum! Bang it, bang it bum, bum!
Bang the drum! Tom Thomas, let’s take a break! But I’m not done! Keep going, Nolik! This is fun! Maybe it’s fun for you! Stop!!! That’s enough!!! And now, let’s turn it off. Can you hear that? It stopped buzzing. It did. Hey everybody, it’s Nolik! Yo! What’s up? So, our noisy ghost is back. I thought you’d be practicing at home now. Tom Thomas is drumming there.
I had to run away. Well, our excursion is over. And now I would just be so happy
to listen to your rock group. Hurrah! Bang the drum! Come on, not so loud! Did you say something?! I beg you, not that loud, please!

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