The Great GCN Diving Challenge | Lessons From Global Triathlon Network

– Now you’re quite right
that you might be wondering what we’re all doing stood
here at the side of a pool looking cool, resplendent in
some cutting edge swimwear. – Yeah, because swimming
trunks is not something you’d normally associate with us here at the Global Cycling Network. – Hold on a minute now. You’re forgetting what not to wear, Richie Porte’s training secret, and the GCN Presenter Challenge. – Well, apart from that it’s not something you’d associate with us at GCN. – No, but there is a real
reason that we are poolside at University of Bath in the UK. Diving. – Diving? I thought we were here for
some serious poolside action, bit of petting, some diving perhaps. – No, no, no, this is serious business. Basically, our producers said that we looked so stupid any
time we get anywhere near a swimming pool. (soft piano music) That we needed some lessons,
so we’ve asked our friends at our new sister channel,
the Global Triathlon Network, to show us how it’s done. (upbeat music) – Please welcome along Heather and Mark. – Hey guys.
– Hello you guys, alright. – So I gather there’s a
little room for improvement on those diving skills? – A little, not much. – I think we’ve got a few
pointers for you at least. – Yes, and after a little research into some of your
previous swimming videos, we’re quietly confident we can help you to do something vaguely like a dive. – Well, to be perfectly
honest with you guys, it’s really good of you to come along, but I think we got this
dialled, to be honest. – How about you let us
be the judge of that. I think it’s time we see
what we’re dealing with. – Yeah, let’s see what you’ve got and we’ll take it from there. – Oh, what’s this? – All right, swimming helmets. (upbeat music) (waters splashing) (record scratching) (water splashing) – Ooh! (water splashing) (upbeat music) (water splashing) – [Onlookers] Aw, yes! (water splashing) (water splashing) – [Onlookers] Ooooh! – Right, we had some great dives there, so let’s get the scores on the doors. – Well, let’s start off by announcing the effort style execution for Dan gives him a midway score. Overall, five out of ten! – [Man] That’s not bad,
Dan, that’s a great score. – [Dan] I’ve done well. – All right good, we were really impressed at Tom’s dive, very elegant. We gave it an overall
score of seven out of ten. – [Man] Whoa, nice one mate. – But, talking about
elegance and being pretty off the block, well, that
has to go to Simon, 7.5! – [Man] Good job mate. – [Simon] Thanks guys. – [Man] Nice skills. – [Simon] I’ve already subscribed. – Hold on a second, you might
not have won though, Si. – Ooooh yeah.
– Just hold your horses guys. – Certainly last but not
least, we have Matt’s dive which was interesting. We gave it a four out of ten. – [Matt] A four. – Well that’s alright, mate. Solid effort. – I’d be pleased with that, to be honest. – Yeah, it’s not bad. There’s room for improvement. I mean, there is room for
improvement for all of us, so how can you help us? Give us some fundamentally important tips to improve, collectively, our diving. (upbeat music) – Understandably, when you’re
stood on the edge of a block about to launch yourself into the water, the last thing you’re thinking
about is your technique, but as we’ve seen, a technique
certainly makes a difference to the quality of a dive
so let’s work through this step by step. Firstly, how you position your feet can really affect your stability
and the power of the dive. Now the more traditional and
probably the safest option is the grab start, simply
grip your toes over the edge around shoulder width apart. You want to feel comfortable
and stable in this position so just shift your feet around
until you’ve got it right. Once you’ve got your foot position, then start bringing your
hands down towards your feet prior to the dive. I would suggest gripping on
to the block with your hands and keeping your head down,
almost tucked between your arms and then keep your hips
up so that you’ve just got a slight bend in your knees. (upbeat music) When you’re going for the dive, start leaning your body weight forwards, then push with your legs and use your arms to drive some momentum
into the dive itself by swinging them forwards. Now, keep your hands on top of each other with your arms in a straight
and streamlined position. To really nail the dive,
keep your head tucked in so that you’re looking
down at the water below. Imagining a hoop in the
water is a really good trick for perfecting your dive. The aim is to get everything
from your hands to your feet through that hoop. Now, try and stay in
that streamlined position as long as you can so that
once you are through that hoop, you continue to glide through the water. – Okay, some pretty solid tips there. Let’s see if we can collectively
make some improvements for round two. – Well, good luck guys. (upbeat music) (water splashing) (water splashing) (onlookers cheer) (water splashing) (water splashing) (water splashing) (water splashing) (water splashing) (water splashing) – Right guys, well thank
you very much for your time and for your tips as well. Before we go through the scores, though, from what I’ve seen of you guys and looking at myself on camera,
I think we’re pretty much dialled in the diving territory now. – We’re all in Tokyo 2020 now. – Yeah, just go– – Well, let’s not get carried away, but there was certainly
some improvements there. – Well I think it’s time
we look at the comparison of before and after. So, let’s start with Dan. Now, remember it was a five out of ten the first time around. – I think the quote was
“middle of the road.” – Well, yeah. You’ll be pleased to know you
were above the middle, 6.5) – [Man] Oh, nice work, mate. Good skills, yeah. – And Tom, certainly some improvement. Some more effort there as well. So we gave it a 7.5. – Solid mate.
– Nice going mate. – And Si, it was pretty the first time. It was still pretty and you
got a little bit further, 8.5. – Oh my word, Si.
– That’s near perfect! – Thank you very much! – And finally, probably the
biggest improvement of the day, Matt. I think it was very impressive. I think we can all say. We came in at 6. – A six, wow.
– Improvement of two. – That’s an improvement of two. – 50%. – In normal money, that’s
quite the improvement mate. – Yeah.
– In normal money. – Well seriously guys,
thank you very much. These are actually great tips today. I know we’re all going
to be subscribing to GTN. You definitely should subscribe as well. In fact, you might as well do it now. If you click on the GTN logo on screen, then you’ll do it straight away. Why not? – Yeah, if you want to learn some more about triathlon, how about
clicking just down here. – Yeah, or for some swimming
tips, click just down there. – Do we have something we
could teach triathletes?

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