The Isle [100] Highlight – Trailer

I know this game for a year now and it’s unbelievable what we’ve experienced all this time. “The Isle” is just full of … …Full of life. Nice light here. … full of horror. That was crazy. He looks so cool. Seiza, you have to get away, he will eat you. Why are you not yet in the forest? He does not eat you, he tramples you down. Help. Oh God, it’s too late now. Do not die there now, run away from the critters. They are too strong. We have to get out of here. In the forest Why are you running towards him? He comes back. He really kidding me. He sees you? Please no.. … full of action. No, my Bleed is not cured. 1 2 3 There’s another shant. The other one is coming. Shit. Did he catch you? All good. Watch out the Rex is here, the Rex is here! What was that? One of us must not bleed. Yes, that was a nice year. But … wait a minute, we forgot something. Because “The Isle” is full of … … full of fails. Wow … not! No! Why are you dead? But … how did you do that? CircleofLife: ~ Speisendisigner has broken his leg. ~ CircleofLife: Ahhhh … Seiza?
Yes? Are you close to me? There is something in the forest here. I’m close and Paul too. What is “something”? Before me… No, run Do not run away. No! No! No no. No. No. No. No.

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