The Latest Inventions That Actually Completely Make Sense

Here are some of the latest and best inventions
that we can all actually use! Wait until you hear how the bubble water pods
taste! 10 – Ovis Luggage
Traveling can be fun, or it can totally suck. It all depends on how much luggage we have. And this is why Ovis luggage was invented! Who wants to lug around heavy luggage when
we have technology that allows luggage to FOLLOW us around?! Unlike standard luggage, the Ovis Suitcase
uses self-driving technology and algorithms to follow their owners anywhere. Computer vision technology allows the Ovis
Suitcase to spot obstacles and move around them. Through a series of complex algorithms, the
AI apparently not only “see”, but it also identifies what it’s seeing. The main thing to take away is Ovis is able
to easily stay by your side at all times. You don’t have to be constantly looking
over your shoulder to check up on it. But what about those times when you want to
take over, such as on escalators and stairs? All you would need to do is to put your hand
on the Ovis Suitcase handle to switch it to manual mode. For 800 bucks, it’s money well spent! 9 – Cleansebot
No matter how nice a hotel is, have you ever had the suspicion that it’s still not REALLY
clean? Well, if you’re a germophobe, the cleansebot
is probably exactly what you want. CleanseBot works by using four UV-C lamps
to offset bacteria, germs, and dust mites. It’s the world’s first bacteria killing
robot! We spend a third of our life in bed, so it
DOES make sense to keep it clean! CleanseBot can easily glide over surfaces
to eliminate any bacteria and germs left behind. It can clean blankets, bedsheets, carpets
and even the floor to a certain extent. So what keeps it from falling off a bed? Well, it’s got 18 sensors in it so it knows
when to stop. It’s around the size of a smoke detector,
so it really doesn’t take up much space in luggage. But the real question is, does it really work? The founders say that the device kills 99.99%
of any E Coli present. It’s probably something you don’t ACTUALLY
need, but hey, it’s totally worth it if you’re a germaphobe! 8 – Smart buckle
The watch is easily one of the most important accessories worn by many men and women on
a daily basis. But some people just don’t want to give
up wearing their Rolexes or Audemars! A recent Kickstarter product, Smart Buckle,
turns your ordinary watch into a smartwatch. The Smart Buckle is just a buckle that can
be attached to any ordinary watch. This little accessory is able to work just
like any smart watch. It monitors and tracks various activities
such as sleep, distance traveled, and calories burned. The buckle is connected to an app that’s
on your smartphone. It’s heralded as the first device that “intelligently
upgrades classic watches. According to the founders of the smart buckle,
they wanted to create a product that allows people to wear their favorite timepieces while
also being able to have access to smartwatch capabilities. All you have to do to breathe new life into
your existing watch is to replace the buckle. The Smart Buckle can help your existing watch
practically do anything a current fitness tracker can do without having to change your
favorite watch! 7 – EyeDrive
Plenty of high end cars have heads up displays that show data on a windshield so we don’t
get distracted while we’re driving. But what about on older cars without it? This is where EyeLights comes in! Eyelights is a developer of augmented reality
devices. And they’ve developed EyeDrive, which essentially
makes any windshield into a holographic surface filled with information. The EyeDrive makes a windshield your holographic
hub where you can get updates such as calls, messages, maps, and music control. All this without checking your phone while
driving and taking your eyes off the road. Basically, it’s augmented reality to improve
your overall driving experience by keeping you safe! Here are some statistics. Cell phone use while driving leads to 1.6
million crashes each year. Nearly 390,000 injuries occur each year from
accidents caused by texting while driving. Texting and driving is SIX times more likely
to cause an accident than driving drunk. How crazy is that?! On average, drivers lose 5 full seconds of
attention when they glance at their smartphones while driving. And it’s not just drivers in cars. It’s for motorcycle riders as well! In 2017, the company launched the first head-up
display for motorcycle riders that fits in every helmet! 6 – Padrone ring
What exactly is a Padrone Ring? Well, instead of having a usual mouse, this
is a device that’s essentially a 3D mouse. So what’s a 3D mouse? It’s a mouse that uses an infrared sensor
or a multi-axis sensor cluster to control the cursor on your computer screen. It’s the same technology in your smartphone. The concept isn’t exactly new, but the traditional
mouse still is pretty much around everywhere. 3D mice are often sold as remotes for home
theater computers, where you don’t have the space for a mouse pad. The Padrone Ring turns your fingers into a
mouse and any surface into a mouse pad. Just wear the Padrone ring on any finger and
put that finger on a surface. Boom, you’ll be able to control your computer
or laptop just like that. As soon as your index finger touches the table,
the mouse pointer starts following your fingertip. When you lift your fingertip again, the mouse
pointer stops moving. Connection is with bluetooth, so there’s
no clunky software to install. Overall, the founders seems to want people
to actually wear this thing all day long. They want it to be the kind of wearable electronic
that you wouldn’t need to pull out of a bag because it’s already on your finger! 5 – HiMirror
Here’s a fun fact: More than 41 percent of Americans use make-up. And for those users, the HiMirror is extremely
handy. However, it also gives nonmakeup users exactly
the information they need for areas they may want to moisturize. The HiMirror analyses your skin, presenting
a breakdown of wrinkles, red spots, dark spots, dark circles, fine lines, pores and roughness! This thing literally tells you the number
of wrinkles and fine lines you have. HiMirror also provides tips and recommendations
on products that have worked for people with your own personal skin type in environments
similar to where you live. All that’s based on data gathered via their
anonymous database. The advice that’s given by the mirror is….interesting
to say the least. For example, it’ll say such things as telling
you to get more calories from peanut butter. Or tell you that your outer skin “loses
moisture easily, as it’s composed of the oldest and driest cells”. HiMirror is trying to be your very own private
24-7 beauty consultant. This sounds exactly like something Michael
Jackson would have in all the mirrors in his home if he were still around today! MJ definitely owned a lot of crazy stuff! Find out all about his hyperbaric chamber
by clicking here! 4 – Lynq
This device is perfect for those people who have friends or kids who wander off! Lynq aims to help people who need to locate
their friends and family in a pinch. Lynq is a little gadget that you can clip
on. It tells you how far and in what direction
other people are without any data connection needed. The palm-sized device is as simple as it gets. Guess how many buttons there are? Just one! The sole purpose of Lynq is to show the distance
and direction of other people in your group through a tiny circular screen. It uses long-range, low-power frequencies
to connect to other Lynq devices and GPS for location, so no phones or Wi-Fi are needed. Users will have a closed, private network
dedicated to the group so there’s no worries of someone random trying to track someone’s
location. You can connect or link up to 12 devices at
a time, and you can also assign specific names to each device! 3 – Sunglasses Contact Lenses
You’ve heard of transitions glasses right? You know, the glasses that turn into sunglasses
whenever it detects the sun? But how come they don’t make anything like
that for people who wear contacts? Oh wait, now they do! Acuvue Oasys Transitions contacts protect
your eyes from UV rays. They also block excess light and help you
squint less in the sun. And, depending on who you ask, they look really
creepy or really cool! These Acuvue contacts have quote, “Light Intelligent
Technology”. It’s a photochromic additive mixed into
the soft hydrogel material, the stuff that contact lenses are made of. When this photochromic additive is exposed
to UV light or blue light from screens and lightbulbs, it darkens the lens to block UV
radiation and excessive light waves, just like sunglasses do! When your eyes are exposed to UV light, the
lenses take around 45 seconds to fully darken. Once you’re out of that environment, they
go back to clear in around 90 seconds. However, these contact lenses AREN’T a replacement
for sunglasses. While the lenses do block UV radiation, sunglasses
are still important. That’s because they help protect your entire
eye and the skin around it from UV damage. 2 – Bubble Water
The huge amount of plastic we currently use is a big problem that we currently have. Plastics don’t degrade and some types of
plastic can theoretically just last pretty much forever. That’s not even getting into the problems
with microplastics. One of the biggest wastes out there is the
one-time use plastic bottle. Although plastic water bottles are undoubtedly
convenient, the average plastic bottle takes over 450 years to decompose! However there’s an invention that’s seeking
to reduce our use of plastic. Instead of the regular plastic bottle, there’s
a seaweed pouch that you can just pop in your mouth! The seaweed pouches, called Ooho, are produced
by Skipping Rocks Lab. You would essentially bite into the pouch
to release the liquid inside and the entire pod can be entirely consumed. Or, if you’re not into the whole seaweed
thing, you can just throw it on the ground where it breaks down in roughly four to six
weeks! Supposedly, we’re now consuming 1 million
plastic bottles a minute. And over 90% of these bottles aren’t recycled.This
plastic gets into the environment, especially the seas, rivers, and shores. Untold numbers of aquatic animals are negatively
affected by the consumption of plastics. So far, this edible water bottle hasn’t
exactly caught on yet. But, the manufacturing process is covered
under a Creative Commons license. The recipe can be freely distributed and is
readily available for anyone to use, and there’s no reason why water pods shouldn’t be a
thing! 1 – Tubshroom
Who actually likes clogged drains?! NO ONE! The tubshroom is perfect for anyone that has
a lot of hair to deal with. The Tubshroom is called the tubshroom because
well, it looks like a little rubber mushroom. It’s simple, but extremely effective at
catching hair and prevents it from going down the drain. And, when you take it out, you can clean it
in seconds. Watch this video next to find out about the
craziest things Michael Jackson owned!

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