The Mystery of Rabbit Island

– [Narrator] Okinoshima
Island is a short 12 minute ferry ride from Hiroshima region of Japan. While the sandy and
palm-lined beaches are perfect for holiday makers,
the island draws crowds for a different reason: rabbits. Lots of ’em. And how they got there is a mystery. (upbeat music) (playful music) Between 1929 and 1945, Japanese armies secretly produced over
6,000 tons of poison gas on Okinoshima Island. Some believe the current
rabbits are descendants of those brought to the
island to test the gas. But the current director
of the Poison Gas Museum insists these bunnies have
nothing to do with those from the World War II era. So where do they come from? – [Narrator] One theory. – [Narrator] So those
rabbits were released and with no real predators, they bred like, well, like rabbits. And yet another theory. – [Narrator] Either
way, this new generation of feral rabbits has the run of the land. They’re creating a new story separate from the sordid past of Okinoshima Island. An island once known
for death is now known for possibly the cutest
thing ever: bunnies. (playful music)

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