The Sixth Extinction

[MUSIC] The California Golden Bear
The Great Auk The Passenger pigeon
The Tasmanian tiger The Pinta Island tortoise
The Golden toad All dead. And the killer is right there in
the room with you. [MUSIC] The walls of France’s Lascaux cave hold
some of humankind’s earliest art, almost mythical species: a wooly rhinoceros, enormous-antlered
Megaloceros elk and massive aurochs. The artists lived on, became us, but those cave walls are the last
place that those animals still run. They’re gone. Extinct. We all pretty much understand extinction,
it’s when a species kicks the proverbial bucket, it rides off into the great biological
sunset, bites the dust from whence it came and shall return, which is all just a pretty
way of saying that every last one of them dies. Even kids are used to the idea that sometimes
groups of living things just… don’t exist anymore. Okay, mostly don’t exist. But extinction, as a thing, is a surprisingly
new concept. In the 1790’s, by studying various fossils, naturalist Georges Cuvier
was the first to show that they were not from living, yet undiscovered creatures, as many
thought, but from what he called “lost species”. In the decades to come, scientists like Charles
Lyell and ol’ Chuck Darwin began to popularize the idea that Earth’s processes, like geology,
evolution, and even extinction, did occur, just very, very, verrrry slowly. So slowly
that we’d surely never actually see something go extinct. The idea of so-called catastrophic
change was just impossible… It wasn’t until the 1980’s that scientists
were able to shake that idea. Geologist Walter Alvarez was puzzled by the sudden disappearance
of tiny aquatic fossils between two rock layers that dated from about 66 million years ago,
the same age as the last dinosaurs. With the help of his Nobel Prize winning father, he
analyzed the chemistry of that boundary and found iridium levels that were off the charts.
Now, there’s usually not much iridium in Earth’s crust, but it’s very common in
asteroids. So Alvarez’s theory? A 10-km wide rock collided with Earth, wiping out
75% of Earth’s plants and animals. To be honest scientists kinda laughed at it… until
the 1991 discovery of the Chicxulub crater near the Yucatan peninsula finally settled
it. Everything alive today is a descendent of
a survivor of that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, the so-called Cretaceous-Paleogene
mass extinction event, the most recent of the Big 5. You should feel pretty lucky. When we look
at all of Earth’s fossil record together, 98% of the species that have ever lived are
extinct,. Only they haven’t always disappeared at a constant rate. In the history of life on Earth, we know of
5 different mass extinctions, when a majority of life on Earth at the time disappeared in
the blink of a geologic eye. Besides the most recent dino-killer, there’s
the Triassic-Jurassic, Late Devonian, Ordivician-Silurian, and the worst of all, the End Permian. This was the
mother of mass extinctions, it wiped out as many as 96% of Earth’s species, so it got the
best nickname: The Great Dying. We’ve learned about all these just in time
to get some bad news: We are in the 6th mass extinction, and this time, we are the asteroid. The hard facts of life mean that even when
things are going pretty well on Earth, there’s a background rate of extinction. Among mammals,
for instance, we’d expect to see one species go extinct every 700 years, or maybe one
amphibian every thousand years. Studies of current extinction rates say we’re
roughly one thousand times past that, and in some groups, like amphibians, are disappearing
forty-five thousand times faster than normal. And since there are so many species still
unknown or uncharacterized, all of those numbers are probably underestimates. Goodbye, gastric brooding frog, Pyrenean ibex,
the Fomosan clouded leopard. We could have been friends. So how do we know we’re to blame? Around 13,000 years ago, as Earth thawed from
its most recent big freeze, all of our favorite weird megafauna like the wooly mammoth, Smilodon,
and our old friend Megatherium disappeared from the Earth, thanks to a changing climate
and the invention of sharp stabby hunting tools. I really wish we had saved the 8-foot
long beaver though. That would be awesome. Along the way, through hunting and farming,
humans have been altering ecosystems in small but significant ways, but since the Industrial
Revolution, man we have really kicked it into overdrive. With the exception of maybe the first bacteria
to breathe oxygen into the air, no living thing has ever altered life on Earth to the
degree that we have, which is why scientists now refer to current epoch as the Anthropocene. “We are the ultimate problem. There are 7
billion people on the planet, we tend to destroy critical habitats where species live, we tend
to be warming the planet, we tend to be very careless about moving species around the planet.” According to a 2014 paper by Stuart Pimm in
Science (link in the doobly do), the main cause of the current extinction is human population
growth and increased consumption. But those two things lead to a whole mess of threats: The most obvious are climate change and habitat
destruction. Scientists found that most land species have very small ranges, so they can’t
just pack up and move when we cut down their forest or turn it into a desert.
Ocean species have more freedom to move to better waters, unless they’re coral reefs,
but thanks to the highest atmospheric CO2 concentrations in 800,000+ years turning the
oceans more acidic, anything with a calcium based shell has nowhere to run… or swim.
If current trends hold up and the ocean hits pH 7.8 by end of century, it could wipe out
⅓ of the species in the ocean. Then there’s the invaders! Thanks to a species
of snake hitching a ride on military cargo in the 1940s, Guam has lost all of its native
birds. “I have had it with these (invasive) snakes on this (Guam-bound cargo) plane” In Africa’s Lake Victoria, 100s of species
of cichlid fish species vanished after fishermen introduced the Nile Perch. Go us!
We’re erasing species faster than we can even name them. Stanford’s Rodolfo Dirzo
says that in the past 40 years, invertebrate populations, which might make up 97% of species
on Earth, have declined 45% worldwide, and that’s just the ones we know about. (Link
in the doobly do to that one too) You have to feel worst for the amphibians.
Over the past 350 million years, they’ve survived multiple mass extinctions, but this
time we’re giving them all we’ve got. Dirzo gives this loss of animal life a rather
harmless sounding name: Defaunation. But there is nothing cute about it. There is not a group
of living things on Earth today that is not threatened by the current and coming extinction.
That includes us. Extinction is about more than gorillas, tigers,
polar bears, and rhinos, and the dozens of other “famous” or “charismatic” species
out there. Those are all important and worth saving, but we need to care just as much about
the humble beetles, the ugly little worms, and the slimy frogs. Every species, big or small, panda or protozoa,
is important and worth saving, whether or not we understand exactly why it’s worth
saving. John Muir once said, “When we try to pick
out anything by itself we find that it is bound fast by a thousand invisible cords that
cannot be broken, to everything in the universe.” I’ve put some links down in the description
where you can get to know some of Earth’s less-loved endangered species. Go make friends
with one. Our knowledge and understanding of the planet’s
ecosystems may be incomplete, but our effect on them knows no bounds. I hope the same tools
and technology that we’ve used to push life on Earth to the edge might also give us power
to bring ‘em back. So what are we gonna do? Let’s talk about
it down there. Stay curious. If you want to read more about the brilliant
and tragic stories of extinction in this age of humans, check out “The Sixth Extinction”
by Elizabeth Kolbert, link in the description.

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  • The gastric-brooding frog was birthed again in 2016.

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  • In other words, STOP KILLING WEEDS. Weeds = the first stage in greening droughted areas that used to be lush and green. Killing weeds with chemicals should be illegal, because every one of those have their own purpose. The reason why they are "Invasive" is because that IS their job. Then once those "Invasive" weeds grow, grass will start to "Invade" the area, because those weeds are drawing nutrients up their roots from deep in the ground, a depth grass doesn't grow to. Then eventually, the area will start to grow it's own vegetation.

    The answer to all our pleas:

    Respect from New Zealand (You'll know why).

    This makes global warming look like the joke it is. The real culprit is mass urbanization from colonization.

  • Latest research shows the mega fauna extinction 12,000 years ago is the same as the dinosaurs and has been attributed to a massive air burst comet over north america and not humans with sharp sticks, also known as the Clovis People. Who by the way disappeared at the same time.

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  • What if we co-ordinated earthlings directed our brave soldiers & technical military to prepare for diverting incoming asteroids instead of trying to foolishly inflict our individual masterly superiority over each other. It’s time for earth to decide if we want to evolve or dissolve. No human could survive a man-made or asteroid-made nuclear winter. We need to talk about this, before it’s too late. Does this not sound like a worth-while adventure ?

  • Its too late we as a sp3cies that had the capability to change this situation has let time elapse past the point of no return, now i believe that this was our intended purpose that we are no more than another tool in the box of life and it's zillion year evolutionary process I think we by nature are designed for the purpose of being this catalyst of change in life of earths evolutionary process the 6th extinction continues and it makes way for something new

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    1. The world’s total population would have to accept to not bring children into this world for the next 20 years. ( there are plenty of children that need love and a home )
    2. People that would like to end their lives should be legally and socially accepted.( euthanasia) (a persons dignified right)😀
    3. All wars must stop today. ( people get to go home to live in there own places )
    4. The automobile industry must stop producing Fossil Fuel Powered social vehicles ending 2017. ( people get to still have a job in the motor industry building alternative vehicles )
    5. All countries that can ,will need to produce their own products (reducing ocean travel fuel burn)( sustain a work force)
    6. All global business will need to move investment to full blown Renewable energy supply. ( they and their investors still make money )
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    10. Understanding that there is a lot more to UNDERSTAND and DO to save LIFE. The Scientific COMMUNITY have a colossal job in helping to do this. We need all of us to DO this, ALL OF US. And the list goes on.
    (Patience and faith in one another)

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