The Smallest UNDERWATER Drone!

– Welcome to the small
town of Fillmore, Utah. This place is about three
hours away from my house. And it’s in the middle of,
seriously, cow pastures, and they just have these hot springs that go down really deep. Today we are doing something
a little interesting. Remember the underwater
drone videos we did in Cancun and Lake Powell, Utah? Well, I’ve got the latest and
greatest underwater drone. This one is a bit unique, and it’s different than the
ones that we’ve had before, ’cause the old ones, to
be honest and to be fair, we had a lot of bugs in them. I’m excited to try out this latest one, this is from Chasing Dory, and they said that they
would send it to us and sponsor a video if we’d give it a try, so yeah, we’re gonna see
what’s inside of the old, the old hot springs, and check
out this Chasing Dory drone. First of all, this is way smaller, like the other one that
we had was this giant box that required you to bring
an entire suitcase for it. And this is it. Oh my gosh. Look how small this
thing is, that’s crazy! Kind of a clever name, Dory, Chasing Dory, Nemo chasing Dory in the movie. Little copyright issues
probably there, but. Inside of the box, we have, it looks like the wifi base
station that goes on the top, and this connects via this yellow cable. I got this wifi base
connected to the actual drone via this cable, and I connected the app, as a camera, it does
look like it’s connected. All right, this is a
submarine, just set it in, okay, good, it floats. This is the wifi base. This is where the hole is, that’s where the deep
stuff is right there. Oh, I can see it, I can see. Okay, record. Here we go, oi! Whoa!
– Oh. – Uh-oh.
– Something happened. – [Dan] Now she’s going down. She’s going under. What the heck?
– Oh my gosh. (laughing) – Where you going buddy? All right, now I’m piloting it. Now we’re going. (light music) We’ve got a rock inside of it and we didn’t wanna push
it out with a stick. You wanna try and get
it out with this one? Where is it?
– Right, I think you see it.
– So when you’re in a place like this that’s super tight, I think I got some of that
stuck inside of the motor. Where when we’re in open
waters and on the ocean, you probably won’t have that problem. Totally fixed it. That little stick is super important. Now I’m going way down. Oh I just hit the bottom. See how dirty it is? It’s just dirty in there. Oh! Oh there it is! Dude this is fun actually. In the wide open space. (upbeat music) So it runs for about an hour. I think I’ve exceeded
that one hour time limit and it’s not at the most ideal spot. ‘Cause I don’t think
this is the hot springs you wanna swim in. So I got this giant
stick and it looks like it’s just beyond the reach. – Okay I’ll be your backup.
– Oh! All right, hold on to my hand.
– I’ll be your backup. (water splashing)
– Oh! Come on. I think I kinda made the water go, ah! – I got a stick.
– Okay, hold on (laughing). I don’t know if your stick
is gonna make it, I’ll try. Ah! I couldn’t quite reach it.
– Oh man! – Thanks for trying though.
(water splashing) Oh that was so close!
– One more. Oh it’s coming.
– It’s coming, all right. We got this.
– We got it. (water splashing)
– Yeah, yes. – There we go, woo hoo hoo!
– We found Dory! (men laughing)
Nice catch. Oh gosh, okay.
– Yeah, what’s up? – Yeah, there we go, thank you stick. The sun is setting. I’ve run out of my one hour time period and I need to detangle this line. But the Chasing Dory drone is definitely the best drone that I’ve used. I feel like we’re getting much closer to the point where these underwater drones are actually consumer friendly, where you don’t have to
have a ton of experience and training in order to fly these. This one I would actually
buy and keep it on my boat if I was a boat person and take it out, I’m going fishing, or
just to get some fun shots of the kids diving in unique places. This one’s fairly easy to use. It’s easy to store. It’s easy to carry with you because it’s so small and then also because everything is
used on the phone app, it makes it a lot better than having a giant controller that
needs to be connected to it. Thank you Chasing Dory
for sponsoring this video. If you are interested in this, they have a kick starter
going on right now, I’ll put a link in the description if you wanna check this product out. Pretty fun.

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