The True Care and FAQs about African Dwarf Frogs

hey guys so today’s video I’m gonna be
doing a topic that has many articles on it and some videos but no one really
goes into depth and tells you the truth on African dwarf frogs. So in this video
i will be telling you everything that no one tells you or goes deep into and
hopefully you get something from this video and yeah let’s get started. Let’s
start off with tank size, the rule is a gallon per frog and they can, i’ve read
both, they can be social animals or they’re not social animals it doesn’t
matter so if you’re going to have more than one frog you’re going to need more
than a gallon tank I have two frogs and they’re currently kept in a five gallon
tank and that is like minimum if you plan on keeping more than two I suggest
you move up to a 10 gallon tank just so they have room to move around and they
have their own space and they’re not on top of each other
now these frogs are fully aquatic so that means leave them in the water do
not take them out of the water don’t play with them you know frogs are known
to carry salmonella so if you do touch them make sure you do wash your hands
and if you have to stick your hands in the tank for any reason make sure that
afterwards you do wash your hands to not contract that with these animals you are
going to want a lid on top of the tank they are frogs they jump and when they
come up for air sometimes they will shoot themselves straight out here is
what I have on top of my tank as you could see it’s just two pieces of glass
with a guppy divider over the little open area you want as little
open as possible because these guys will jump as you can see there’s maybe an
inch open with with fish tank covers that do normally go on fish tanks you’re
going to want to cover as many of those open holes as possible I will leave a
link to how I’ve seen people cover those holes some people just take styrofoam
and put them in there or you take like do like I did just put a piece of glass
over it a piece of screening you’re going to want to cover as much as
possible because these guys will jump with these animals they you want to keep
them in warmer water temperatures anywhere from the range of 72 to about
80 degrees anything less than that they are not going to be able to carry out
their functions their metabolism they are animals that you need to provide the
heat for them for them to regulate their body because they cannot do that
themselves with these animals you can keep fish but you want to be careful
with the types of fish you choose because too aggressive animals will eat
all the food you put at the top that does float and none will get down to the
bottom or they can reach you don’t want to add fish that are too big that are
going to pick on the frogs or possibly eat your frogs with my frogs I currently
have ghost shrimp in the tank that clean the bottom of the tank of whatever is
left over that floats to the bottom after feeding or leftover food that they
don’t eat that I put in the tank you are going to want a lighting schedule with
these frogs day-night they need day and night so I turn my light on at 9:00 and
I leave it on two hours and then I turn it off but you can leave them in your
room that gets light you don’t want these indirect you don’t want these fish
in direct sunlight though because I will heat up the water that will boil them
they’re not direct sunlight amphibians with these fish I would say you’re
definitely going to want a heater in their tank it’s just hard to keep their
water a temperature that you can control so I would definitely recommend a heater
is one of those things you do need now one thing I have gone back and forth on
is a filter for these guys because you do need to be careful with the water
flow the intakes because they are small animals and the two of the filter where
the water gets sucked up is big enough for them to get a foot a hand a body
part stuck in there and you don’t want them stuck in the filter another thing
is the they are not great swimmers so you you don’t want this heavy water flow
that is going to prevent them from getting up to the surface of the water
to breathe air they do breathe air they spend most of time in water but they do
come up for air so if you have that water constantly pushing them down they
will drown and you have you don’t I do have a bubbler in my tank just to move
the water because I am one of those people that I don’t have a filter but I
changed the water quite often every other day I am changing the water
because I opted not to have a filter because I personally think they do
better without a filter because they are sensitive to noise and the constant
vibrating of the filter it makes it makes them uncomfortable so I just opted
to do water changes I do them every other day you can go you can change
their water once a week once every other week but I would not go much more than
every other week changing their water so if you’re gonna opt for the non filter
side I do suggest plants to help with that so now we’re gonna get to like
the topic that I had when I got these guys I struggled with the most because
there’s 9000 forums there’s 10,000 pages on Google everyone has their own opinion
and got on what should happen and how you should do it and and that is what
water do you use what water are you putting in their tank can you use tap
water can use distilled water spring water water conditioner is like what is
safe for these guys and everyone has an opinion everyone has something to say
everyone has done something different I use tap water from my sink that’s what I
use for my fish that’s what I use for these guys for any aquatic animal I have
owned I have used my tap water but for my frogs what I do is I will take one of
these gallon jugs fill it up with water and then I take the aqueon water
conditioner because I have a five gallon aquarium I don’t want to put five
milliliters of water conditioner in my tank because five milliliters of water
conditioner is supposed to use with ten gallons so I would be doubling the
amount of water conditioner in my tank so I will fill it up halfway to the five
and I will split it between two gallon water jugs so after so I will see I will
put the water conditioner in the jugs first and then I will fill it up with
tap water and then I will let it sit out overnight I was scared because I didn’t
know if this was frog safe and that that was what what scared me and I went on
all these frog Facebook pages and I asked and I researched and there wasn’t
much on the water conditioner that is safe for frogs or for these frogs
specifically and I was terrified to use this water conditioner because I didn’t
want to use it and kill my frogs use this water conditioner and it’s just the
clean water do not use the stress coat one because if your water conditioner
uses aloe vera in the water conditioner it’s going to clog your fish’s cores and
you could have very fatal results whether it’s prime water conditioner
whether it’s actually on water conditioner make sure it does not have
aloe vera in it I cannot stress that enough you also want to test your water
to make sure all the pH and the nitrates are all good you get a test kit at Petco
you can get em at Petsmart you can order them off Amazon the a big test water kit
is 22 bucks I think on Amazon so and you get like 800 tests so completely worth
it and I will link a page that talks about the peat what level pH should be
and stuff like that so for my little guys I give them frozen bloodworms and
just to make sure they’re getting that extra nutrients I will give them a few
pellets I put their food and let it defrost in the little petri bowl till
it’s all defrosted and then I just pick them up with my little tongs and this is
just make sure that like they are eating their individually getting enough food
and I’ll just pick out little pieces and I’ll drop them in and sometimes they’re
smart and they will figure out that these mean food you want to give them
different points of nutrients most people don’t necessarily recommend the
pellets as a constant source of food and that is because the pellets do tend to
break down relatively quick and they will spike your ammonia levels in your
water I feed my frogs every Monday Wednesday Friday and I tried to not feed
them over the weekend and you can drop this food in and they will
find it and they will scavenger for it but I do like feeding them with the
tongs because I can monitor how much they’re eating if they are eating if
they’re not eating so I really am a big lover of tongue feeding I do it with my
Oscar my Jack Dempsey downstairs I do it with these guys it just allows me to
monitor it more and be more in control of how much are they eating one is not
eating more than the other taking food away from the other so it I again you
can drop the food in they will find it they will scavenger for it they will be
fine but I just like to it’s more of a monitoring thing for me than anything
else now before I got these guys I did have a
frog before them I had him for seven years his name was Thunder love of my
life I got him in eighth grade maybe I had him all through high school and I
had him up until my sophomore year of college we got and he when I tell you he
came everywhere with me he came everywhere with me he was my
show-and-tell in high school he was my show-and-tell at work
he came and hung out with me downstairs upstairs everything I did he did he came
to college with me he was loved in life everyone who came into my dorm room was
like oh I’m here for the Frog I want to feed him I wanna you know I want to see
him and he was mr. sociable people liked him more than they liked me and I had
him for seven years he was my buddy when he died I cried and I was not thrilled
but again with him and with these guys I had the issue of is he full is he fat or
is this bloat is this dropsy it was hard for me to determine the difference
between below dropsy below and fat blue and then I
guess the main difference is or I know them
differences with dropsy blue where fish is going to swell everywhere their legs
are going to swell their face is going to swell their skin just doesn’t look
like it’s attached to their body now with full belly I just ate a lap low if
you look at their tummy the left side of their just the left side of their tummy
is going to be full because that’s where all their food is sitting with dropsy
it’s everywhere they can also get fungal infections one thing that no one told me
and I did not know until it happened and I was kind of freaking out is these guys
shed their skin do not freak out about it
shedding their skin is fine should just like come off of them if it’s cut if
it’s like flaking off and like in little it’s in bits and pieces I would watch
that with a little bit of concern but if if it’s coming off like skin like a
jacket it’s absolutely fine and we’ll take them a little bit to get it all off
but as it comes off they eat it as it comes off there they will shove it in
their mouth for nutrients sake and they will all right before they shed they
will turn they will turn pale they don’t always eat it so if you do see skin
laying around the tank don’t panic that oh my frog didn’t eat
his skin like Ozzy is talking about it’s kind of gross but it’s also fine if they
don’t eat it or shove it in their mouth they have the attention span of a fully
so sometimes they just something distracts them in their off and last but
certainly not least is your frog a male or a female now my two frogs are males
so I’m not really much help in the female section but um males have like
little white almost pimply it looks like a pimple behind their armpits it can be
white it can be pink I will post pictures
of what a male looks like here and females are larger more pear-shaped they
don’t have that like pimple underneath their art or behind their armpit and females who are gravid who have eggs in
them will also look a little bit like they’re bloated but they are just
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