The Update Aquatic Is Coming To Minecraft Spring 2018!

So I guess I’m on my own out here. Finally, I can do whatever I want. What would I do
if I could do anything I want? I’ve always wanted
to have my own talk show. Can I get like a talk show desk?
is that possible? Can I get that? You should remove some of these.
I should get outta your way. Oh, there’s a desk. Good. I like just asking for stuff,
and it shows up. That’s pretty awesome.
Got the chair there, also the desk. Oh, look at this. You might have to unclip my mic.
There we go. And– Like a real — I’m going to be
like a late-night talk show host. This is so great. Look at this. Right? Look at this, I got a jacket,
and a mug, and a clipboard. Pretty awesome.
I got a live studio audience. Broadcasting around the globe. I feel like there’s one thing missing. Oh, I know. Perfect. Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome my first guest, the one and only Jens Bergensten. -Jens, welcome to the show.
-Thank you, thank you. Great to have you
on the show here, Jens. We’ve always wanted to get you on
as a guest. It’s been a dream of mine. First of all, Jens Bergensten,
I gotta say I am a big fan. What is it that you do? My title is lead creative designer. Lead creative designer.
That’s impressive. I’ve been kind of the lead developer
of Minecraft for six years now
since the first MineCon. So… So do you get to decide
everything that happens? No, no, not really. When it comes to Minecraft’s
game design, my words matter. But I’m a very Swedish person.
I also look for consensus– You always get the consensus
of the group. Yeah, definitely.
And we have a huge community that always have lots of great ideas
that influences us a lot. So it’s a very interactive–
There’s an ongoing dialogue. And it’s important to really listen to the community
and the people you work with. -Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
-You sound like a great leader. We could use some leadership. I mean, in the world– In Minecraft. How did you get involved,
Jens, with Minecraft? What’s your sort of origin story? Well, I got involved with Markus
who created the game. Markus who is known as Notch. He had to quit his day job
to work on Minecraft full-time It was growing fast,
and he formed Mojang to take care of Minecraft. But, like, the idea we had was– Minecraft had peaked, so he needed
people to work on new games. So he didn’t assign you to Minecraft.
He was content with Minecraft. “Please work on new games.”
What happened? -That didn’t happen more or less.
-So you just worked on Minecraft. Yeah. There was so much to do
on Minecraft, so I helped out. When I started working at Mojang,
it had sold 700,000 copies. It rose to 1 million,
and a year later it was 2. So it was just taking off. It’s been a global phenomenon. The fans around the world
and the fans here are super-excited. It is such a great community, and you guys
take care of it very well. From my own experience,
my kids are playing, or they’re watching YouTubers
around Minecraft all the time. I’m one of those dads who is like,
“Turn it down.” But it is fun to see them
get super-excited about– They’ve got so many questions.
I know you guys do too, but it’s my turn. What are the possibilities? Because it does seem
like Minecraft has no limits. It’s almost like you can do anything. I ask my kids, “What can you build?
Could you build like a–?” What would be a crazy update? Could you get a flower
that shoots out of a rocket–? Whatever. What are the limitations? No, you’re right.
Like, almost anything goes. And we always want to update
and add new stuff to Minecraft. We have settled on the core Minecraft
that we call vanilla Minecraft. That’s like an adventure game.
So we try to stay to that theme. But there are mods and add-ons
and everything beyond that. But every day– Not every day.
Every year, we want to improve the vanilla gameplay
as well. So it seems to me, do you guys
spend a lot of your time thinking–? Talk about trying to think
outside the block. Guys, it’s my show, okay? We’re on my time.
This is a great mug. Right? 1099. Not water. Do you spend a lot of time thinking
of new ways to outsmart yourselves? What are those sessions like where you’re spitballing
what the new updates will be? Yeah, like, it’s kind of funny because after every big update
we’ve done, I’m kind of like, “What do I do now?”
We were focused on one update– -And people want more.
-Yeah, yeah, of course. So sometimes, I get inspiration
from things that I see like movies and other video games,
or just walking around the street. But many times I just sit down
for an intense Minecraft session and try to feel out what areas
can we expand upon next. One of the updates we did this year,
the World of Color, was inspired
because I saw this beautiful… …like, terracotta floor,
Moroccan tiling. And I was looking at the tiles. Wait a second, it’s just one tile
that they rotated around, and it created
these really nice patterns. And I thought
“We can do that in Minecraft.” Now we have these colorful blocks,
and we built a theme around it. You’ve created an entire generation
of people going, “Hey, you could do that in Minecraft.” Global army.
But it’s so inspirational. I know that you have new updates
that you want to talk about. Tell us about these updates. So now when we have
the Java edition, and we have the Bedrock Editions
all caught up. Next year we’ll release the updates
on all platforms at the same time. Not the same day,
but around the same time. And the next update
is going to be the Update Aquatic. Update Aquatic, wow. Tell us a little bit
about some of the– What do we got here? Wow, that’s so cool. You want to talk a little bit
about these? -We’ll wait after the clip.
-Sure. That looks so cool. And judging by the fan reaction,
people will be so excited about this. So we were talking backstage
about the bubble columns. Like, a lot of questions
about what do they actually do. These changes we’re doing–
are just– We’re prototyping. Textures, graphics,
even behaviors may change when we start snapshotting
and testing out with the community. But many of these changes will affect
the way water works in Minecraft. And one thing is that items
will now start floating on the surface. And a bubble column
which is created by magma blocks, they’re going to break
the buoyancy of water so everything
will fall down into them. So there will be things
on the water with magma blocks. So your boat might start shaking
and you must move away or you’ll fall down into the ocean. We’re interested to see how this
can be used in various contraptions. -Yeah, that’s so cool.
-And then we are adding a new weapon called the trident. -The trident.
-Yeah. I love that. It’s a weapon you use in melee
and you can throw it. But as you saw on the clip,
if you throw it, you lose it. Lost the weapon.
So you’re weaponless. -Throwing it isn’t a good idea.
-Definitely not. So there’s a special enchantment
called loyalty to make it come back. Nice. Loyalty. I’d like to get that. And there are other
enchantments for it. One is called riptide.
When you throw it while swimming, -you will get a push forward.
-Oh, that’s so cool. It’s fun because if you’re
at the surface and throw it up, -you jump like a dolphin.
-Oh, nice. And one fun thing
that Dinnerbone suggested was that it only works in water,
but it also works when it’s raining. Have you ever like,
“Yes, it’s raining” in Minecraft? No way. But now you’re like
“Yes, it’s raining!” Wear your elytra, throw the trident,
and swoop away. That’s so cool. That sounds fun. Yes, and then we have
the coral and the kelp. And we have the actual fish. And this is like to add more variety
to the ocean and more things to see. In the video clip, you saw coral
and kelp right next to each other. But they’re going to be separated
because of ocean biomes. So warm and cold oceans
with different type of terrain. And all the fish
that you fish as items, they will exist as proper fish. So we’ll have like salmon,
tropical fish, and clownfish, and puffer fish, and et cetera,
I guess. I forgot some. -Good. That was good knowledge.
-Yes. And this will work similar to bats
that will come and go. If you catch one with a bucket,
you’ll get water and fish. And this will be a persistent fish. You can use it
to build aquariums in your houses and you will keep your fish. How cool is that?
Don’t forget to feed them. And then I mentioned changes
to the water physics. What we want to do is to be able
to build with slabs and stairs and fences underwater without getting
these weird air pockets. That what we want to solve.
but it also makes sense that you have more proper
water movement for this box. And we are aware that this will come
with a lot of new behaviors. So we’re going to try things out
and see how it works. But the main goal is to make it
easier to build underwater. So it’s going to be– That’s cool.
And it will kind of evolve over time. Exactly. And then we have
more underwater terrain with the shipwrecks and icebergs. So it’s going to be more variation
in the ocean terrains. Things to find. Iceberg. That’s so cool. And there will be
more different treasures to find, which brings me to dolphins. Dolphins. I mean, how excited is everybody for the dolphins?
That’s so awesome. Every update we try to introduce
one new animal mob. And the dolphins will help you
in the oceans to find treasure. -They will help guide players.
-Oh, friendly. Nice. And this is just a sneak peek
of things coming. We have way more features related
to the Update Aquatic, so you– So more announcements coming out
sometime in the next year. Yes. That’s so cool. I love–
The dolphins are great. It’s nice to have
a sense of porpoise. Jens, this has been
a fascinating interview, but I want the results
of the first-ever Minecraft mob vote. How would I be able to do that,
do you think? You know what? I got it.
This worked before. Check this out. There it is, yeah. I knew it. Vu Bui, everyone.
Here he is with the results. -This is the best talk show, Will.
-Thank you so much. Thank you. I have right here
the hard-earned vote for the next mob
that goes into Minecraft. -Jens, will you do the honors?
-Yes, please. Please don’t be La La Land again.
Please do not be La La Land. And the winner is… ….Mob B. Oh, man. That of course was my favorite mob
from the very beginning. My votes probably pushed it
over the edge. It was a fairly close race, so I think your vote
might have been crucial there. -Good. Every vote counts.
-Yes, it does. Are you excited about the mob
that was chosen, Jens? Yeah, yeah, I’m very excited. -You don’t sound as excited.
-No, no, no. These mobs were like–
They don’t have a name yet. And the feature is still in flux. So now it’s going to be a challenge
to live up to people’s fantasies about the Monster of the Night Skies.
It’s going to be fun. And when can we expect
the new mob in the game? -It will be in the Update Aquatic.
-Wow, awesome. Coming soon.
So not too long of a wait. Yeah. Will, you’re doing really well out here.
This is an amazing show. So I’m going to find the key
to the handcuffs. Jens, come with me
and let Will just take over. Okay. Thank you. Bye. Guests, again.

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