The Update Aquatic Song! (The 1.13 Song!)

Go grab your nautical gear, Cause the Update Aquatic is here! Dive in, and see further underwaaaater! Swimming has been animated, New ocean types created. Come explore the ocean floor with meeeee! There’s coral reee- (-eeeeeef!) Shipwrecks and ruins hiding loot, Treasure maps, Find the X! There’s kelp, seagrass, and sea pickles too! Just don’t eat them, they’re not cu- (cumbeeeeerrrsss!) Underwater caves, explore them if you’re brave, Watch out! For, the, drowned. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, Twenty-seven hundred new fish! Scoop them up, get buckets of fish- “I like turtles!” Cowabunga, TURTLE POWER! These things will swim for hours, Just to lay eggs at their home beeeeeeaaach! OH MY GAWD! These hatchlings are CUTE! When they grow, they drop a scuuuute! Craft them together for a sheeeeeeelll! Craft them together for a sheeeeeeelll! (That you can wear!) As a helmet with Wa- ter- brea- thing (Breath wa-ter! Fill your lungs!) A potion of The Turtle Master, start brewing! Imbue, a, tipped ar-row! Nautilius shells from fishing and the drowned, And Hearts, of, the, Sea! Found in treasure chests, Craft them for a conduit, Activate a new effect, and- No, I’m no Titanic, I saw the iceberg, no panic. Full of blue ice, Slipperier than, all other ice on the planet! Drop items, watch ’em, float up! Pushed and pulled by bubble columns! Magma blocks pull things deep, down, Soul sand floats ’em back up! I killed a drowned for a trident, This thing’s got four new enchantments. Make it return, launch you far, hit it with lightning, more damage! I stripped the bark off a tree. Dried out kelp so I could eat. Pumpkins don’t spawn with a face, Carve it with shears, and it gives you some seeds. New textures for buttons, plates, and trapdoors, Smooth variants of stone, sandstone, and quartz. Prismarine stairs, and there’s prismarine slabs, And the petrified wood slab’s a blast from the past! Large spruce turn grass into podzol when they grow. Squid shoots ink, Ride skelly horse underwater. Double chests don’t need space, they can be placed right next to each other to save you some SPACE! Mushroom. Blocks in. Crea-tive. No more. Instant. Oxy-gen. Frames on. The floor. and cei-lin’. Check out. New wa-ter phy-sics. Take no fall damage from slow falling potions, Take it all in with the title screen oceans, Brand new UI, shulker boxes un-dye, Haven’t slept for days, what’s that in the sky…? Don’t stay awake too long, or you might die, from phantoms that spawn really high in the sky! You voted for this mob at Minecon Earth, You had three other choices. You had three other choices. (For what it’s woooorth…) It drops a phantom membrane on its demise, Use it to fix your elytra, then glide! Place down a banner, and grab a map! Click it for a marker, and find your way baaaack! Sounds for fishing reels, and sounds for beacons! Command syntax changed, and functions are tweaked, and… Multiple vines can exist in one space, Levers show particles, when activaaateed! Craft dried kelp blocks! Watch baby zombies burn in the suuuuuun! New collision boxes! These debug sticks, are pretty fun! Craft packed and blue ice blocks! Crouching now looks so much more smooooth! Three brand new songs! And a buffet world gen to choose! (Overlapping background music) Dolphins will spawn in any ocean that’s not frozen… They’ll play with items in the water… If they start to drown… They’ll swim up for a breath. If you pick a fight, they’ll group up and attack…! Watch them chase a boat across the surface…! Jumping out of water as they play… They’ll even jump between two bodies of water! Swim next to them, they’ll give you Dolphin’s… Grace. You can feed them, but they won’t breed… Give them cod and then they may lead… Give them cod and then they may lead you… Give them cod and then they may lead you to… Hidden treasure in shipwrecks, and ruins… Dol… Dolphins… Dolphins swim… Dolphins swim with… Dolphins swim with me. Dol… Dolphins… Dolphins in… Dolphins in the… Dolphins in the sea.

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