The Van Ness Improvement Project

At its prime, Van Ness Avenue, the backbone of San Francisco, was a grand avenue much like Market Street is now. It’s where parades were held and where rebuilding efforts launched after the 1906 earthquake. Over the years, Van Ness has lost its luster. Now a major city project is in the works to restore this faded corridor. The Van Ness Improvement Project is scheduled to begin construction later this year. Major upgrades are coming to the corridor that will rehabilitate and revitalize San Francisco’s iconic and aging infrastructure. The project will bring San Francisco’s first Bus Rapid Transit system, a globally proven solution to improve transit and address traffic. It will also include much-needed street repaving and will replace the 100-year-old water main and sewer. New lighting, landscaping and rain gardens will also help to restore this avenue to its former glory. Once construction is complete, transit riders will experience quicker Muni and Golden Gate Transit trips and walking Van Ness will be much safer for everyone. With your help and patience, we’ll restore Van Ness Avenue to a beautiful avenue for us all to enjoy.

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  • I'm at 1:07 – 1:10 and at 1:15 riding MUNI, of course!

  • It'll be safer if you can educate pedestrians not to jay walk, walk against the lights, cross without looking into their cell phone screens and much much more.

  • An unground Muni would have been so much better. But wait putting bus stops in the middle of the avenue is much better.

  • How long will the work take and did they have to block off the whole street from Market St to the Marina. Could they have worked in sections and not block of 10's of blocks of the Avenue from the start to finish?

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