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  • I want to hear Dr. Ross Geller take on this.

  • They arent done finding monsters from the past..there are more amazing creatures that will be discovered one day

  • Is this the one in jurassic Park?

  • Can you guys do a video on titanoboa?

  • PBS Eons: The only semi aquatic dinosaur
    Other Spinosaurids: Are we a joke to you?

  • I have always wondered if the Spinosaurus had chronic pain, honestly that just popped in my mind when I first saw it. Like could it have caused it back pain? It’s weird but I’ve always wondered that.

  • How did the 2014 study find out the position of Spinosaurus' nostrils if they only found the lower jaw which was also the same part of the skull found back in the early 20th century?

    Unless the video did not mention the discovery of a top jaw specimen by either Stromer or Ibrahim, there is no evidence as far as I can see that Spinosaurus' nostrils were higher or lower than normal up till 2014 or possibly longer.

    Just kindly asking lol

  • 6:25 ceolocanths the size of buses?!?!??

  • Very nice.. How much

  • I love you my baby you are my hot busty baby

  • T. rex still wins

  • My favourite dinosaur as a kid

  • A long time coming, and we still don't know all that makes that cool critter tick! This world is awesome, always was, always will be!

  • You know you BUTCHERED the name of Stromer, do you?

  • “Two Much Water”

  • Spinosaurus is such a interesting animal it a shame the only fossils of them are gone because of a bomb explosion in World War II

  • Wish that there was more discussion on how large Spinosaurus is thought to have been.

  • In another video, you guys talk about how most modern crocs and early crocs have the cone shaped teeth used for catching and trapping prey, so they could then drag it into the water and drown it, while the boverisuchus had the serrated teeth used more for tearing and killing. So if the boverisuchus is proof land hunting animals were more likely to have seated teeth then is it accurate to say that the spinosaurus probably lived more like crocodiles, using their teeth to trap unsuspecting land animals and pulling them down into the water? However the fossils found with in the stomachs of other spinosaurus would probably give us more information, but it's just a thought.

  • Do one on a giganotosaur…basically a T. rex on steroids

  • Wait, 2004? So then how did they know how to make it look accurate in Jurassic Park three

  • You say that Spinosaurus was the only semi aquatic dinosaur, but you just mentioned three other spinosaurids.

    Your logic makes my brain hurt.

  • Ernst Von Whatta mouthful. Tried to pronounce it six times.

  • It could have been all three of those. A display, a body regulatior, and a sail.

  • Spino>trex

  • This is why it's my favorite dinosaur.

  • Can you talk about the Bone Wars?

  • The spinosaur didn’t deserve to win in that JP3 fight

  • Wait, isn't Spinosaurus now considered a bipedal therapod now?

  • Any chance you could do a video about darwinius masilliae? (Sorry, not sure about the spelling, but it's my 6.5 year Olds favorite!!!) Thanks!!

  • Your so beautiful 😍. I like your voice you hypnotized me

  • Didn’t the crocodile survive the extinction event? So who knows the Spino boy might still be alive?

  • I saw one on a ranch in Texas

  • Is it just me or does anyone else wants dinosaurs to still be alive?

  • A dimetrodon is like a small spino

  • Maybe Spinosaurus had a hump like a camel…

  • This is kinda confusing, how did steven Spielberg know how the spinosaurus looked like during the filming of jp3 if the first full body of the spino was found in 2008?

  • T-Rex would have won : bigger head, bigger brain, bigger gape, bigger teeth, stronger bite (by far), stouter neck, stronger hind legs, and likely a heavier animal (pendulum of thought seems to be swinging away from Spiney being heavier than T-Rex).

  • He’s a semiaquatic egg laying mammal of action

    Idk why as soon as she said semiaquatic that’s what I thought and it would’ve bothered me if I didn’t share

  • The only semi aquatic Dinosaur? You even mentioned baryonyx.

  • Ernst Freiherr Strömer von Reichenbach ….hahaha so German.

  • The sail kept his temperature up while he was in the water, duh. They were at least partially cold blooded and water would drop their temp.

  • Thank you Eons for giving me great and ancient knowledge and you just earned a new subscriber

  • It would never beat a Trex though. Dumb JP3

  • Can we get a video on the Jesusasaurus Rex?

  • I think the spines were a way of soaking up some sun when it wasnt safe to lounge on the ground anywhere.

  • Why was it shown in temperate forests? ( even snow covered peaks) I thought it was a tropical climate then and there?
    That snow melt water would have been awful cold…

  • What about oxalia, I think I am saying it right

  • Worlds only known? Uh baryonyx

  • So if it had conical teeth wouldn't that mean it was either eating smaller fish and animals or would it drown it's pretty like Crocs

  • Was spino removed from the game before or during the update patch 65 mya?

  • It’s not the only semi aquatic dinosaur. Isn’t Baryonyx technically one too?

  • Spinosaurus evolved into Dragon's !!!!

  • I think that the spinosaurus evolved from the dimetrodon (another sailed predator)

  • 2:02 so, basically stromer discovered godzilla..

  • I know i’m late but wasn’t halszkaraptor also semi-aquatic?

  • Come make a dinosaur a few Days later

  • Make a video on history of crocodile

  • maybe spinosaurus use that sale like a sharks fin on it's back like if you agreeeeeeeeeeeee

  • But what about Baryonix? Isn’t it semi aquatic too?

  • I'm following you just because you could say the full name of the dinosaur guy . And because you are pretty.

  • The poster will look go on my wall well I live in a cardboard box

  • Wonder if barryonex was just a juvenile spinosaurus

  • Should be illegal to bomb museums…

  • Spinosaurus and Carnotaurus are my fav dinos of all time

  • Please explain all periods plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz plzz please please please please please

  • Wait, so if the spinosaurous only been accurate by 2008, how come jurassic park 3 which was released in 2001 manage to have the same idea of how it looked like?

  • My favorite dinosaur of all time, nice vid

  • This is my favorite dinosaur when i was a kid

  • Freiherr means something like "Free Sir", a kind of Baron, in german. So the gentleman is called something like Ernest Stromer, baron of Reichenbach. You know, where Sherlock Holmes sort of died but not really. 🙂

  • Suchomimas and Baryonyx were both mentioned in Jurassic Park 3 as candidates for the giant that attacked the plane before Alan determined it was a Spinosaurus

  • Could you make a video on parasaurs?

  • Imagine we dont even know how really dinosaurs look like.

  • Spinosaurus originally became me favorite dinosaur because of Jurassic Park 3. Don't know why I felt like commenting that.

  • I have a theory what if spinosaurs had fatty humps for when droughts and that when food was scarce the hump would help it not starve giving maybe enough time to look for the nearest lake before it dies of hunger

  • But Jurassic Park 3???? 2001????????

  • Please, please make a video of the river of giants

  • I'd like to learn about how palientologist's found out that dinosaurs lived at different times.

  • 2:04 T-rex Titan

  • 2008 & 2014 are not so long ago.. Thank you Ibrahim and the unnamed fossil collector

  • Probably the worst person from the studio to do a video on the ssssspinossssssaurussssssss

  • Oh so that means if the museum not bomb thats the famuos dinosaur not tyrranosaur

  • How do they know all the bones are the same dinosaur?? I feel like 90% of who and what dinosaurs were massive assumptions

  • Aren’t the Suchomimus and the Baryonx both semi-aquatic dinosaurs?

  • I'm extremely interested to see what spinosaurus evolutionary path could've taken. Instead of living the more bird-like route, it lives more like a crocodile

  • The spinosaurus was actually not semi aquatic dinosaur and it didn’t walk on its knuckles because it would snap its knuckles if it did the spinosaurus spent most its life out of water

  • It's still debated weather spinosaurous had back legs that were similar length to the front ones or if they were a lot longer because the newer bones were found from a juvenile spino while the older ones were probably from an adult one. Another thing they noticed is that if the 2014 model was actually how it looked then it would have to be quadrapedle when walking on land, which would be really hard on it's wrist bones and front claws

  • i’ve watched this video so many times! the spinosaurus is my favorite dinosaur ever and also my favorite animal. thank you for this video it really has given me so much info on the coolest dino ever!!

  • Great video! Thank you!

    Maybe you can make a video about the river of giants you mentioned or about the strange dino called Parasaurolophus (and one of my favorites).

  • Your mention is wrong;spinosaurus is not the only know aquatic dinosaur.lurdusaurus and halzkaraptor were semiaquatic too.

  • aLLiEd fOrCes bOmED ThE fOsSiLEs

    Out of all the axis bases you could’ve bombed you bombed the museum

  • Ah Spinosaurus. The dinosaur that in a certain video game can go from walking on all fours and chasing you down in a gait that makes it look like an adorable giant murder puppy, to instead running on its hind legs and clawing at your face in a gait that instead makes it appear like a funny giant death ducky. God I love Spinos.

  • I can’t take people with gauged ears seriously

  • Imagine the monstrous dinosaurs that may have existed but dont have fossil remains for us to find out.

  • Steven Speilberg already knew what the Spinosaurus looked like, 17 years before it was officially recognized. Translation: Steven Speilberg is the greatest Archeologist in modern history, and his fulltime job was a movie producer.

  • Just tamed one on ark , its rad .

  • 2:02
    I can't be the only one who thought "Godzilla!!" Lol 😂🤣

  • We only found out what it looked like in 2014? Jurassic Park 3 came out in 2001 and their spinosaurus looks exactly the same

  • pbs nova made a full length documentary about spinosaurus “Bigger than T-Rex”

  • So, okay, I'm NOT a dinosaurian paleontologist but I certainly have formal training in fossil reconstructions – as well as a lifelong interest in all things dinosaur and I call "BS" on this "semi-aquatic"/swimming/diving/tacking and yawing, belly-crawling Spinosaurus. Firstly, let's recall that this revamped reconstruction is based on a juvenile specimen and that can throw an awful lot of "spin" into any reconstruction, since many animals change significantly as they grow and mature. Secondly, we don't have to turn Spinosaurus' sail into any kind of "America's Cup" adaptation, insomuch as we have a contemporaneous, contiguously coexistent creature which also had such a sail, namely the Ouranosaurus. No real question but that its sail was a body temp regulator (much like an elephant's ear) and, tho' much wetter than now, it is likely that the area of the Sahara was every bit as hot as it is currently. What was needful for this plant eater would be equally needful for a Spinosaur, without postulating some weird and esoteric explanation for the sail. Next there is the reality of such creatures as Baryonix and Suchomimus, very closely related animals with a far more typical theropodian stance and posture than the one now suggested for Spinosaurus. When you have such examples, it is simply wrong to assume that a closely related animal (filling pretty much the same niche) would diverge so significantly from the type. As for these adaptations which supposedly suggest an aquatic (or amphibian) lifestyle, consider that they fit equally well with an animal which lingered on the shore or in the water near the shore. Like a number of fishing birds, it is likely that it fished with its snout submerged chiefly because that would improve its aim, when it struck at a fish (since it would eliminate the refraction problem one gets when the weapon is out of the water and the target is in the water). With its snout thus submerged, it would have plenty of advantage to having pressure receptors on the end of the snout and it would make sense that it would have nostrils located higher on the head, even if it never dipped its head any deeper than was necessary to grab a fish. I can go on and on in this vein, but, absent far more compelling evidence than that being asserted, I'm inclined to believe that Spinosaurus probably looked a lot more like his depiction in Jurassic Park III than the creature shown in these latest reconstructions.

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